Sunday, 4 November 2018

Weebox: Scottish Discovers delivered to your Door Subscription Box Review


I have always felt my heart belonged in Scotland. Though I have never been , there has always been a pull. When I came across Weebox by chance actually when browsing social media I knew I had to reach out. #GiftedProduct
 "Welcome to your Weebox, a wee piece of glorious Scotland, delivered to your door! From traditional products to the quirky and creavtive, Weebox is carefully curated every month to make you feel PROUD, SURPRISE, and GIVE YOU A WEE GRIN." (exact marketing snippit from the card you receive with your Weebox, could not have said it any better myself)
And it did me all three as promised , pride, surprise , but my wee grin might have been a big bigger than just wee.

 Ahhhh whatever is inside I can't wait to see look at all those goodies hiding , what can they be.
WeeBox is a Scotland to your doors subscription box , you can try or gift a 3, 6 or 12 month Subscription.

 You get these cute little postcards as well , just dolling out some extra info and one tells you all about your wee goodies.

I received the St. Andrew's day curated box. November 30 , Scotland's National Day.  I can "celebrate  Scotland's national Day like a real Scot!"
INFO ON ST ANDREWS DAY  ( I have no validation on the info contained in the link, but I found what I thought to be the most informative and shared)

 Okay so really the fudge might not be full in a package for the sake of a good picture, but I have no self control around fudge and seriously whiskey fudge , how would any one have control to wait to get a picture, I could not and I have no shame . It was that good!!!

So what surprises were lurking inside :

MALT WHISKEY FUDGE, 12 year old Deanston Malt Whiskey Fudge to be exact.

Fudge: Whaffed scent of Whiskey tickles your nasal passage delightfully. The fudge itself so creamy and cuts perfectly clean. The taste so rich , but so so smooth. The slightest Whiskey burn soothes your throat

 Deanston 12 yr old Malt Whiskey Fudge , a surprise of this I did not expect. And so glad it was all for mommy cause I would not have shared anyway.

 Such a darling mug. I love my tea and so there is nothing better than pouring a cuppa. It is a Highland china saltire mug.

 Traditional Scottish Recipe Book.  The Scots know how to celebrate , they feast .  A tiny recipe book filled with hearty , delectable Scottish Faire.
 Easy to read and so easy to make . Recipe is laid out perfectly .
 There are beautiful photos scattered throughout the whole recipe book. Whisks you right there to Scotland in a way.

 Couthie Cards. This is a traditional game where you try to be the first one to collect all your clan family members.

 The cards are so cute. Each clans member perfectly cartooned to make this a game for all ages.

 So these Bonnie Saltire napkins are kind of way to pretty to even use, but since I live my life and view everyday as a special occasion. These napkins will be adorning my table at tea time with my tea cup filled and Whiskey Fudge tea time treat.

You can toast Season 4 of the Outlander series with the 24K gold plated bookmark. Bears the Fraser Clan Crest to boot.

There are also so great incentives , if you get involved on the social realm you can win an additional month free, and there is also a great referral program where you will both benefit. Links down below.

Not sure what you are waiting for , you should have an order in by now. I mean who wouldn't want these goodies ( surprises each month) delivered to their door.
So lets go stalking shall we:::

WEBSITE ( where all the magick of ordering happens, plus Info session)

No matter where in the World you reside , a wee minding of Scotland can be by your side. They ship Worldwide and you can choose your plan.

Disclosure: A free box was sponsored in exchange for my open and honest review. No monetary exchange , product only.

Friday, 2 November 2018

Delectably Darling and Delish Lush Lavender Lemon Cake

Not only do I adore Lavender and Lemons on there own, and let's face it who doesn't adore cake , but put the three together to create a Magickal taste sensation.

The cake can be perfectly cut into tiny cutsie little tea party squares to.

Short and sweet post of just my cake , my recipe , my creation , my amazing taste sensation.


Combine in a  small bowl and set aside:
1 1/2 ( maybe just slightly more than ) C of Flour
2 Tsp Baking Powder
Blend Together in large bowl :
1/2 C + 1 TSP of Butter ( or margarine if that is all you have)
1 1/2 C of Sugar
then add 3 Eggs blend in ( get rid of the white cordy things ( they just gross me out ) )
add 2 TBSP of Lemon juice ( I use fresh squeezed but bottled is just fine)
( you can add some zest in as well for next level flavour)
Add 1/2 C of water
Once all combined stir in flour mixture.
Pour into your pan.

Grease your pan would make 2 8 inch cakes, or can make cupcakes instead.
Depending on your oven and what you use to bake with , bake at 350 for approx 35-45 minutes . Just depends on what you bake in .
I do not preheat while preparing I preheat my oven as soon as I fill my cake pan . This allows the cake to rest as it should before cooking and you do not waste energy.
Once cooked let rest 10 minutes then turn onto a plate or rack to cool. ( You still want a bit of warmth  when you glaze )

Blend together 2 Cups of sugar and 1 TBSP of lavender buds and 1/2 TBSP of zested rind ( if you have) , pulse in a blender till smooth . Once cake is cooled till just lukewarm, add 1/4 cup of lemon juice to your icing sugar and pour over the entire cake. Allow to cool completely before serving as the glaze candies the top and hardens to perfection .

 Finished unglazed cake to showcase the lavender buds throughout.
 My homemade lavender infused icing sugar for the glaze.

 It is just so beautiful with the glaze and topped with a fresh sprig of lavender.

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

New Moon Kitchen with their Spookies Cookies Review

 I remember small town Halloween nights where you would get fresh homemade goodies from the Grandma types neighbors on the street. You were also actually allowed to eat those goodies. Imagine bringing back that idea, all thanks to New Moon Kitchen and their Spookies Cookies. Spelt or Gluten Free chocolate chip cookies individually wrapped in cutsie Halloween packs. The Purchase link for Spookies Although SOLD OUT for this year , the yearly Spookies online shop will open again next year. It is perfect to have just a little less than a years notice so you can get your hands on these treats. Nothing wrong and no shame at all sneaking a few for yourself either.
Will talk about these Spookie cookies first to get your interest and taste buds peaked, then introduce you to New Moon Kitchen the Creative Bakers of these treats. Best part is that they have other cookies for sale on the year round , so you can get your hands on some anyway.

 The Gluten Free cookies :
Now this is the perfect chocolate chip cookie. Gluten Free you can't tell . The sweetness and the taste combo with the Fava bean flour is delicious. These ones will soften if you leave them out and air exposed a little wee bit and honestly to me it heightens the flavour profile.

A list of real ingredients , you can read it all and food elements you can be proud of to feed your own children as well as the munchkins who show up at your door for trick or treat.
Perfect cookie , picture does not do it justice to get the full effect.

The Spelt Cookies :

I adore these ones. They actually taste like cookies set out on the table handmade by your Nana / Grandma. The exact kind of cookie handed out to you. The addition of the Spelt with the larger oat flakes, perfect combination. I love the harder texture and the crunch with this one. Stood up to my dipped in tea test .

You find the same real ingredients yet again in these ones to .
Again a perfect cookie and picture can't give you the details of each individual ingredient as it is predominate. You can feel the texture and can see each one as well. A real cookie. 

All ready for Trick or Treaters


New Moon Kitchen :

Really cool how this company came about. Eden Hertzog founder , fresh out of high school took her vegan baker roots and decided to sell her own products to help pay for a trip to California. (Originally she called herself  Eden's Edibles started in 1977) . Needless to say her goodies were a hit, ( that was obvious for me from just one taste ) and a business was born . Funny how life drops your life plan at your la when you least expect it and are open to it.
Paraphrased info directly from the all About us Section of the website, which you can link directly to HERE

New Moon is an all natural gourmet bakery located in Toronto Ontario . They specialize in health-minded consumer foodie products and they are also in tune with special dietary requirements to. Being nut and peanut free as well as dairy and egg free makes them a perfect healthy snack for the kids for school to .

The focus of the review of course is for the Spookies individually wrapped cookies, but there was no way I wasn't going to let you in on all the other goodies available for you year round while you wait for the Spookies online store to re open. You can search to locate where to buy close to you HERE and while I have noticed you can get them at as well but oft times they are SOLD OUT which means something for sure. You can use referral code  CarebearsCoupon to sve $10.00 off your $40.00 order at Well.
Well code is not sponsored and listed only as an option for you to save some money and not affiliated or associated with myself , this blog post nor New Moon Kitchen .

So what cookies await you you ask:  Of course the Chocolate Chip, Bite Me ( the OG) , Love Bites (whoo hoo spicy chipotle pepper, with hints of orange and vanilla * Seasonal this one though just like Spookies so check for availability) , Goldies ( have to have the classic Oatmeal), Mokas ( expresso, choc-bits and cinnamon for a zing), MoMints ( hold on a brownie type cookiewith double chocolate and pure organic peppermint , Santa needs these) , Ginger Snappers ( I neeeed these , I actually have an email notify set up on Well for these when they come back in stock, hot and of course would be spicy since they use real ginger pieces, these are my favorite cookie), Mackies ( a Gluten free double chocolate , coconut cookie made with brown rice flour), and some granola...
What are you waiting for , grab a bunch of these cookies and a cuppa and indulge in a sweet cookie treat.

Direct link to products info  HERE

Product sponsored post , I received these products free in exchange for honest review. All thoughts expressed are my own . 

I have some little testers out there and want to get a pic or two of some happy trick or treaters so will update with those once the pictures of the little ones enjoying their treats roll in. As well as posting to social media Blogs FB page Posting now to honour the company cause the cookies were just to good for this to sit in the cloud waiting , I needed everyone to know.

The Photo Gallery Updated as pics come rolling in