Friday, 3 May 2013

For May 2, ok so a Day behind !!!

What another amazing day today.. I did okay on the no spend challenge, I did however spend money on work which is for July so didn't really count that but I got a lead on an incredible opportunity and I was blessed to have it which is awesome, so I vowed to make back the money .
I bought 11 dollars worth of food , yeah I didn't have buy the sweets with the rest but wanted them so bad, so I justified the purchase when I actually calculated how much it was going to cost me to bake what I wanted and realized it was actually a save of money in the long run.
 What a beautiful walk in the park it was gorgeous out , just thank you so so much for the walk , Zach and I did get a little burnt in the arms, always happens, it looks like he is going to have my prone to be burnt skin , so am working on a natural -based sun lotion..
I love, love, loved the walk , it was beautiful Thank you Universe.. we saw sooo many gorgeous animals .. Interestingly enough I was actually given a food gift today which was incredible and I am so thankful for it.. I can basically say that everything even out from what I spent in food to the food gift , I actually came out ahead.
I also took a leap and asked for some help from someone who always said if I ever needed anything just ask, so I did.. Am so grateful that they said of course .
I am  thankful  for the freebie that can in the mail. It was something I couldn`t use but I got it to pass along to someone who could and I love doing that to. I have been blessed to find freebies, and contests, and win everyonce in awhile so why not pay it forward. Def worth doing.
I did get my delivery of the self -soother thing for my toddler and of course I was all like `whoooo, he is sleeeping on his own tonight.. Yeah no,  didn`t exactly happen that way and I was up till 530 am go figure right.
Was def a great day, the sun was shining had a beautiful walk to the park , got some freebies, and scored a great lead.

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