Wednesday, 8 May 2013

May 8 2013

Today was def a laze about day.  Of course since my bestie came with us for the Drive-in and we didn't get home till 3 am , I told her I would get her in to work for 10 so she wouldn't have to bus it. Surprised we actually got up considering we didn't get to sleep till around 4:30 am . Little guy woke up on the ride home and decided he wanted to stay awake for a spell once we got home, but other than that it was okay. I was of course very tired all day and we managed to take a nap for 1 hour earlier in the evening. Although now I wish we hadn't considering I am wide awake now.
Apart from the laze about, little man just wanted Mommy cuddles and that was fine with me.
Found alot of freebies on the coupon front today, filled out for more contests. (now I do all this with babe in hand , and he is either jumping and playing beside or with me, or feeding)  I have become very skilled using one hand and managing to do 50 things at once. So def. feel Super-Heroish in those regards.
Mail was great, got coupons and another free bag of Doritos. We stayed in as we were tired.
I did win another contest today, so I am excited about that. Just have to fill in the forms and the skill-testing question for it to be an official win, but it's a win to me all the same .
Really missed the sunshine today, so will be back out in it tomorrow. Gonna take a walk in his cool Tyrke instead of the stroller for a change.

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  1. We have had a really busy week so I built in a nice lazy day today!

    I miss baby cuddles, although my 3yo still likes to cuddle a lot. I haven't been to the drive in, in years, but I always enjoyed going.