Wednesday 8 May 2013

May 7 2013

Little guy is 13 months old today, yes just celebrated his first year last month but who cares is always worth a reason to celebrate everyday .
Another day for the park as well , this time with my Bestie.
It was get gas day, so of course there went the budget of no spending right off the bat, but essential so no biggy.
Turns out whatever samples I had for organic , natural  baby sun-screen were finished and my fair-skinned little guy , burns easy so yet another essential purchase. I happen to live behind a natural store and the price I pay for the All natural, Certified Organic in Canada 27 UvB protection is well worth it. The spray bottle cost 20 bucks but is def an essential purchase. The Store is called Sunrise Mills, and the product is called Green Beaver. I will def be posting a product review as it is well worth it. I am not a fan of sunscreen what so ever, and I personally feel that adding all those chemicals to your body has to be worse for you then the sun. So I love this product.. ( not compensated and have never even been given a sample by that company, just an honest opinion). My little guy still gets sun-kissed even with the lotion, but at least the harmful rays are being blocked.
Being childike height myself I am able to crawl up and climb on creative s, so I took my little guy on his first big slide ride and he loved it. Best sound is his laughter and WEEEEEEEE noise all the way down (multiple times) . So score one for SuperHero Mommy, but then fail when realized we had no camera to capture the moments..Which of course I will remember , but I am addicted to picture and movie taking so of course I was upset at my self for not bringing it , but it didn't last long. After all the fun he was having the moments were there with, or without the camera. It was so cute watching him laugh at the bigger kids running around and flying off the ends of the slides. Kids really do show you what is most important in life.
Turns out the Drive In was showing Iron Man 3 and Oz the Great and Powerful for the awesome low price of 5 bucks per person.... so that was just an essential money spend :)
So bought all the goodies ( I used prepaid Visa so the purchase didn't count ) and got ready to make the trek to the Mustang Drive In , in Guelph Ontario. Got little man all bathed and ready to go. I thought why not check the mail, and here is where SuperHero Mommy is def a Wanna -be and scores a big fail.  Little eventful before we leave, but all was good in the long run, so we continued to go see the movie. Sometimes little things happen, but you make the best of it and soldier on.

Movies were great.
Little man was mostly able to handle the stint in the van, luckily Mommy is still his walking Food Truck so that saves alot . I also figured that I spent 15 bucks I might as well make it the whole 20 I took out , and we all shared the $5.00 french fries (that barely feed anyone).

(don't mind the date on the bottom of the photo, camera acts up a little :) )

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