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Etching Candle Spells : Easy Potent Spell Casting Magick

This is my most potent and working way to Spell cast . I find my Magick really takes to Candle Magick. I spin it my own way of course to indulge in my own uniqueness. The best part about these spells is just how simple they are to do , with amazing results. ( because I have to say so For Entertainment Purposes only and also if you choose to light a candle be smart with fire safety , use your brain and liability falls on you, I am just providing a form of spell casting)

With just a candle and a pin you can create any spell you wish .
And here is the thing , yes you can use coloured candles to correspond with what you are spelling but a white candle does the trick.
Also since you must let the candle burn through and let it extinguish itself , use a birthday candle. Does the same thing in speedy time. Needless to say they only cost about a buck for 48 sometimes , and that is a lot of spells as candles can get pricey. Plus if you love using colours you can get every colour in a Birthday candle as well.

3 Simple Steps
1) Hold your candle in your hands and talk your spell into your hands. It will embed into the candle.

2) Take your pin and etch the exact wish into your candle Start at the top where the wick is and write down  to base and continue the length and circumference of the candle , you can absolutely write over the point is just to etch the spell on the candle. You should be intending your spell intently as you write as well.

3) Light your wick , repeat your spell and let it burn . At this point you should also let the Universe take over here and  not dwell on the spell , you have sent it out .

 What is needed just a candle and pin and you and your Magick
 This one I did etch with a mini remove negativity from the home spell just to show you it works on a birthday candle though the picture is hard to tell.
Just a couple of my etched candles that I usually keep on hand . These are not my birthday candle ones and etched with certain spells that I bring out on special occasions but my candle stash is now just tons and tons of birthday candles.

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Simple but Effective Written Spell

For this spell all you need is a square piece of paper , a pen and a Wish 
 Square piece  of blank paper I just squared off a piece of normal printer paper , just cut the corner out .
 First Step is to name your desire or one you love . This is what you want to attract to you in your life . So you write the object or the persons name 5 times in descending order. If this is a person be very clear to write their full first and last name to call the right person to you .
 Next you turn the paper one turn clock wise . Here since you are calling desire or person to you , you are going to write your own name full first and last 7 times over the desire person. You want to make sure you completely cover the desire or persons name. Make sure to leave some room around the edges for the next step. Make sure that your name is above and below as you can see written clearly.
 Now the wish part : Start in the top left corner above your name and in  one continuous loop , repeat around the paper in 2 full turns the exact Wish you you want, clearly name your desire or the name of the person you are trying to "catch" and make your wish . there is no right or wrong way to write here, it is entirely your wish. Continue writing in one continuous loop the wish over and over till you have  looped back to original corner on the second rotation. DO NOT LIFT YOUR PEN . This is where the spell comes in , there is no need to dot any i's or cross any t's the penmanship is not important . The continuous loop encircling is. 

 Once finished it is now time to fold , and on each fold you must fold toward yourself as you are calling the wish to you. You can do as many folds as you like, completely up to you . Each fold must be folded towards you and turn the paper one turn clockwise before each fold. You are also chanting your wish as you fold as well. 

Once you are finished you can either wax spell seal your spell or leave it as is. It is bed to place under your pillow for Wishes and kept on you in terms of love spells. You can also place away for safe keeping in a power place of your choice.
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Because I have to:  For Entertainment purposes only !

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Away We Go Land giveaway tour



Away We Go Land
Written and Illustrated by Ryan Maloney
Publisher’s Synopsis: Away We Go Land is a picture book that launches kid’s imaginations to a carnival on the moon, where there are no tickets needed, and it’s fun for all.
Ages 2-8 | Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform | July 2018 | ISBN-13: 978-1723211942 




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One (1) grand prize winner receives:
An autographed copy of Away We Go Land
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Four (4) winners receive:
An autographed copy of Away We Go Land
Age Range: 2-8
Giveaway begins August 30, 2018, at 12:01 A.M. MT and ends September 30, 2018, at 11:59 P.M. MT.
Giveaway open to residents of Canada and the fifty United States and the District of Columbia who are 13 and older.
Prizes provided by Medialuv Creative

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Thursday, 14 June 2018

Did someone say STICKERS..... Four Bears Sticker Club Review

Someone did say stickers and my 80's child came out in the form of a Squeeeeee......

A new Canadian Sticker of the Month ( sort of ) Club by way of subscription . Did I mention Canadian. Browny points; no over the border fees , no arm and a leg USD to CDN cash conversion , and no pesky extra hidden shipping fees.

Let's introduce you to Four Bears Sticker ( and full disclosure I received June s Sticker pack in exchange for my honest review. Though I mean it is stickers so it was already batting 1000 before I even got it )

Amy is the creator and through her own need of a sticker subscription for her own little s , Four Bears was born. There was a lack in the Canadian Subscription department and what better way than to start it up for yourself. Then introduce the rest of Canada to your brilliant idea.

 Some deets first so you yourself can grab a hold of this awesome offer then the review. Young or old stickers have always been awesome .  The minute  you log onto the website you can grab yourself 20% off your first pack to just by hitting up and subscribing through email. 
  So STALK STALK STALK . All links below 

FACEBOOK  Hit that like button and stay in the loop
INSTAGRAM   HEAD ON OVER NOW THERE IS A GIVEAWAY Friday 06/15 last day to enter!

There are 2 packs to choose from the Little Kids Starter Pack or the Big Kids Starter Pack. Click here to see what is inside
You can choose one of 3 options. A month to Month plan for $10.00 , 3 month pre-payed plan for $28.50 or  6 month pre-pay for $54.00.. What I like about this subscription plan is that you are actually given those options and a deal when you pre-pay.  There is also a gift option as well. Nana's and Grandpas you know how cool you would be.!!!??? Click here to start a subscription
Everyone has questions and the best person to answer those is Amy the awesome creator of this Sticker Pack Subscription . There is a great FAQ section and if you can't find your Q&A there just shoot off an email.
For FAQ click here

REVIEW ......... 
If you were anything like me as an 80's the early years you would have never gone anywhere without the old school photo album full of your sticker collection.
I mean you never knew who was going to have what to trade and how awesome of a deal in trade you could have stole.
If you were lucky you would have got your hands on a coveted scratch and sniffer. The dill pickle one , that one was hard to find . What I wouldn't give to still have that old album full of wonderfulness. Glittery, to the smelly, to the puffy, to the neon , to the whatever. There really were some crazy stickers in the 80's .
I was browsing through Facebook and came across Four Bears Sticker Club . I had to reach out , not only because of a Canadian company but because well hello STICKERS!!!! I became that little girl sticker collector again.

 Your stickers come in the coolest envelope packet. The entire envelope front and back is a colouring source for your little.

 Perfectly packed in a clear cellophane pack with Four Bears Brand sticker on the front .

 Lots of stickers. So many choices and you can smell the scented ones the minute you open the pack and they are all you want to dig through and find.  Old school scratch and sniff stickers Best Day EVER..
So at this point mommy opened this package when the little mister was sleeping. I wanted first crack and I wanted to split the stickers up so I could make my own sticker album again. A bit juvenile for some , but not for me. And seriously stickers just bring a smile to everyone's face,  so why not have some around in case I need to send a cheery letter.  This pack shown is the little kids starter pack .

This sheet of cupcakes I was so hoping were scratch and sniff but that is only because they looked good enough to eat.
You can never have enough star stickers.. Come on parents you know the star sticker system at least in some respects actually does work so star sticker sheet away.

The smellies and they are fruit Ninjas . Are you kidding me . They are actually scratch and sniff and you can bet it was so much fun teaching the scratch and Sniff stickers to my son .

Puffy stickers , they are so little and so cool the pic doesn't do their cuteness justice.

Some more puffies this time all strawberry They reminded me and are just like the retro Strawberry shortcake ones you could get, those these ones do not have a scent. 

Cute monsters stickers , I need not say more .

I love this sheet of food stickers .  My son was thinking of pranks he could play with the fake food.

Having a post card with your pack is something else. Right away I thought about PenPals when I was young and I definitely want to find my son a snail mail PenPal. No one does that rarely anymore and was such a huge part of my childhood I would love to pass that on .  There are PenPal know hows and How Tos on the Pinterest page . PINTEREST

I love this little dinner card color sheet . Double sided so you can draw your eats on the front and a cool color by numbers on the opposite side. You can also use some of your food stickers to decorate your plate if you felt so inclined.

These stickers came in a mini bag which was awesome and you got a ton of them to. Doubles of most to boot.
Just a more spread out pic to see the different ones.

I love the envelope, not only does it contain your sticker pack but it doubles as a creative outlet for your little as well.

These next few pics are just of my littel showing off some of the places he put his half of the stickers.. I packed them all back up and he has no clue there are mine hiding somewhere. My kid loves stickers, there is rarely a toy or piece of furniture that does not have a sticker on it of some kind. To me it is only just stuff anyway so it it needs a sticker revamp I am all for it .

In all my thoughts are 100% positive. I really feel you are getting a great deal for the price and there are so many stickers in your pack. It isn't just the stickers either you get those extra sheets of fun and your envelope is a colour page. Grab a subscription now to get your July Pack.  I really see the quality in this gift and perfect time to start Christmas Shopping to , knock a few kids off your list.

So what are you waiting for???!!!
Quality awesome stickers to your door each month.  Click here to subscribe

The One Last Heist Tour and Giveaway!

One Last Heist
by Dahlia Donovan
Genre: M/M Romantic Suspense

One last heist.
It should’ve been easy. Crack a safe, steal from a villain, and go on vacation. The last thing Mack and Toshiro expect is to descend into a nightmare of betrayal.
Mack Ueda-Easton loves three things: his husband, heists, and his odd family of friends. He lives life on the edge. The only cloud on his horizon is the degenerative disease stealing his sight.
Toshiro Ueda-Easton tries to juggle his husband, his autistic sister, his interfering mother, and all of their heists. He knows they’re spiraling out of control and the journey they’re travelling can’t last.
What neither of them expect is to get catapulted straight into a dangerous conspiracy. They’re now in a race to come out on top. If they fail, the consequences are unimaginable.

Dahlia Donovan wrote her first romance series after a crazy dream about shifters and damsels in distress. She prefers irreverent humour and unconventional characters. An autistic and occasional hermit, her life wouldn’t be complete without her husband and her massive collection of books and video games.

Follow the tour HERE for exclusive content and a giveaway!

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The Aether Walker Tour and Giveaway!

Discovery of Light

Austin Chronicles: Book 1
An Aether Walker Novel

by NAK Baldron
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Aether Walkers plague the city!
Kandice sees the creatures throughout her city, but no one else seems to care.

She watched as an Aether Walker killed her mother. Now regret fuels her need for vengeance. Forced to live with her aunt - Kandice must hide her nightly hunts. How could she explain the need to kill these creatures when they appear human to everyone else?

Kandice struggles to attend school by day, and hunt by night. She meets a fellow hunter and discovers just how little she knows. Now she's confronted with a choice - to trust him or not. Vengeance isn't possible alone.

Can she manage to pull off her double life - avenge her mother, and keep her 4.0 GPA? The weight is crushing her, and something is about to break.

Discovery of Light is a lightning-paced urban fantasy - gripping adventure - with a strong heroine, a mysterious hero, and unique magic.

Seal of Light

Austin Chronicles: Book 2
An Aether Walker Novel

Aether Walkers still plague the city, but at least Kandice is not alone.

After discovering that Lance can see the Aether Walkers, Kandice has decided he will teach her. However, he doesn't know it. She struggles to pull off her double life, but it hasn't fallen apart. Yet!

Kandice's issues with her aunt heat up and she must choose between family and honor. Her skills as a huntress are at an all time high, but they're still not enough. She needs help, and only one man can provide it. Will her feelings for him get in the way?

When Kandice learns the truth about the Aether Walkers, will she be able to make the right choice? She stands in the eye of the storm. One wrong step and she'll lose everything she has left.

Seal of Light is a lightning-paced urban fantasy - gripping adventure - with a strong heroine, a mysterious hero, and unique magic.

Theft of Light
Austin Chronicles: Book 3
An Aether Walker Novel

The mayor is an Aether Walker!

Kandice and Lance must save the city, but they can't do it alone. They're putting their team together, while at the same time the mayor is preparing to take over the city.

Kandice has made her choice, moved out from her aunt's house, and left school behind. She is committed to fighting the Aether Walkers, but now it's more than revenge for her mother's death. If she fails the whole city will suffer.

Will Kandice and the team be able to pull off their mission? If they fail it will cost more than their own lives.

Theft of Light is a lightning-paced urban fantasy - gripping adventure - with a strong heroine, a mysterious hero, and unique magic.

Nicholi (N.A.K. Baldron) is an author and avid reader. He likes stories that take place in fictional worlds, with memorable characters.
He spends his days debating between whether it’s coffee or tea time, and pecking away at his keyboard to produce stories for his readers. He can be found strolling through one of the many wooded areas in the small town outside of Austin, Texas that he calls home.
If he could have any power, it would be the power to control time; then he could freeze it and find enough reading time. One of his deepest regrets in life, is knowing he’ll never get around to reading all the books on his to-be-read list.
Knowing how precious reading time is, he’s always honored when his readers choose to spend their time on his stories.

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