Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Am I really a Mom Again !!!!!

Sometimes it just baffles me that I am once again a Mom.. Today is def. one of those days. It comes on quick and hits you like a wave and think, I am really a Mom again!!!..I look at my newest creation and just can't believe I have started over again. Just can't believe it, I mean I always thought someone was missing when we had all the kids together, but would never have placed the missing one to be mine. I may be pushing 40 but that has no weight on me, I feel in my 20's so to me age is nothing. I just shake my head , thinking man , I have another kid. Had stopped, was done , then here my little guy is. I do believe he picked me I'd say years ago and he waited till his dad came into the picture in life and here he is . Def not going into the story surrounding his dad at all. An amazing , beautiful , healthy baby boy has been born to me and that is the only important thing .
But seriously sometimes just watching him blows my mind that he is here with me..He is starting to walk and has his own completed personality and I look on in wonder and amazement that I am doing this all over again .I feel I was a SuperHero Mom to my first , he is almost 18 now, but with him I did everything with him too. I indulged his every whim. He did a lot of really cool stuff , we travelled alot of places, and I can't wait to do those things for this one.
I find myself a different kind of Mother as well. I would rather sit and cuddle and enjoy every min then worry about being one of those Martha Stewart / Pinterest Moms that do a lot of other things then just enjoy their children . Worrying about what society thinks or wanting to be on the go all the time , basically showing off is totally not me. I guess you could also say that I will never understand the Mom's that worry about having time away from their children in their first year of life. I haven't been apart from my little guy once (we are going on 14 months now), but to me that is kind of a selfish thing to do . For me and obviously just my personal opinion., I feel esp during the first year of life , the child deserves your undivided attention. Of course if I think about more, I probably feel this way out of some sense of guilt bc I feel the need to over compensate being a single Mom, but then I think , no way holding and loving and sharing every first and every smile means everything to me , and is more important than the Mom Show.
I don't pretend to know everything , but I do have my own set of truths and stick to them > I def don't let anyone try to change my Motherly Instincts, which I don't think anyone should. We all know are own children and I find it comical when ever anyone tries to negate a Mothers instinct over their children. We as mother's know our children and we should be proud and honoured that such an amazing bond exists. We def should not allow anyone the authority to have us second guessing ourselves.
I plan yet again to make the most out of this baffling , mind blown experience of being a new Mom all over again. I can't believe he picked me, he is with me , and I seriously have another child. It's the best feeling in the world and I feel blessed and beyond privileged everyday to know that I have the chance to help grow, nurture and love another amazing man in my life. I feel so amazing that I have the opportunity again, if if I still can't believe it .
I am proud beyond words to be their Mom and A Wanna Be SuperHero Mom at that .

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