Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Today' s Thanks

So as I think back through the day of everything to be grateful for, I realize just how incredible my life really is, even in it's simplicity..
Thank You that I reconnected with someone and can't wait to sit down and have a visit.
Thank You that I won another contest , free money :)
Thank You that I received coupons in the mail, free money :)
Thank You for the 20 dollar cheque, free money :)
Thank You for the free clothes sent to me .
Thank You for the beautiful weather and walk I took with my little guy.
Thank You that myself and each of my boys are healthy.
Thank You for food on the table...
and the list goes on and on... with happiness that it goes on and on.
But that's the best part when trying to recap you really see how valuable it all can be..
There is def. something to this gratitude way of life, can't wait to see what it brings me..

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