Wednesday 22 May 2013

May 15 -17

The days have been either one day hot and the next cold. Which of course is Canadian weather at is best and def not complaining .
We had quite a few walks, in that time we managed to find a small park off a side street and was very excited about that. Seems not many ppl go there , so def have a new place to let my little guy swing when we want some privacy. Not that kid interaction isn't important bc he loves laughing at kids who are playing around him, but sometimes you just don't want to share the swings and creative.

The time stamp on the pic is obviously incorrect, since my little guy broke my camera we are using my Besties and well she has never fixed the time or date since the day she got the camera (years ago I might add ).
Have decided to take the leap and move yet again with my bestie. Sharing expenses seems like the smart thing to do. we get along so well as it is and just makes sense. I have more important things in my life instead of worrying about slaving my days away just to pay for a babysitter, and essentially that is what I would doing.
There were def. lots of just I need cuddles in these few days, and of course that is what I did when needed to.
Mail days were GREAT . Got alot of samples, freebies, and coupons. It really does pay to coupon, contest, and fill out for freebies. My only yikes is trying to remember what I need to change when I move. Thankfully the post office forwards your mail. Def a service well worth paying for.
Long weekend is coming up this weekend and def looking forward to whatever comes our way.
Due to my tent purchase this week, my oldest son, nephew, and 2 younger brothers have taken the tents to my mom's house and set it up in the back yard, hey a free camp site.. Know it is going to be a cold one tonight so interesting to see who stays out the whole night .
Little guy got some time with grandma, we went for a walk to a little cafe . It was a long day since we had been out for a long tour around earlier in the day (Friday the 17th) .
We had to retrace our steps a few times earlier in the day as little guy decided to leave bread crumb trail of his clothes as we walked. He was smart enough to throw them to the side so they wouldn't be in my path and I would notice.

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