Sunday, 12 May 2013

SuperHero Mommies Day (May 12 2013)

I may not wake up to any surprises or little gifts but I wake up to my two boys who are beautiful and healthy.
I may be just a Single Mom , but that gives me the greatest gift, the gift of all their firsts.I am Thankful and Grateful in knowing that I get the pleasure of these firsts.. I can say I feel sorry for what you miss not being around, but then again I get it all and I am very greedy so sometimes I feel , ha ha to bad for you.
I have also been craving a French Vanilla Cappaucino from Tim Hortons ( not that I ever really buy alot do not  think it is an expense I care for either, but once in awhile you just want one.) after 3 days of thinking I would like one, today I just may treat myself. (did not even get one when I went out)
Today one gift of firsts is my little man walking... which he is almost there.. he was holding on only to his brothers thumb and was walking away.
I am trying vigorously to figure out cool places to go this summer and am stumped. Def all part of being a Wanna-Be SuperHero Mom, and using Mothers Day to figure it out . I do think it should be more served maybe camping and going to the park, considering little man really does not benefit form places (but he is free and I love going silly places)..
Took time out for the day, and had my brothers and nephew show up, then bestie wanted picked up , so that screams a trip to Walmart..Of course I truly had no desire to shop, got the few things I needed specifically (had coupons of course) got soap for  25 cents so bought it..
I was actually able to walk around and shop as the big boys took little man around the store. Interestingly enough, I did not want to shop. Which normally I would be in my glory bc then I could use and manipulate my coupons to make $$$ but I think I am just at that point that things are not needed, until they are needed if that makes any sense at all.
Little man was walking about the store, although walking seems to not be what he wants, he wants to run lol.. He was riding on a trike and having fun.. It was great to have a semi break..
Did a full 360 however and just bought a 6 man tent with an attached screened room. Funny how there was no hesitation , but the deal was unbeatable for what we got. I love to camp and can not  wait to introduce Zach to camping , in a tent . Well def have to get out camping now ...
I def earned my SuperHero Mom cape today , esp with the older boy, who has been asking to go camping allready.. The fact that we have a tent opens up going just about anywhere and camping out instead of the worry of having to afford a hotel on top of everything else. Campgrounds are usually cheap so this is perfect . Def much better to go camping alot... next year we will do all the silly goofy spots when little man is big enough I cheated a little with buying some fast food.. I mean I didn not want to cook anyway.. I had allready made cookies and made the boys some slow roasted ribs, so tonight  I deserved a break :)

Life is pretty much what you make it, and I love mine.. Simple  yet enduring ... PERFECT !!!

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