Monday 6 May 2013

May 5 2013/ May 6 2013

I have decided to lump both days in one post. Much easier for me anyway . Apart from the daily going-ons, I have to shout out with excitement that Zach slept 1.5 hours on his own in his own bed last night (May 5 ,more likely early morning on the 6th but I didn't look at the clock) . He was too much to handle and I don't get how anyone flips , turns, and can't stay still while they sleep. But once it was no more for me to handle in his own bed he went, although he fussed a little he stayed in there for 1.5 hours. So I am hopefully trying to push it again tonight and hope he lasts longer, but we will see. I am pretty sure he has me pegged and I wouldn't be surprised if he slips through the Mommy cracks.

I am absolutely loving the warm beautiful weather . A walk yesterday and a stroll to the park today. Today was a great day out with my sister and my niece. Such a great day the little ones played on the swings, first time for my niece, Zach just loves the swings.. Park pretty cut short, we were there for at least an hour , but of course my little fair-headed guy looked like he was burning , so we packed up.. Just can't wait to have him walking and running to the creative s , and running around .. Soon enough.

I spend nothing at all today , (which had I known about the Canadian tire sale and you saved 5 cents a litre today I would have got some gas) , and I only spent $10.00 yesterday on essential foodies, which I got more as I used coupons and had a couple freebies, how awesome is that .  Along the freebie line I won a Mothers Day contest yesterday for I Love You Mom Cookies from a store in Burlington so not so far, so they are shipping it out. Coupons came in the mail today, so maybe I have a new mail-person who works on Monday's :).

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