Friday 3 May 2013

May 3 2013

Today I had big plans..
I had planned to visit some family and get out but considering sleep only came at 530 am this morning then back up and at it at 900 am well lets just say we vegged out alot today..
Still slightly burnt so I didn`t want to have little man outside to long so we only went out for a bit, to check on the mail(weird that I didn`t get anything , but can`t complain the week was full of freebies considering mail person dosen`t deliver Mondays and looks like they are starting to take Friday`s off as well), and chatted with the neighbour a bit .
I did my normal contest fill outs, looking for coupons, watched some shows , all this of course while breastfeeding and soothing a sleepy toddler.
I went ahead and posted a contest for my Sunset Gourmet.. I love entering and have won a few things , so why not repay it out there. Plus I love giving to others, so was happy to do it. I def. love the Sunset products so will be sending links to updates from the Facebook page. Slowly but surely everything comes in to place. Just forgot what it was like for spare time or lack there of with a toddler, and then couple that with me being a single Mom, well you can bet not much time at all.. But at the same time I can `t help but cherish every moment and am so thankful that I have each of these moments.
Because of the food yesterday , I also gave a bag of stuff  to one of my neighbours, he is a little down on his luckbut still seems to have positivity. Felt great giving to him , and I made it seem oh someone just gave me so much that we would never eat it all and am giving away, just did`t want him embarrassed.
Of course my intentions are for little man to sleep in his own `bed` this evening, although we shall see. I made use of the noises on his self soothy thing, which is actually called Nursery Projector &s Sound System..when I actually got the 3 and a half hours of sleep. Had it on the heart beat setting. Will def be posting a review about the product shortly, as it does truly deserve a great non paid, non compensated review the thing is awesome.
Now we wait and see how it goes tonight. It is starting out okay well sort of if I can get at least a few hours of him in his bed that would be an achievement. I am holding out that it works.
I plan to make sure I still come off as a Super Hero Mom while trying to gain some distance. All in all I think I am the one who is going to feel more of the separation anxiety more than him .

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