Saturday, 1 June 2013

June 1 2013

Was looking forward to a sun, sand, and beach day, but with the threat of Thunderstorms again today def decided not to head to the beach. The Hamilton area also gets it worse than we do here in Cambridge so better safe than sorry. Was hoping big brother would come with u today , but as soon as he found out we were just going to go to Chuck E Cheese , he immediately said he was staying home.
Of course I had to print off coupons first, than went to pick up Bestie and her grandson. I had weighed the option of grabbing my 2 little nephews but  in the end  just kept it the four of us.
I really truly enjoy Chuck E Cheese. You are stamped when you enter to protect your children from being taken out by a stranger, which kids run rampant there so that's a good thing. The coupons are an okay Value. I mean the food you receive , does not in anyway , shape or form come close to the price you pay , but it's all about the experience. The token coupon  100 for $25.00 is however a fantastic deal. Each game, or ride, or play on is only 1 token so for that as a deal is amazing. So if you manage to make it through play without buying food and you have used a coupon for tokens you have just had your elf an awesome time for fun. You can't bring any outside food or drink unless you are having  a Birthday Party, but then you are only allowed to bring in the cake. I can completely agree and understand with why they don't allow anything in from outside. There would be far to many ppl picnicking and leaving much larger messes than all ready are left as it is. There fountain pops once you buy a cup are all you can drink and are serve yourself.. The price of the cups is less to be desired but if you can manage a share with more than 1 straw you are doing all right. Let's be honest I fill up any cup we bought before we go home, to bring it along with us, def want to feel I got my moneys worth. If you play the games you win tickets that you can munch and count up towards getting prizes at the prize stand. You can get hooked into buying  the toys if the kids didn't get enough tickets for those bigger prizes. However they do have pretty good prizes to price comparison and 1 ticket =1 cent so for myself I find it a pretty fair price rate. You can save up and hang on to your tickets for as long as you want if you are saving for something large. There are a few quite pricey items but on par with stores like Toys R Us.  If you check out their website you will find the coupons, and even be able to play games, win printable tickets and join the email club for cool little gifts via email a couple times a year .

We did bring Zach to Chuck E Cheese for his first birthday, which they gave him 100 tickets as a gift from email club so that is one of the bonus'.

Back to today's adventure , in the door arms stamped , food and tokens ordered. The fun can then begin..
Pictures and video are worth any words I can write.
Zach loves it at Chuck E Cheese, he is becoming independent :( and is really smart at how the arcade games work.
I did stash some of the tokens I bought so I could be able to go again another time( always have those kind of ideas and thoughts on the fore-front) .. We also cashed in all the tickets I have been stashing since his b-day and got him a big Chuck E doll ( action Figure) and a bag. I had a few tix left so I could give my besties Grandson some of the coolest tats for kids I have ever seen .

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