Sunday, 12 May 2013

May9-May11 mini Recap

All 3 days were sort of a jumble anyhow so why not jumble them all together.
The weather the last few days have been less to be desired, but has not stopped us from mini walks. Rain coat and raincover for the stroller just in case and we are set.
My little guy just loves the raincover and actually gets upset if I try to take it off of the stroller.. It`s a cheap cover and see through and he loves it. He must have an imagination like mine as he seems to be playing a game , so I let him play away.
I won a few things, got some awesome coupons in the mail as well. I won an absolutely beautiful chocolate and cookie bouquet for my mom for Mother`s Day. Unfortunately no picture , and def a shame.. Absolutely beautiful job done.
 Christy`s Gourmet Gifts... if you are looking for treats, I highly recommend ordering from them.. They also took amazing care in packaging my gift.

Spent a little bit these 3 days but mostly food and don`t count that as a spend anyway. (20 for gas, less than 20 for food (couponing rocks), and 23 for phone (taxes in)
I realized that I can renew my Telus  Pay As You Go from Interac Online so now that is one less thing to worry about going out and buying.. I do of course own my cheap little phone that cost 60 bucks to buy and I only pay 20 a month for a unlimited texts and free weekend calling. I see no sense in going big on a cell phone this is just enough for me. I don`t find that expense as a worthy one.. Actually I only pay for internet , no home phone, no cable, no elaborate cell phone, those are expenses I have no desire to have, waste of money, that I could use for fun and entertainment or food.

Working on getting my little man walking so that was a huge part of the last few days.. The raining called for alot of snuggles and hugs.. Best art about being a mom.

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