Wednesday 22 May 2013

May 18

On the weather front, not very warm , but perfect day to begin the packing the process , get some laundry done, and get to the grocery store..
I def. am not looking forward to the store thing today being it's Saturday of the long weekend . I would not go out to the store if I didn't have to today, but let's face it there are some food coupons that expire today and well , the fact that I have to shop and need what I have coupons for, my OCD won't let me not use them up today. Not so much a waste thing, but I seriously can not justify in my head to wait till tomorrow and buy it without the coupon just to spare the few min of aggravation of the extra shoppers. I normally never shop on Saturday as I have the luxury to shop during the week, but things never worked out to get me there until today.
Surprisingly was not that busy, the roads had the more excessive traffic. Ppl sure seem to not have patience and display a lack of common sense when driving. But of course it makes for a comical ride to whatever destination.
Walmart like always had some crazy deals and I got alot for 40 dollars. Incl. a pair of shorts for my oldest who seems to have misplaced , every pair he owns. I had to quickly make my purchases and get him shorts as he was goin gto my sisters house to help out there on her yard work .Having older boys make it easy to get some stuff done when you need it.
The boys of course are camping out yet again. They all but one managed to spent the night in the tent last night so of course they are at it again . But it's free camping spot, esp on a long weekend.
Little guy and I spent time lounging and enjoying movies as we were alone again.
With my Sunset stuff I sponsored a prize in a Facebook party so that was my "work" for the day .
Was a great day none the less. I love the simple days just as much as the crazy go-go days .
I know we have some fun days ( and busy) days for tomorrow and Monday, so I love the calming cuddle days. I tried to go outside and let little man see fireworks for the first time from afar , but we were ready to have a nap and went to bed early. I could hear them but know that in the area I am in we will have another chance either Sunday or Monday night .

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