Wednesday 22 May 2013

May 18

On the weather front, not very warm , but perfect day to begin the packing the process , get some laundry done, and get to the grocery store..
I def. am not looking forward to the store thing today being it's Saturday of the long weekend . I would not go out to the store if I didn't have to today, but let's face it there are some food coupons that expire today and well , the fact that I have to shop and need what I have coupons for, my OCD won't let me not use them up today. Not so much a waste thing, but I seriously can not justify in my head to wait till tomorrow and buy it without the coupon just to spare the few min of aggravation of the extra shoppers. I normally never shop on Saturday as I have the luxury to shop during the week, but things never worked out to get me there until today.
Surprisingly was not that busy, the roads had the more excessive traffic. Ppl sure seem to not have patience and display a lack of common sense when driving. But of course it makes for a comical ride to whatever destination.
Walmart like always had some crazy deals and I got alot for 40 dollars. Incl. a pair of shorts for my oldest who seems to have misplaced , every pair he owns. I had to quickly make my purchases and get him shorts as he was goin gto my sisters house to help out there on her yard work .Having older boys make it easy to get some stuff done when you need it.
The boys of course are camping out yet again. They all but one managed to spent the night in the tent last night so of course they are at it again . But it's free camping spot, esp on a long weekend.
Little guy and I spent time lounging and enjoying movies as we were alone again.
With my Sunset stuff I sponsored a prize in a Facebook party so that was my "work" for the day .
Was a great day none the less. I love the simple days just as much as the crazy go-go days .
I know we have some fun days ( and busy) days for tomorrow and Monday, so I love the calming cuddle days. I tried to go outside and let little man see fireworks for the first time from afar , but we were ready to have a nap and went to bed early. I could hear them but know that in the area I am in we will have another chance either Sunday or Monday night .

May 15 -17

The days have been either one day hot and the next cold. Which of course is Canadian weather at is best and def not complaining .
We had quite a few walks, in that time we managed to find a small park off a side street and was very excited about that. Seems not many ppl go there , so def have a new place to let my little guy swing when we want some privacy. Not that kid interaction isn't important bc he loves laughing at kids who are playing around him, but sometimes you just don't want to share the swings and creative.

The time stamp on the pic is obviously incorrect, since my little guy broke my camera we are using my Besties and well she has never fixed the time or date since the day she got the camera (years ago I might add ).
Have decided to take the leap and move yet again with my bestie. Sharing expenses seems like the smart thing to do. we get along so well as it is and just makes sense. I have more important things in my life instead of worrying about slaving my days away just to pay for a babysitter, and essentially that is what I would doing.
There were def. lots of just I need cuddles in these few days, and of course that is what I did when needed to.
Mail days were GREAT . Got alot of samples, freebies, and coupons. It really does pay to coupon, contest, and fill out for freebies. My only yikes is trying to remember what I need to change when I move. Thankfully the post office forwards your mail. Def a service well worth paying for.
Long weekend is coming up this weekend and def looking forward to whatever comes our way.
Due to my tent purchase this week, my oldest son, nephew, and 2 younger brothers have taken the tents to my mom's house and set it up in the back yard, hey a free camp site.. Know it is going to be a cold one tonight so interesting to see who stays out the whole night .
Little guy got some time with grandma, we went for a walk to a little cafe . It was a long day since we had been out for a long tour around earlier in the day (Friday the 17th) .
We had to retrace our steps a few times earlier in the day as little guy decided to leave bread crumb trail of his clothes as we walked. He was smart enough to throw them to the side so they wouldn't be in my path and I would notice.

Tuesday 14 May 2013

Am I really a Mom Again !!!!!

Sometimes it just baffles me that I am once again a Mom.. Today is def. one of those days. It comes on quick and hits you like a wave and think, I am really a Mom again!!!..I look at my newest creation and just can't believe I have started over again. Just can't believe it, I mean I always thought someone was missing when we had all the kids together, but would never have placed the missing one to be mine. I may be pushing 40 but that has no weight on me, I feel in my 20's so to me age is nothing. I just shake my head , thinking man , I have another kid. Had stopped, was done , then here my little guy is. I do believe he picked me I'd say years ago and he waited till his dad came into the picture in life and here he is . Def not going into the story surrounding his dad at all. An amazing , beautiful , healthy baby boy has been born to me and that is the only important thing .
But seriously sometimes just watching him blows my mind that he is here with me..He is starting to walk and has his own completed personality and I look on in wonder and amazement that I am doing this all over again .I feel I was a SuperHero Mom to my first , he is almost 18 now, but with him I did everything with him too. I indulged his every whim. He did a lot of really cool stuff , we travelled alot of places, and I can't wait to do those things for this one.
I find myself a different kind of Mother as well. I would rather sit and cuddle and enjoy every min then worry about being one of those Martha Stewart / Pinterest Moms that do a lot of other things then just enjoy their children . Worrying about what society thinks or wanting to be on the go all the time , basically showing off is totally not me. I guess you could also say that I will never understand the Mom's that worry about having time away from their children in their first year of life. I haven't been apart from my little guy once (we are going on 14 months now), but to me that is kind of a selfish thing to do . For me and obviously just my personal opinion., I feel esp during the first year of life , the child deserves your undivided attention. Of course if I think about more, I probably feel this way out of some sense of guilt bc I feel the need to over compensate being a single Mom, but then I think , no way holding and loving and sharing every first and every smile means everything to me , and is more important than the Mom Show.
I don't pretend to know everything , but I do have my own set of truths and stick to them > I def don't let anyone try to change my Motherly Instincts, which I don't think anyone should. We all know are own children and I find it comical when ever anyone tries to negate a Mothers instinct over their children. We as mother's know our children and we should be proud and honoured that such an amazing bond exists. We def should not allow anyone the authority to have us second guessing ourselves.
I plan yet again to make the most out of this baffling , mind blown experience of being a new Mom all over again. I can't believe he picked me, he is with me , and I seriously have another child. It's the best feeling in the world and I feel blessed and beyond privileged everyday to know that I have the chance to help grow, nurture and love another amazing man in my life. I feel so amazing that I have the opportunity again, if if I still can't believe it .
I am proud beyond words to be their Mom and A Wanna Be SuperHero Mom at that .

Sunday 12 May 2013

SuperHero Mommies Day (May 12 2013)

I may not wake up to any surprises or little gifts but I wake up to my two boys who are beautiful and healthy.
I may be just a Single Mom , but that gives me the greatest gift, the gift of all their firsts.I am Thankful and Grateful in knowing that I get the pleasure of these firsts.. I can say I feel sorry for what you miss not being around, but then again I get it all and I am very greedy so sometimes I feel , ha ha to bad for you.
I have also been craving a French Vanilla Cappaucino from Tim Hortons ( not that I ever really buy alot do not  think it is an expense I care for either, but once in awhile you just want one.) after 3 days of thinking I would like one, today I just may treat myself. (did not even get one when I went out)
Today one gift of firsts is my little man walking... which he is almost there.. he was holding on only to his brothers thumb and was walking away.
I am trying vigorously to figure out cool places to go this summer and am stumped. Def all part of being a Wanna-Be SuperHero Mom, and using Mothers Day to figure it out . I do think it should be more served maybe camping and going to the park, considering little man really does not benefit form places (but he is free and I love going silly places)..
Took time out for the day, and had my brothers and nephew show up, then bestie wanted picked up , so that screams a trip to Walmart..Of course I truly had no desire to shop, got the few things I needed specifically (had coupons of course) got soap for  25 cents so bought it..
I was actually able to walk around and shop as the big boys took little man around the store. Interestingly enough, I did not want to shop. Which normally I would be in my glory bc then I could use and manipulate my coupons to make $$$ but I think I am just at that point that things are not needed, until they are needed if that makes any sense at all.
Little man was walking about the store, although walking seems to not be what he wants, he wants to run lol.. He was riding on a trike and having fun.. It was great to have a semi break..
Did a full 360 however and just bought a 6 man tent with an attached screened room. Funny how there was no hesitation , but the deal was unbeatable for what we got. I love to camp and can not  wait to introduce Zach to camping , in a tent . Well def have to get out camping now ...
I def earned my SuperHero Mom cape today , esp with the older boy, who has been asking to go camping allready.. The fact that we have a tent opens up going just about anywhere and camping out instead of the worry of having to afford a hotel on top of everything else. Campgrounds are usually cheap so this is perfect . Def much better to go camping alot... next year we will do all the silly goofy spots when little man is big enough I cheated a little with buying some fast food.. I mean I didn not want to cook anyway.. I had allready made cookies and made the boys some slow roasted ribs, so tonight  I deserved a break :)

Life is pretty much what you make it, and I love mine.. Simple  yet enduring ... PERFECT !!!

May9-May11 mini Recap

All 3 days were sort of a jumble anyhow so why not jumble them all together.
The weather the last few days have been less to be desired, but has not stopped us from mini walks. Rain coat and raincover for the stroller just in case and we are set.
My little guy just loves the raincover and actually gets upset if I try to take it off of the stroller.. It`s a cheap cover and see through and he loves it. He must have an imagination like mine as he seems to be playing a game , so I let him play away.
I won a few things, got some awesome coupons in the mail as well. I won an absolutely beautiful chocolate and cookie bouquet for my mom for Mother`s Day. Unfortunately no picture , and def a shame.. Absolutely beautiful job done.
 Christy`s Gourmet Gifts... if you are looking for treats, I highly recommend ordering from them.. They also took amazing care in packaging my gift.

Spent a little bit these 3 days but mostly food and don`t count that as a spend anyway. (20 for gas, less than 20 for food (couponing rocks), and 23 for phone (taxes in)
I realized that I can renew my Telus  Pay As You Go from Interac Online so now that is one less thing to worry about going out and buying.. I do of course own my cheap little phone that cost 60 bucks to buy and I only pay 20 a month for a unlimited texts and free weekend calling. I see no sense in going big on a cell phone this is just enough for me. I don`t find that expense as a worthy one.. Actually I only pay for internet , no home phone, no cable, no elaborate cell phone, those are expenses I have no desire to have, waste of money, that I could use for fun and entertainment or food.

Working on getting my little man walking so that was a huge part of the last few days.. The raining called for alot of snuggles and hugs.. Best art about being a mom.

WannaBeSuperHero Mom Cookies Recipe

Amazing and simple recipe, that I have adapted and added to make these cookies.

SuperHero Mom Cookies (my recipe)

1 Cup butter, margarine either works 
1 & 1/2 Cups of flour, all purpose works just fine
1/2 Cup icing sugar
1 box of raspberry jello
To make pictured cookies add Sunset Gourmets Hot Pepper Raspberry Preserves...
(base recipe works with any flavour jello to make just regular cookies)

Put butter, flour, icing sugar and jello in bowl and hand blend until well mixed.
Make small balls and palm squish onto ungreased cookie sheet.
Cook in a preheated 325 degree oven for 10-12 min
For me this recipe yields 80 single cookies .

I decided to add The Sunset Gourmet Hot Raspberry Preserves to the cookie to make it like a sandwich... What an amazing taste combination.. The tartness of the jello crystals and the zip from the hot peppers, work so well together.
To kick it up a notch dip have the cookie in white chocolate .

I do of course keep just plain cookies for my little guy to snack on with out the Preserve filling.
Remember to let cool for a few min first , the taste differs quite alot from a hot cookie to a cool one. :)
I love trying recipes with the food , spices, mixes, sauces, from Sunset Gourmet. The taste is unbelievable . 

Wednesday 8 May 2013

May 8 2013

Today was def a laze about day.  Of course since my bestie came with us for the Drive-in and we didn't get home till 3 am , I told her I would get her in to work for 10 so she wouldn't have to bus it. Surprised we actually got up considering we didn't get to sleep till around 4:30 am . Little guy woke up on the ride home and decided he wanted to stay awake for a spell once we got home, but other than that it was okay. I was of course very tired all day and we managed to take a nap for 1 hour earlier in the evening. Although now I wish we hadn't considering I am wide awake now.
Apart from the laze about, little man just wanted Mommy cuddles and that was fine with me.
Found alot of freebies on the coupon front today, filled out for more contests. (now I do all this with babe in hand , and he is either jumping and playing beside or with me, or feeding)  I have become very skilled using one hand and managing to do 50 things at once. So def. feel Super-Heroish in those regards.
Mail was great, got coupons and another free bag of Doritos. We stayed in as we were tired.
I did win another contest today, so I am excited about that. Just have to fill in the forms and the skill-testing question for it to be an official win, but it's a win to me all the same .
Really missed the sunshine today, so will be back out in it tomorrow. Gonna take a walk in his cool Tyrke instead of the stroller for a change.

May 7 2013

Little guy is 13 months old today, yes just celebrated his first year last month but who cares is always worth a reason to celebrate everyday .
Another day for the park as well , this time with my Bestie.
It was get gas day, so of course there went the budget of no spending right off the bat, but essential so no biggy.
Turns out whatever samples I had for organic , natural  baby sun-screen were finished and my fair-skinned little guy , burns easy so yet another essential purchase. I happen to live behind a natural store and the price I pay for the All natural, Certified Organic in Canada 27 UvB protection is well worth it. The spray bottle cost 20 bucks but is def an essential purchase. The Store is called Sunrise Mills, and the product is called Green Beaver. I will def be posting a product review as it is well worth it. I am not a fan of sunscreen what so ever, and I personally feel that adding all those chemicals to your body has to be worse for you then the sun. So I love this product.. ( not compensated and have never even been given a sample by that company, just an honest opinion). My little guy still gets sun-kissed even with the lotion, but at least the harmful rays are being blocked.
Being childike height myself I am able to crawl up and climb on creative s, so I took my little guy on his first big slide ride and he loved it. Best sound is his laughter and WEEEEEEEE noise all the way down (multiple times) . So score one for SuperHero Mommy, but then fail when realized we had no camera to capture the moments..Which of course I will remember , but I am addicted to picture and movie taking so of course I was upset at my self for not bringing it , but it didn't last long. After all the fun he was having the moments were there with, or without the camera. It was so cute watching him laugh at the bigger kids running around and flying off the ends of the slides. Kids really do show you what is most important in life.
Turns out the Drive In was showing Iron Man 3 and Oz the Great and Powerful for the awesome low price of 5 bucks per person.... so that was just an essential money spend :)
So bought all the goodies ( I used prepaid Visa so the purchase didn't count ) and got ready to make the trek to the Mustang Drive In , in Guelph Ontario. Got little man all bathed and ready to go. I thought why not check the mail, and here is where SuperHero Mommy is def a Wanna -be and scores a big fail.  Little eventful before we leave, but all was good in the long run, so we continued to go see the movie. Sometimes little things happen, but you make the best of it and soldier on.

Movies were great.
Little man was mostly able to handle the stint in the van, luckily Mommy is still his walking Food Truck so that saves alot . I also figured that I spent 15 bucks I might as well make it the whole 20 I took out , and we all shared the $5.00 french fries (that barely feed anyone).

(don't mind the date on the bottom of the photo, camera acts up a little :) )

Monday 6 May 2013

May 5 2013/ May 6 2013

I have decided to lump both days in one post. Much easier for me anyway . Apart from the daily going-ons, I have to shout out with excitement that Zach slept 1.5 hours on his own in his own bed last night (May 5 ,more likely early morning on the 6th but I didn't look at the clock) . He was too much to handle and I don't get how anyone flips , turns, and can't stay still while they sleep. But once it was no more for me to handle in his own bed he went, although he fussed a little he stayed in there for 1.5 hours. So I am hopefully trying to push it again tonight and hope he lasts longer, but we will see. I am pretty sure he has me pegged and I wouldn't be surprised if he slips through the Mommy cracks.

I am absolutely loving the warm beautiful weather . A walk yesterday and a stroll to the park today. Today was a great day out with my sister and my niece. Such a great day the little ones played on the swings, first time for my niece, Zach just loves the swings.. Park pretty cut short, we were there for at least an hour , but of course my little fair-headed guy looked like he was burning , so we packed up.. Just can't wait to have him walking and running to the creative s , and running around .. Soon enough.

I spend nothing at all today , (which had I known about the Canadian tire sale and you saved 5 cents a litre today I would have got some gas) , and I only spent $10.00 yesterday on essential foodies, which I got more as I used coupons and had a couple freebies, how awesome is that .  Along the freebie line I won a Mothers Day contest yesterday for I Love You Mom Cookies from a store in Burlington so not so far, so they are shipping it out. Coupons came in the mail today, so maybe I have a new mail-person who works on Monday's :).

Saturday 4 May 2013

May 4 2013

So it is May the 4th be with you day, and also free comic book day. So there was some freebies for today which was great do to not spending.
I grabbed my sister and one of the nephews (Zander) as her other to were elsewhere, and we decided to check out one of our libraries. They had a few things happening so we decided to check it out.  As soon as we got there , we saw a girl all dressed up and I just had to grab her for a pic. Now I am sure we scared her  a little but apart from loving her outfit, I felt maybe it would make her feel good. She was younger and I basically forced her to hold Zach , which I think she has never held a baby as she had to ask how to hold him and she was a little shaky, but I assured here that he was fine.. Zach enjoyed himself and so did the young girl and her family. It takes nothing but happiness to help someone's day brighten up.

We hit the 3rd floor for the kids department (which I had to ride in an elevator due to the stroller= panic. I have been stuck in one before so they are not quite my friend). It was great freebies while we were there, plus there was barely anyone there which was so nice.  There was a cartoon and free popcorn, the kids were given a free comic(of course :) ), there were coloring pages , and the second to best thing was you got to make your own SuperHero Masks and arm bands. I of course made 1 of each for Zach and they lasted less than 1 min . So no pics but he did look cute for the 1 min he kept them on before he ripped them apart. Unfortunately the Spiderman Super Hero was there way to early in the day , so we missed him but we did manage to be there for Superman.. I am so glad we were there for that . Zach was soo happy, he grabbed at him right away, so the Man of Steel, scooped him up and got a few pics taken..
I will try and get ahold of the photographer who was there that took alot of shot of them together to get ahold of better pics, but here is the best I got..

Zach crawled around, we tried to get him walking, he took a bunch of books off the shelf, which I feel bad for , but then again that is what librarians do is have to put them away in proper order. I would have put them away but they said no just put them on the table so that they go back correctly.  I did feel SuperHero ish having him there today for all the SuperHero stuff.
So we took off from the library, hit Giant Tiger , I did spend 3.00 but I needed a drink and a snack.. I was good beyond that I was about to buy food, but said no and stuck (mostly) to the no spend. Got a few things and then hit ChurchHill park for a little walk. I hadn`t been to this particular park in years and was a place I would frequent with my Grandparents when I was little. We stayed a little bit and headed home. Zach is of course asleep now and I am wondering if tonight he will sleep in his bed. Last night wa a bust, he went in for 5 min and that was it.. But then I figure maybe by the end of the month, a few min more and more each day, it just might work.
Apart from munchkin needing a bath , the night will probably be quiet, except trying to figure out what to cook for dinner .

Friday 3 May 2013

May 3 2013

Today I had big plans..
I had planned to visit some family and get out but considering sleep only came at 530 am this morning then back up and at it at 900 am well lets just say we vegged out alot today..
Still slightly burnt so I didn`t want to have little man outside to long so we only went out for a bit, to check on the mail(weird that I didn`t get anything , but can`t complain the week was full of freebies considering mail person dosen`t deliver Mondays and looks like they are starting to take Friday`s off as well), and chatted with the neighbour a bit .
I did my normal contest fill outs, looking for coupons, watched some shows , all this of course while breastfeeding and soothing a sleepy toddler.
I went ahead and posted a contest for my Sunset Gourmet.. I love entering and have won a few things , so why not repay it out there. Plus I love giving to others, so was happy to do it. I def. love the Sunset products so will be sending links to updates from the Facebook page. Slowly but surely everything comes in to place. Just forgot what it was like for spare time or lack there of with a toddler, and then couple that with me being a single Mom, well you can bet not much time at all.. But at the same time I can `t help but cherish every moment and am so thankful that I have each of these moments.
Because of the food yesterday , I also gave a bag of stuff  to one of my neighbours, he is a little down on his luckbut still seems to have positivity. Felt great giving to him , and I made it seem oh someone just gave me so much that we would never eat it all and am giving away, just did`t want him embarrassed.
Of course my intentions are for little man to sleep in his own `bed` this evening, although we shall see. I made use of the noises on his self soothy thing, which is actually called Nursery Projector &s Sound System..when I actually got the 3 and a half hours of sleep. Had it on the heart beat setting. Will def be posting a review about the product shortly, as it does truly deserve a great non paid, non compensated review the thing is awesome.
Now we wait and see how it goes tonight. It is starting out okay well sort of if I can get at least a few hours of him in his bed that would be an achievement. I am holding out that it works.
I plan to make sure I still come off as a Super Hero Mom while trying to gain some distance. All in all I think I am the one who is going to feel more of the separation anxiety more than him .

For May 2, ok so a Day behind !!!

What another amazing day today.. I did okay on the no spend challenge, I did however spend money on work which is for July so didn't really count that but I got a lead on an incredible opportunity and I was blessed to have it which is awesome, so I vowed to make back the money .
I bought 11 dollars worth of food , yeah I didn't have buy the sweets with the rest but wanted them so bad, so I justified the purchase when I actually calculated how much it was going to cost me to bake what I wanted and realized it was actually a save of money in the long run.
 What a beautiful walk in the park it was gorgeous out , just thank you so so much for the walk , Zach and I did get a little burnt in the arms, always happens, it looks like he is going to have my prone to be burnt skin , so am working on a natural -based sun lotion..
I love, love, loved the walk , it was beautiful Thank you Universe.. we saw sooo many gorgeous animals .. Interestingly enough I was actually given a food gift today which was incredible and I am so thankful for it.. I can basically say that everything even out from what I spent in food to the food gift , I actually came out ahead.
I also took a leap and asked for some help from someone who always said if I ever needed anything just ask, so I did.. Am so grateful that they said of course .
I am  thankful  for the freebie that can in the mail. It was something I couldn`t use but I got it to pass along to someone who could and I love doing that to. I have been blessed to find freebies, and contests, and win everyonce in awhile so why not pay it forward. Def worth doing.
I did get my delivery of the self -soother thing for my toddler and of course I was all like `whoooo, he is sleeeping on his own tonight.. Yeah no,  didn`t exactly happen that way and I was up till 530 am go figure right.
Was def a great day, the sun was shining had a beautiful walk to the park , got some freebies, and scored a great lead.

Wednesday 1 May 2013

Today' s Thanks

So as I think back through the day of everything to be grateful for, I realize just how incredible my life really is, even in it's simplicity..
Thank You that I reconnected with someone and can't wait to sit down and have a visit.
Thank You that I won another contest , free money :)
Thank You that I received coupons in the mail, free money :)
Thank You for the 20 dollar cheque, free money :)
Thank You for the free clothes sent to me .
Thank You for the beautiful weather and walk I took with my little guy.
Thank You that myself and each of my boys are healthy.
Thank You for food on the table...
and the list goes on and on... with happiness that it goes on and on.
But that's the best part when trying to recap you really see how valuable it all can be..
There is def. something to this gratitude way of life, can't wait to see what it brings me..

So it is May 1 and def. a day of realization.. I have decided to add a bunch of new endeavours to my life and gonna hit them face on (as any SuperHero would do :) )

1) No Spend Challenge..(with Credit to Simply Frugal) (
I am going to just not spend money. There are so many ways not to have to spend money and would be great fun to try and not spend any money on non- essentials. Having a toddler makes it a little bit of a challenge but will muster through. I will beg, borrow, barter, trade, coupon, enter contests and contact companies direct . I am hoping that I will be able to score extras from companies and have my own contests.   Besides SuperHero's don't get paid with money anyway, ( I think, right?) , so cuddle pay is what it will be . I am of course using the whole month for this challenge , and am excited to see what I can get , do and how I pull it off.
Interestingly enough today was a great freebie day , so , so far so good..
*I needed something for my toddler and had an FPC (Free Product Coupon) so there was no money exchanged..
*I got coupons in the mail (free money that's how I look at it)
*I got 20.00 check from a mail in rebate (from months ago and  I mean months) ( funny that it came today)
*I got a box of second hand clothing sent to me from my dad, which is amazing in the clothes department especially with a toddler with  mud pie season now in full effect.
So in all actuality I came out ahead in the money department today :) . So I have decided to take ANY extra money I get a hold of and have made a jar that says "Just Because  Jar"  Will be interesting to see what I can save up. Best part if what fun venture are we going to use it for. Where will the road -trip lead!!!!!!!
Best part is walking and the park is always free :) .

2) I recently signed up to sell Sunset Gourmet... What an amazing company, the food , spices, sauces etc are so tasty and with nothing over 10.00 I am in Heaven.. So I have decided to SuperHero my way into building a team of ladies to sell these great products..Pretty green company and so excited to be on board when the phenomenon takes off .
Going to be holding a welcome contest and giving away a cool gift , so can't wait to do that!!

3)Since yesterday was still April and I could spend money , I placed a well needed order to for a self soother thingy for my toddler. As it is we have not had any separation , he is still breast-feed and unable to this day to fall asleep on his own, or even stay asleep unless I am with him (and breast-feeding, I am def worn out, but been the BEST DIET EVER) . So like any good SuperHero I enlisted the aide of a side -kick.. I def hope this works.... Let's face it I need the extra time to preform those SuperHero Duties.

4) Just be the overall happy , thankful Wanna-Be SuperHero Mom .

Overall the month will be fun, probably educational, and full of interesting things , places and endeavours. Well that's what I am hoping for anyway :) .