Wednesday 1 May 2013

So it is May 1 and def. a day of realization.. I have decided to add a bunch of new endeavours to my life and gonna hit them face on (as any SuperHero would do :) )

1) No Spend Challenge..(with Credit to Simply Frugal) (
I am going to just not spend money. There are so many ways not to have to spend money and would be great fun to try and not spend any money on non- essentials. Having a toddler makes it a little bit of a challenge but will muster through. I will beg, borrow, barter, trade, coupon, enter contests and contact companies direct . I am hoping that I will be able to score extras from companies and have my own contests.   Besides SuperHero's don't get paid with money anyway, ( I think, right?) , so cuddle pay is what it will be . I am of course using the whole month for this challenge , and am excited to see what I can get , do and how I pull it off.
Interestingly enough today was a great freebie day , so , so far so good..
*I needed something for my toddler and had an FPC (Free Product Coupon) so there was no money exchanged..
*I got coupons in the mail (free money that's how I look at it)
*I got 20.00 check from a mail in rebate (from months ago and  I mean months) ( funny that it came today)
*I got a box of second hand clothing sent to me from my dad, which is amazing in the clothes department especially with a toddler with  mud pie season now in full effect.
So in all actuality I came out ahead in the money department today :) . So I have decided to take ANY extra money I get a hold of and have made a jar that says "Just Because  Jar"  Will be interesting to see what I can save up. Best part if what fun venture are we going to use it for. Where will the road -trip lead!!!!!!!
Best part is walking and the park is always free :) .

2) I recently signed up to sell Sunset Gourmet... What an amazing company, the food , spices, sauces etc are so tasty and with nothing over 10.00 I am in Heaven.. So I have decided to SuperHero my way into building a team of ladies to sell these great products..Pretty green company and so excited to be on board when the phenomenon takes off .
Going to be holding a welcome contest and giving away a cool gift , so can't wait to do that!!

3)Since yesterday was still April and I could spend money , I placed a well needed order to for a self soother thingy for my toddler. As it is we have not had any separation , he is still breast-feed and unable to this day to fall asleep on his own, or even stay asleep unless I am with him (and breast-feeding, I am def worn out, but been the BEST DIET EVER) . So like any good SuperHero I enlisted the aide of a side -kick.. I def hope this works.... Let's face it I need the extra time to preform those SuperHero Duties.

4) Just be the overall happy , thankful Wanna-Be SuperHero Mom .

Overall the month will be fun, probably educational, and full of interesting things , places and endeavours. Well that's what I am hoping for anyway :) .

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