Monday, 29 April 2013

Just Me

We all wish that once we have children , we can do anything, be anything, and provide anything to them. This is where I have decided that I want to be that SuperHero Mom.
As the single Mom to 2 very beautiful boys (16 years apart, yes I said 16 ) I have decided to strap on the SuperHero cape and muddle through yet again the world of raising a now 1 year old toddler. His older brother survived, had a lot of cool adventures, and anything he wanted to try, learn or do as long as it was safe ( okay so I was a bit overprotective) I gladly fed into his whims. So why not yet again take on that challenge right? I am older (39) and wiser, with more patience( well no not exactly) , but I think this time around I can do it with the SuperHero Cape in tow. (with all my personal craziness, thrown in to make it more interesting)

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