Sunday, 20 October 2013

WOW Butter Mini-Review and Giveaway :) :)

I decided to seek out Wow-Butter as well myself and they are amazingly offering up a CASE of 6 to a lucky reader/follower :) of mine as well. I was given 2 free jars to try , and to use while making this review.With my conclusions, findings, opinions and thoughts 100% all my own .
Ingredients :Select Non-GMO Toasted Soy, Soy Oil, Granulated Cane Sugar, Monoglyceride (from vegetable oil), Sea Salt 
The jars are cute .
Little man is about to get his first taste. He can have a Wow-Butter and jelly sandwich, his first one . I added sour cherry jelly to go with it . The combination of the two flavours for myself were delicious. Little man ate his up as well. Of course there needs be not taste comparison for him as he hasn't been introduced to Peanuts yet, as I am waiting till he is 3.  For me and the family history of the severe , Epi-pen kind of allergies in my family, I am pretty much fearful to give peanut butter. I would assume he is just fine but just will wait it out like I did with his older brother. (As well as driving to a medical clinic's parking lot , giving him peanuts and waiting there for an hour just to be sure....yes I did that with my oldest) So knowing I can still have the same peanut buttery goodness and it not being actual peanuts I was elated , esp since something else Little Man who is a picky eater will actually have something else to add to his list of foods he will eat. My oldest gave it a try and right off the bat didn't like it. He thinks so far off the real peanut butter taste, but I myself disagree. The taste is 95% match, the Wow-Butter has a slightly less sweeter taste then Store bought peanut butter(but then that is loaded with icing sugar). Wow-Butter is about 98% match to real handmade peanut butter , which to me is better for you in my opinion anyway.

But let's face it , the only important thing here is how will the Wow-butter mock Peanut butter cookies turn out , that is the only question :)
(Holy crap their website has actual recipes of a huge selection of different things to make , yum )
Well the first attempt at Wow-butter cookies was an epic fail.Burnt  yuckiness. What a disappointment .  The timing and temp were off for the consistency so that is the difference I have found between peanut butter and the wow-butter.
 So they looked really pretty before they went in...
 Yup... epic fail, left in way to long , and too high. Normally I have the oven temp 350 for 7 min for most of my cookies , but way to long for the WoW-Butter..Now to me awesome bc that means cookies cook faster in order to eat em :).
Oh well trying again :)
So we dropped the temp and I am watching them like a hawk this second time so they don't burn . Still works with just 3 ingredients .  Wohoo they turned out perfect this time :)

Picture perfect , and I wish you could smell how yummy they look :). Smell is just like regular Peanut butter cookies too.

The backs are completely perfect ..
So here it is , dropped the temp to 325 and put them in for 4.5 min , yes that is it :)  Perfect .
(Recipe is so easy too, 1 cup Wow-Butter, 1 cup sugar and 1 egg )
Yummmmmie ....There is a slight different taste then a Peanut butter cookie , but to my Little -,Man who never had Peanut butter before , he was ALL SMILES and that is all that matters.
I love that this company has come up with such an awesome product. I empathise with people who have a nut allergy , esp deadly Peanut butter and commend a product coming on the market to allow others a chance to experience , that which is Peanut butter.

100%PEANUT AND NUT FREE AND SCHOOL SAFE  ( they have awesome stickers under the label to send to school on the snacks :) )

Check out everything you could possibly need to know on their Website and FB page

I opted to try a mini review for myself to see how I liked it . :)

Legal Stuff:
Although I was given 2 jars of Wow-Butter to try , there has been no monetary exchange and all thoughts, opinions, and the like are 100% my own . The company will ship the winner their prize once the Giveaway is complete and the winner has sent me their particulars so I can then send them to the Sponsor. The prize is a case of 6 .
Also no social media outlet of any kind has any affiliation to me or the sponsors. Facebook, Twitter and any other social media outlets this may be shared on and the like ,etc are in no way affiliated with this Giveaway, me or the sponsors, they are simply sharing outlets to get this Giveaway out there . There is no responsibility on any part to any social media as well. I am not responsible for delivery of your prize .
Open to my Canadian readers , void where prohibited .

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Sunday, 29 September 2013


It was like stepping into the World of Willy Wonka , but it was REAL.. Not the story book , where Roald Dahl immersed your senses into using your imagination  to full-fill your wonderment and delight. Not the movies first done in 1971 starring Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka to the most recent 2005 version from Tim Burton with of course John Depp as Willy Wonka ; but real in the form of a Magickal  Purple Building called Candy Funhouse . Real in the form of two modern day Mr. Wonka`s; (M & M :) )  with minds and hearts overloaded with the sweetness that IS the love, thought, emotion ,and intrigue, known as CANDY.
 Pre-opening photo of the Purple Building (lets face it their photo turned out much better than mine :) )
Photo taken directly from

The Magick before the candy....
Which the picture does not do the floor justice in my opinion .
Photo taken directly from

(They also have a crazy Video on You-tube with a fast-forward of the floor transformation , just in case you are interested :P here it is  )

Not only do you have the nostalgia and memories centred around that one candy you just can`t forget from your childhood, but you have the grace, positivity and feel of home from the owners. They have brought a new and exciting store venture to the community , they have brought in a concept to revolutionize what modern day business is all about . Touching on elements of a Store Front, E-Commerce , Social Media, and Community Involvement. Regardless of the business side to the #CandyFunhouse , they have opened their doors to all the talents the community and it's individuals have to offer.  Coming soon is a party room where community Magick is more than guaranteed to happen.  From hosting local talents to showcase what they have to offer to , not just to the community, but social media as well , to supplying an outlet for everyone to feel like a star.
Visit their Events page to stay in the loop of all the cool events coming your way .
I'll be making sure I have my own Blog space set aside for their up and coming, more than worth it :).

As far back as I can remember Candy in all forms has shaped my life. The rush of the sugary sweet goodness, the tang and tartness of the sours, to the rush that is Pixie Stix. So  having Little Man try his first UFO as his first Candy in the candy store I was excited.Maybe more than excited as UfO's are 1 of the 2 of my most favourite candies since early childhood.  So maybe Mommy was hoping the sour goodness in the centre of the wafers would cause his first sour face:) )
 Above and below pictures taken from their FB page again...ooh-ooh Mommy got into the shot

We managed to shoot his first taste, bummer no crazy sour face .. 

From one CANDYHOLIC to any others out there whether you physically go to the store or buy on-line , you will never find a better place to satisfy that sweet tooth. Plus if they don't  have it and you want it and it exists out there somewhere ; they will find it and bring it in for you . Plus from the moment you step foot into the store , you become a friend, closer to family, not just a customer.

The fact that there has only been a surface touch to what lies ahead, I am honoured , privileged and ready for this Candy Coaster ride.  Not only have they brought me and my boys in with open arms , they have entrusted me to be a part of this beginning Candy Funhouse Craziness .

You will never know who might be in for a visit , what the walls will look like , how the candy is arranged. Each day is an ever evolving array of the mystical Wonderland. The #CandyFunhouse is ready for you to explore . And if you are like me , I bring different people I know in all the time just as an excuse to keep going back in there.
You can connect with the Funhouse through all sorts of Social Media
Facebook :
Pinterest :
You-Tube :
Address: Candy Funhouse Inc.
755 King St. East
Cambridge, ON, Canada N3H3P2
Now to the fun part:
This SWEET Candy filled basket , has been graciously donated to me to give to one lucky reader. Def can tell the Candy love that went into the making of this basket . Some modern day chops to some retro goodness , someone's sweet tooth is about to explode. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU .
Legal stuff: . Contest is open to legal residents of Canada but void where prohibited .. No social media has anything to do with this giveaway nor is it affiliated in anyway. All thoughts are my own , 100% honest and true. Candy Funhouse donated the Gift basket , they are not resosible for anything after that. Once prize is mailed that ends my involvement and I am not responsible for package once the post office has the prize.

Full of all sorts of candies from now to retro .. EVERYONE LOVES CANDY

Enter the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win .

They deserve more than just a paltry mention :)

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Thursday, 5 September 2013

August Breakdown and summary

Well today was a great great day. positivity was up and where I want it to be and need it to be. Spent a bit of time at the park, and little man decided to go in clothes and all into the splash pad. He just loves water so hey why not. At least he was worn out for a bit in the afternoon so he slept a lot.
Messaged a place of course not worried no something will come along.
Mail day was awesome.... got my Awake Chocolate bar win ( yes goes right to my oldest) , Dentyne gum from FB promo ( to teen again , although I did manage to score a piece. Midnight mint floavour, very delish and the flavour lasted the whole time I was chewing which was about 30 min ) , got my Edible cupcake toppers, in Minion characters of course( I paid for them but WELLLLL worth it, so excited can't wait to try them ,,
I have a surprise coming as well as I got word form someone who is going to sponsor a Giveaway for me sooo super excited) .
We did of course decide to go to the Mustang Drive In again , Smurfs 2 and Grown Ups 2 were playing. The older boys not so much for Smurfs but I was excited to watch . So a busy packed place again and would you believe it , we got our spot where we park every single time we go was still available. LOVE IT.
Of course made a stop for goodies before the movie, ( had to go to Shoppers anyhow, then Zehrs for cash back didn't want to make more stops so did that instead of running to bank). Well of course Shoppers had to have candy and sale and needless to say I went a little candy crazy . My entire purchase at Shoppers came to 21.79 (taxes in ) I managed savings of 19.60 over all , so almost half as well.
I love Zehrs, I walked to the Clearance spots and OMG Baby Cereal and Mum-Mums were on the shelf . I paid 5.61 for 2 boxes of the Mum Mums and 3 boxes of the baby cereal . (saved exactly half :) )

Lazy day till later when we went to help Bestie (well try to fix her internet). Grabbed my Gas at Canadian tire with my gas coupon of course. Loved that I got 20 bucks of gas for 18.95 :). Grabbed us all Timmies and hit Besties. Little Man had a great time, running around. He only hit his head twice ( well I think only twice) no welts this time only little dings. He is actually very stable on his legs now , so no more wobbly legs. He ran and ran and ran around Besties house. Surprisingly he paid no mind to her little Weiner dog which was weird, thought he would be all about playing with her. He got ahold of the TV remote though and wouldn't let go.
Cashed in another 5 bucks for from SwagBucks. Turns out that getting them in $5 increments is cheater than saving to spent 1500 bucks for 15 . Only costs 450 for $5, so that is 150 bucks saved. Hey just like couponing so away we go . Can't wait to pay for Christmas all free from thanks to doing silly little things on SwagBucks :) Wish everyone i knew would sign up under me then I would accumulate more points , but they would also be saving money as well. Can't figure out why more ppl won't get on the saving money train. Meh I will keep trying.
My winner from my Nellie's Giveaway actually allready received her prize which is sooo way way cool . So excited and blessed to have been able to support that Giveaway.

Another laze about  for the most part. Did the one load of laundry I had. Little man and I walked to Giant Tiger to get a few things . So I may have in total bought 6 boxes of cereal. But we can never find this kind almost never and they had tons (French Toast Crunch) and it was also on sale for 2,97. The box also has a code to receive a free food item so really the savings and freebies justified the purchase :) .. We did however make it home originally with 3 boxes but then walked back and I bought 3 more. I had a good excuse to go back as the cheese we bought was allready expired and opened. Not quite sure how that was missed but it was so there you go.
It's Civic holiday today which , basically just for government jobs. Most things are open on Sunday hours so not a biggie.
Had to go look at a place but the lady who was goingto show us didn't answer her door, so there you go in the trials of new place hunting lol. Good thing I didn't get to look at the place anyhow, turns out there is bug infestation and the last person in that apartment had to be evacuated in a sense. ManI would have flipped and the Super-Hero signs would be back over my head again.
So wanted to go to Westfields Ice Cream Festival today , but even I am not that much of a SuperHero to deal with the crowd that was there esp with a Toddler . Never have I seen it so so busy there. Mommy made a decision to turn around and head  home. Def not a place to take an allready sleepy Toddler.
Went out to Walmart for a walk around got a few things, didn't do a coupon shop. Needed a few things for the business venture taking with my oldest and got some food colouring. I also found a cupcake corer which is so cool so that you can take some cupcake out and fill with goodness lol. Helped a couple save 8 bucks on their purchase as well by being a Coupon Fairy. They were very happy .

So I payed it forward in the Timmies line and bought the lady behind us her coffee. It was nice that my oldest was on board and I remembered to tell him that something always good comes back to you no matter what or how. Got a great deal at Zehrs . Wohoooo got my first Henkel Insiders product and can't wait for the Blog contest .

Got my blog post review up and going and I can't wait to host the review... Purex Plus Oxi.. Love it , can't wait .

Awesome family day at the beach today , gotta love Christie Lake for sure :)
 Loving his first taste of Watermelon.

 Nephews out and about , swimming around .
All tuckered out .

Got some awesome mail today, 4-10 off coupons for Pampers Diapers

Woot woot won MAM July's Newsletter giveaway from MAM again this month :)
It was however a day of fog, in this Wanna Be Super Hero household, a night of almost no sleep , made for a very sleepy day. However I actually was able to have a semi nap, well lay down while Little Man took a nap.
Oldest wanted sushi, and of course I say YUCK. Was going to make it but then remembered that Metro sold trays so we went there to pick some up.. I did end up getting really cheap turkey . Got a couple legs and scallion (for chili) all had coupons attached :). Did buy a box of mini chocolate bars, yes paid a bit but def. thought about giving little man his first chocolate bars. Although 3 mini Kit Kats in an hour and a half span was probably not a good idea. But he absolutely LOVED them .. Although he had quite a sugar high .
Took little man to the Momstown 6th birthday party in Kitchener. Not quite sure what to make of it. Not really something for the little ones Zach's age. I will put the positive spin on the good things bc don't want to put out the negative, so for the positives you got some free samples :) . Alothough it did solidify not becoming apart of Momstown for myself. My own personal opinion to the point of where I won't even use the 6 weeks free code you were given.
13th House sitting for mom , just making sure Kitty Cat is fed and taken care of. Night was freezing cold, we actually were in sweats and hoodies to keep warm .
16th  Got my Giveawy for the amazing Chapman' Prize pack up. This one I am excited about..Love that I can give an awesome prize pack to someone, and this one is a goody :)
My Dad came down for a visit. Just blows my mind every time that I found him after 33 years and he comes to see him . Yep found my dad at 35 years old. Dosen't matter the past the future is where it is at, don't care what happened only happy to have him in my life and the lives of my little ones now..
Triplets birthday .. It was an interesting drive (got lost like always lol)
Zehrs shop.... 10 bucks for all the stuff
out with Dad my boys and my nephew Chuck E Cheese Alex 18 got the sticker
Lounge day mostly , laundry , made dinner for my Dad.. We were up at 4am till 730 am but then up up at 830 so early day for sure .
Saw a mole
My dad left today , always a sad time, but I know we will catch up sooner or later . Turns out Giant Tiger is selling lined paper for 15 cents so I bought 7 packs. & for the usual price of 1 :) Got a tip as well to be there for opening tomorrow to get crayola pencil crayons for 98 cents each .

Brantford Twin Valley Zoo
What an awesome place to go, putting up it's own little review with vids and pics , here is just a little snippet :)
 Can't believe Little Man stayed with my sis and her boys to get this shot .
 Nephew feeding the goats ..
 Little Man no fear with the animals, walked right up and investigated lol.
Cool little play area for kids , love that Little Man acted like the king of the playground.. A few other kids tried to take toys away from him and he wasn't having it .

Zehrs buy , didn't go in for what I came out with but had no choice when I say the prices on Chicken :)
Mall stop with Grandma for little man to get a pair of shoes . Mommy scored more SuperHero points when I managed to score a blow up Spiderman bed., with a sleeping bag.  We had to travel to a cool store in Waterdown called Carousel kids  . so glad I got the item and made the trip. What an amazing store with an incredible amount of good quality used item. They also carry higher end new products that are well worth the money. Lots of good quaility toys and the like. He got a turtle hat which was only 2.50 and he actually wears it , so now I can lay off, of the Sun-tan lotion in his hair to keep him covered.
Trip to the Flamboro Speed way with Grandma and the boys. What a fabulous time. Little man was well behaved and shook a little at the first with the cars zooming past but became content when there was a race He would pick his favourite car and watch the track intently . Although next time we will make sure to bring snacks and cushions , as the bleachers can hurt your butt esp with a toddler sitting on you the whole time. I was very impressed with the amount of crowd interaction and prizes they gave away . Have alot of trivia questions and silly games to win. The best part was they pick 5 little kids to pair up with a racer and if their racer wins at the end of the night they get a bunch of prizes and get their pics taken . I would have liked to have dedicated an entire post to the Speedway , but it was a little out of reach with having to hold a todd. I did manage to take 2 pics, next time will make sure I take a blog view of the Speedway . Def a night you want to save up for . But a family pack which is for 2 adults and 2 children is 32 bucks (children age is 12 and under)

Def just a lounging day. Chili in the crock pot. The last Beardy we had died today. :(
Little man went crazy for the chili which is good. Love that he likes it and that means more to his diet . We hung out at Grandmas for a bit .
Got some bargains at Zehrs , they had the taco kits (which the Zehrs brand always have more shells and stuff in them then Old ElPaso  and they are cheaper too.) they were 50% off and 3.99 reg price , so I bought the last 4 @1.99 each , contains 12 shells , salsa, and seasoning ) They expire in October of this year , but that is fine. Thanks to cheap ground turkey and chicken this week at Zehrs, we are set for 4 (with left over meals) :)
Oh my goodness. A def day to forget about and squash it from memory .. Not a pleasant mall exerience to say the very least.. First time I have had to give my Little Man to my Sister to hold and I had to walk away.  Of course it happens every once in awhile . I learn that you can't be perfect every min of everyday and moms who say that their life is perfect with kids are wrong. Or well maybe they are the moms who have nannies .
Oh no Little man had his first fall out of the bed. The fact that he has made it since day one of birth and he is almost 17 months and this is his first fall i would say we are doing pretty good. It was early morning around 7:45 am ( and that is early when we don't get to sleep until well past 1 on a good night) and he went pluck. Thankfully I left the laptop open and he face planted on the squishy keyboard instead of the hard wood floor . he wasn't hurt , barely whimpered and just went back to feeding . Of course I was up for good .
Get to explore and check out the Candy Funhouse just opening on Sept 1 ..
Can`t wait

Wohoo won the MAM Musings contest for a cool bag.I chose the cooler sling bag
Have everything packed for the move with Bestie till we find our own abode . Of course there is alot to be said about the negative you face as a single mom, but hey not going to let me down at all .

Wonder what September will bring :)

Friday, 16 August 2013

I scream , You scream , We all scream for CHAPMAN'S ICE CREAM (GIVEAWAY)

My love for Chapman's Ice Cream takes me all the way back to my childhood. We had weekly treats stop on Sundays to  Kells Dairy bar in Flesherton Ontario. Of course my flavour of choice was always Tiger Tail and sometimes would get 1 scoop of Tiger Tail and 1 scoop of Bubble Gum. Just to keep it interesting of course.
For myself I enjoyed Chapman's Ice Cream and dairy treats for years till I realized I was Lactose Intolerant.
Thankfully now after the birth of my youngest I have been able to enjoy my love your Chapman's Ice Cream again. Not that it would matter if I was still Lactose Intolerant as Chapman's has a whole range of delicious Lactose Free products.
My oldest of course has always been able to enjoy his Chapman's Ice Cream and Treats. To his liking of course that anything milk based was his alone to savour.
Turns out while pregnant with my Little Man I craved and I mean craved my ice cream. Of course apprehensive to have it again I started slow, but with wonderment I could handle and can still chow down on as much Chapman's Ice Cream and Confections as I want , with no Lactose Intolerance.
Even in my immediate fam. with just me and my boys we have no needs for Gluten Free or Diabetic Chapman's product, but we do have family members with these needs. It is wonderful to know that a special Yummy Treat like Chapman's can be enjoyed by the whole family .
I find it amazing that at any type of get together, no one needs to feel left out form the cold creamery treat we love (Chapman's Ice Cream) as they have catered it seems to everyone's tolerant needs. Love that about companies. Have always known Chapman's to be family oriented and to treat their customers like family to take care of needs that way and listen to the consumer is simply amazing.
My littlest guy is 16 months and this is why I wanted to share my love for Chapman's. The fact that they provide peanut and nut free products (made in an entirely separate building to boot) had me soooo excited. (he hasn't had peanut products yet).
 This was and still is an exciting summer of firsts for my little guy ,incl passing on the love of Chapman's Ice Cream .

 Giving him his first treat Chapman's Lil Sammichs...

Satisfied chocolate face , thanks to Chapman's Mini Ice Cream Lil Sammichs
He basically ate a whole box to himself(not all at once of course, but his reaction proved he could have)

(photo taken right from Chapman's website

Oh course he had to have a Lolly next.. (now he has had" BreastMilk Lollys" , but being able to have that first deliciously sweet one, there is nothing better)

 And that first bite......
He was a little confused at first , but still enjoyed his Lollys. Of course more where thrown on the floor or an the ground than he ate , but I am guessing he had his fill . I will say that nothing from the Lil Sammichs were dropped , def. his personal favourite. So much in fact that Mommy could have a lick from the Lolly but there was no getting near a share with the Lil Sammichs ..
pic taken right from Chapman's Web-site

Now there are so many awesome products and things Chapman's has to offer, but to numerous to list and give individual attention to. I know we have only just scratched the surface and will be on to the next generation chowing down with wonder and delight on Chapman's Ice Cream and Confectioneries.  The best place to find anything you need is directly through Chapman's Website .

Here you can navigate through everything you need to know... Hint for those not aware, Chapman's mail out a yearly High Value Coupon . You can request yours for this year if you haven't by contacting Chapman's.

I have to say that the pics can't show just how much fun and excitement it was with my little guy having his first Chapman's , esp trying to sneak bites . It was so much enjoyment in fact ,that I requested a prize pack from Chapman's for one lucky reader so that they can enjoy the wonderment that is Chapman's Ice Cream .
I can say that they out did my own expectation, just look at the prize up for grabs pictured below...

 Before the Rafflecopter where you can enter to win this awesome prize pack, I wanted to leave a pic of a very happy chocolate faced Little Guy after a scrumptious Chapman's Lil Sammich ...

DISCLAIMER: Apart from my yearly coupons, Chapman's has not personally supplied me with any products, thus making this review 100 % honest , open , and my own.  Chapman's has graciously supplied this amazing Gift Basket that they will ship to the winner , once one has been established. This Giveaway and review has no affiliation with Facebook or their sponsors. ,  or with any Social media, up to and incl any avenue that giveaway is shared on.

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Wednesday, 7 August 2013


There is a new liquid laundry detergent in town PUREX PLUS OXI and it is about to take laundry rooms by storm.  

 SOOO very excited to have received my first perk as a Henkel Insider. Purex Plus Oxi  liquid laundry detergent. I had since became an all Natural laundry detergent user(for about 6 months now), and quite frankly I make my own when the need arises, but was very pleased to be able to try and review Purex Plus Oxi.. Before I made the switch, Purex was my go to choice for liquid laundry detergent so I was pleased to try the product. As a former avid user of Purex, I was again pleased with the stain removal of the liquid laundry detergent as well as the overall clean power.
 So lets get some info out of the way first before we dive right into my reveiw.
Comes in 2 scents Fresh Morning Burst and Free and Clear . For purposes of this review I was given the Fresh Morning Burst Scent (So I am not one for scents in the laundry and chemicals etc, but I have to say that the load really smelled nice, as I brought it out of the dryer.)
Purex Plus Oxi is safe for all machines , and can be used with all washable laundry.
Purex Plus Oxi has the added bonus of Oxi as well as Zout stain remover.
As one who has sensitive skin , I appreciate the fact that it has been tested and found to be hypo-allergenic and safe for sensitive skin.( So I know as well as anyone that nothing is ever truly completely hypo-allergenic for all individuals but for my self and my family , those claims are true.)

For all the extra info you need , please visit their web-site directly

In my honest opinion I am not a very big fan of the pre-treat.. Not something I incorporate into my washing routine . I did however try Purex Plus Oxi, with zout stain remover on 2 of my Toddlers outfits and I was 75/25 on the results. (in favour of Purex plus Oxi) My little man LOVES spaghetti sauce and today just so happened to be pizza day. What a perfect time to try out the pre-treating .(yes there were some past satins in both these outfits which is why they were my perfect choice :) ) It was very simple to use as a pre-treat er as well.
2 Simple Steps
1) pour a little Purex Plus Oxi directly onto stain , then rub the stained fabric together using your fingers.
2) Wait 5 min , add the clothing and liquid laundry detergent to washer as normal.
Simple :)
Where the pre-treat was on the grey shirt is easy to see in the above photo, but for my Little Man's Lightening McQueen outfit it is not to so easy to see where I used the Purex Plus Oxi pre-treat.  But the whole front pocket with the checkers is where the Zout Stain Remover was needed. Of course being the only white spots on the outfit , that was of course the main area that the spaghetti sauce and everything else seemed to cling to for stain purposes.

It is so hard to tell in this pic but the white squares are back to looking white again and not the stained red orange colour they were before pre-treat.

Can't believe 95 % of the stains came out of this shirt. It was pretty much ready for the rag bucket but I managed to get some extra life out of it thanks to the stain remover action of Purex Plus Oxi. 
The entire load came out clean, and smelling great. I don't separate my wash loads bc I feel if you are really going to get a feel for the product you have to put it to the test. So regardless of  testing out the stain remover qualities, my entire load of darks, colours , and yes whites came out clean and smelling great to.(scent was at a perfect level and NOT an over powering per-fumy smell) . No run off of colours and the clothes were clean. (incl that one whit pair of socks that seems to be the only pair ever worn by the pre-laundry look of them )

I have included a pic as the water mixed with the detergent just to show A) that it works well in cold water wash( only temp I use) as well as B) LESS IS MORE. I didn't even use the suggested amount as shown on the cap I USED LESS and the amount of suds that filled my drum is so worth giving a nod to . Just goes to show that you can stretch your laundry dollar even further .
Thanks Purex Plus Oxi :)


Thanks to Purex  Plus Oxi, 4 of my lucky readers will be given a FPC (Free Product Coupon) to try this detergent out for their very own . Purex Plus Oxi surprised me with 4 FPC's to give away and that is just what I am going to do .

Everyone loves FREE  :)

Contest open to Canadian Residents only , void where proihibited.
DISCLAIMER :  Purex provided me with a sample of PUREX PLUS OXI detergent in exchange for a product review.HOWEVER all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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Monday, 5 August 2013

Monthly Summary July

Awesome mail day for us today . Got a ton of coupons, 2 out of the 3 Pampers Gifts to grow that I ordered, and I got my Nellie's All Natural Washing Soda to review and hold a Giveaway for . Super excited.

Won some sunscreen today to try and reveiw as well. It is suppossed to be an All_Natural product, so I am excited to try. Hopefully the ingredients are as All Natural as they claim as I don't really like to use any chemicals on little man (my oldest of course can now make all his own decisions on what he wishes to use, eat etc.

OMG THE MINIONS AT THE DRIVE-IN.... Have been waiting for this day for awhile now . Drive In was absoulutely jammed packed but we ended up in the spot we always get . Of course alot of ppl took their kids and left right after the Minions were over. Now You See ME was the second feature and that was an awesome movie as well. Love going on car load Thursday's , the amount of movie saved alone is more than enough. Plus it is 2 movies to boot for the price of 1 person , and we usually have 6 plus my little man. I figured we should have come earlier but we still had our spot.

Walmart shop
Reduced Meat 3x 3.50                   10.50 (yes I took all that was left on the shelf)
Fresh Mint                                        1.97
Key Limes                                        1.97
Cucumbers                                         .77
2 no-name pasta sauce                      2.34
Family Pack Bear Paws                     3.97
Krave Cereal (2.88)                          2.13  (.75 coupon)
Nordic Cottage Cheese(3.08)           FREE  (FPC)
Eye-liner                                            1.97
Tuna (2.78)                                       FREE (FPC)
GL Whipped Cream (2.48)               FREE  (FPC)
GL Whipped Cream x2 (4.96)           2.96 (x2 1.00off coupons)
Glade Car scents (3.97)                     FREE (FPC)
Cranberry Cereal x2 (5.88)                FREE (2x FPC)
TOTAL                                             28.58
TAX                                                      .77
OOP                                                  29.35

Went on yet another shop. It was to Zehrs close to where I am and it was today that I discovered the 2 shelves of 50% off stuff, and did I ever score a deal today .

NN Light Mayo (2.99)                                         1.49 (50%off sticker)
Cheerios                                                               3.99 ( I actually payed full price)  
SMUCKERS TOPPING  X7 (16.38)                   1.19 yes that is it  (8.19 off for 50% and I had 7.00 in coupons)
 panini rolls   (2.50)                                                1.25 (50% off sticker)
cake (3.99)                                                           1.99(50% off sticker)
strawberries                                                           2.50
gerber treats                                                          1.99
hygiene products X2 (5.58)                                   2.78 (50% off stickers)
This whole shop was less than 18.00 out of pocket. I was soo excited to get all those smuckers for 1.19

Decided to take a journey with my mom to visit my Grandpa while he sits with Nana at the nursing home. Always so sad to watch but today was better for me, I wasn't as heart broken as usual. I did manage to let my Nana know I love her and she gave a huge smile which was pretty much what I needed. I know how stubborn we are and I can't imagine her not being her head strong self . Little man got badly hurt by falling into the dresser. Mommy of course doesn't handle that well. You would think I would be able to deal after having one allready who is almost 18 , but I can't believe how much I have reverted and can't handle my Little Man being hurt . Of course my tears , probably made him cry worse. He was def Mommies suck for the rest of the day , which I let him be.

Won yet another prize today :)

Got alot of coupons yet again, and a book came in for Little Man with alot of cool Toddler recipes. Once moved and settled in somewhere going to go through it and see what he likes. Although I allready let him have almost everything we do , gearing some Toddler geared foodies may be fun and he may enjoy it.

Got some more freebies and coupons today.. Decided it was a beach day and headed off to enjoy the beach.

WON TIX TO RODEO.. So excited that I won 2 tix to a Rodeo for this weekend. Best part is I actually gifted them to someone who would love it more than myself and they had just bought themselves a horse. I love being able to gift out prizes I won as well.

Picked up the tix I won and was surprised to get a really neat pad and pen as well. It was adorned with a cool graphic of the City of Cambridge. They other awesome surprise was that it was 4 tix not 2 :)

Beach Day
Took off to the beach with Bestie as a tag along today. We ended up at Christie lake , it was way to packed at Valens. Chrisite had alot of great sand this time.
 Bought little man his own cool beach toys. Not to bad of a deal only 12 bucks for 10 really good toys.
 Had to get a shot of Little Man s pants falling down while he was playing  in the sand.
 He is a sucker for cheesy's.
Ready to go home. The best days ever are the days that you leave where ever you are , tired from play and dirty. He def. has fun at the beach everytime we go.

Love this place. Taking Bestie today and also picking up my surprise gift for Blogging about Westfeild. I didn't do it for anything just bc I love the place, but I guess sometimes surprises happen . Crazy prize pack, a huge beach bag, an umbrella , a lawn chair, a stuffed toy, some really cool ipod stuff I think, 2 pairs of sunglasses and a water. Can't believe what I was given as a gift , so amazing.

 Got Little Man his first rock candy, he had a little taste but wasn't really quite sure what to make of it. It did of course end up on the ground after a few min.
 Had quite a long chat with the guys who volunteer in the Blacksmiths shop. The one was very well versed in his history so was very interesting to listen.
 House from Creepy Canada.
 It was boarded up today so we couldn't go in.

We managed a fashion show while we were there. I got to take a few shots but Little Man wasn't having it and we excused ourselves so others could enjoy. We ended up in the Bandstand where he was running around and laughing and having a great time. A few other little boys came to play as well .

More apartment hunting .

Coupons in the mail along with a free Razor to try and review.

Had another urge to shop and headed to another ZEHRS across town. Was pretty much on a whim but scored a very good deal on diapers. The huge boxes of Pampers 175 count were on sale for 32.99 plus I has a 2.50 off coupon . Was not a planned amount but the deal was to good to pass up even if I did just buy diapers the other day. I also got some baby gourmet snax for Little Man as I had a buy 3 get 2 free coupon.
I am  pretty sure we just wanted to get out and drive , so okay Mommy wanted a drive.

Family Beach Day
One thing I must say is that if anyone tries to hurt a member of our family we band together and build up a wall of defence if need be.. At one point my 2 little nephews were being bullied in the water by a pack of other kids and it was family to the rescue. Basically the bigger boys made a chain around the littler ones and just stared, everyone was wise ans backed off.

My daily mail was coupons from Websaver and my samples from Arbonne .
On the SuperHero Mom front, not to much, after the sun burns from the lovely beah day yesterday we pretty much munged out. Little man atually slept alot today
AWESOME AWESOME quick stop in at my local Zehrs, (and of course being home I should have bought all the baby snacks but didn't and should have went back to get them)

This whole haul was only 24.39 :)

Apple Cookies  (3.49)                                        1.74  (50 % off sticker)
olive oil pitas  (2.49)                                            1.24 (50% off Sticker)
pitas w/ klamata olives X3 (7.47)                         3.72 (50 %off stickers)
thin pitas X2 (4.98)                                              2.48 (50 % off stickers)
kaiser rolls (2.99)                                                 1.49(50 % off sticker)
Lunchmates X2                                                   1.98(on clearout )
Meatless burgers                                                  5.99 (sale)
Heinz Baby cereal (3.99)                                         .99 (50 % sticker and 1.00 off coupon)
Cereal puffs X4  (9.56)                                         4.76 (50% off sticker)
TOTAL                                                                  24.39
OOP                                                                      24.39 NO TAX ALL FOOD :)

Totally had to go and get my FPC product today and so of course on the way to drop the boys off to the movie, I stopped back into Zehrs in hopes there were still the 4 baby snacks left from last night and WOOHOOOO they were there.
Boys are watching the Conjuring tonight , which I want to see so bad but like alot of other things on the back burner till I can see it at home on computer lol. They said it was amazing and scary.
Took my first steps into Target , thought it was a good idea to walk around the mall al little bit with little man. I didn't look at much but somehow ended up at the clearance section. I totally bought Zach toys which I never really do but wasn't leaving these behind. A BALL BOUNCE was 20 bucks (omg it has a motorized ball spinner on it )and I got him Little ppl animals , elephants and monkeys .. They were only 6 bucks each . Of course I had decided a few days ago to not spend money and get everything free from using SwagBucks for Amazon money , but I couldn't resist. I guess I was impulse buying to make me feel better.
Still apartment hunting, today was a down in the dumps day.

WOHOO found out I get to try and blog about some Purex stuff from Heinkels Insiders. Guess I should have signed up for more stuff. Once relocated and settled going to go gang busters on freebes, blogging, couponing, Swagbucks. You name it . Can't wait to have sooo much stuff all free. Slowly building my stock pile and can't wait till it is one full room :)

Today was the last day for enteries in both my contests ( Nellie's and Woolzies) So excited to be doing Giveaways for other ppl. I am really starting to enjoy these perks and things that the couponing , contesting and blogging world have to offer.

Made it's own post of course.. :)

Hung out with the Bestie at the mall while visiting a near and dear friend who was in my neck of the woods today . Love walking around the mall if only to have some exercise. The best part about the whole couponing rage I am addicted to is that I look at stuff, but have no need to spend. That in itself is awesome . :)
It is becoming increasing apparent that being a single Mom you are still hit with blatant discrimination and chauvinism. Of course this SuperHero Mom should have had the wow , pop, pow, conversation bubbles over my head when I was talking to a potential new landlord. Not quite sure why ppl still have the need to brand another individual . All I can say is WOW .