Tuesday, 25 June 2013

June 15

Total beach day today, warm nice weather, and beautiful sun. In much need of the amazing affects of water and sun kissing kin. Little man has been having a rough go with the teething and he was wonderful today. Loaded up the boy with the addition of one of my sisters and away we wnet. There is a pizza shop that we hit for 2 large 3 item for 17 bucks so throwing that in as it was a great deal and the pizza was delicious. ( City Pizza)
 Little man  loves being by the water. He made his own path to the beach and hung out in the water for quite some time. The water was nice temperature wise, but as for cleanliness yikes. We went to Valens beach first of all and the water was so dirty as well as the sand. Not sure when this beach became this dirty . I do remember more pride in the beaches around but as of late, not so much . But as an adult that is what we see, but for a child, esp one who is new to the experience he didn't care.

He had so much fun in the sand as well, and am so glad I bought these over priced beach toys the last time we were here. He had fun and that is all that counts.  Not many ppl either so makes for a more enjoyable day.
We trekked it to Websters falls after taking the wrong turn and driving around for an hour( where that time went is beyond me) . Yet we didn't stay and decided to go to Christie lake for a spell.
It was quite an enjoyable day . Even being out and having some laughs was the perfect day. Just o happy to have and see my little guy happy was enough for me. Hard to see them hurting and not able to completely take the pain of teething trouble away. But today was just wonderful and relaxing .
There had to be a stop before we came home for the night and that was to Giant Tiger to pick up ice cream , marshmallows, Graham crackers , hot dogs and bread. ( cannot believe I forgot my coupons and didn't use any )  Homemade Smores blizzard( lets face it , it cost less money to buy all the ingredients to make tons in stead of just the 2 from going to Dairy Queen).
:)  The homemade Smore Ice Cream def. served it's purpose and was delish :) and dare I say we can enjoy many for about the price of 1 large Blizzard at the DQ.

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