Tuesday 30 April 2013

And So it Goes....

I try to enlighten , inspire, provide joy, and maybe even a laugh or two , to just about everyone. (  I said I try ) That is ultimately my intention anyway , and something I hope passes on to my boys.
I am completely one of a kind, with an array of thoughts, ideas, ideals, and ways of living.
Apart from my SuperMom duties , I strive to help not only myself but others as well save a buck or two. So you could def. say that I am frugal. I clip coupons and enter contests , but am not one of the typical crazy couponers . Then again I have been called the "Coupon Fairy ", by sales associates in a certain store I frequent ..(but that's a good thing I think , helping others save money )
I love to bake and cook so of course there will be the odd recipe or two ;( with accompanying photo.)
I have a great best friend who joins me a lot when I go about my day, with all the antics in tow. I sometimes wonder that when my little guy is old enough to fend for himself if he won't beg and plead to stay with big brother just to not be stuck with me and his Auntie .
I enjoy life and all that it has to offer . I look for the positive in every situation , which def. can be hard sometimes but the thought is there. Looking for the positive in life is yet another ideal I hope that passes down to my boys. Life is so much more fun that way .
Most of all I am the Wanna-Be SuperHero Mom and with that comes my love, devotion , and why I live my life (for my boys).. So whatever part of parenting under that whole umbrella of it's, and's , but's , or why's(and what have I got myself into ) will be fair game..

Monday 29 April 2013

Just Me

We all wish that once we have children , we can do anything, be anything, and provide anything to them. This is where I have decided that I want to be that SuperHero Mom.
As the single Mom to 2 very beautiful boys (16 years apart, yes I said 16 ) I have decided to strap on the SuperHero cape and muddle through yet again the world of raising a now 1 year old toddler. His older brother survived, had a lot of cool adventures, and anything he wanted to try, learn or do as long as it was safe ( okay so I was a bit overprotective) I gladly fed into his whims. So why not yet again take on that challenge right? I am older (39) and wiser, with more patience( well no not exactly) , but I think this time around I can do it with the SuperHero Cape in tow. (with all my personal craziness, thrown in to make it more interesting)