Thursday, 27 June 2013

June 16-19

As it was Father's Day Westfeild has it's Father's Day thingy happening so I took my little man and his Uncle Adam and we went for a walk around . It was a little wet to say the least , very muggy and not too much happening but we did manage to get a ride on a Steam train , which little guy loved. I managed to get a couple pics as little man is too overambitious and not one to stay seated.. He is way to inquisitive but I love it, shows he has imagination .

So these were taken on the stationary train they have there. I wanted to set little man up in different poses and on things , but lets face it he might destroy something priceless, so I opted out for trying to see what Uncle Adam could do, but little man wasn't having it . He was too interested in his own thing, and yes we needed to stop him from destroying some things :)

This is the Steam train we rode, no pics on it I had to do everything I could to stop my little man form falling off . It was fun though.

Interestingly enough the cord thingy for the laptop (which I was gifted so AWESOME) broke and I have to purchase a new one. I know they are going to run me around 60 bucks , but considering the laptop was a gift and it was only the cord not the unit., smooth sailing. The best part is I actually have the money to drop without a second thought to get the replacement .  I of course did alot of searching to find the best prize with the whole couponing thing I just LOVE . I found that many site were way to hard to find what I needed (not very computer savvy but am learning. I actually settled on Future Shop, not only could I find what I needed but I could also reserve the item and just go get it at the customer service desk .

I got my confirmation email for the plug from Future Shop and I got little man ready to go pick it up. What an easy way to get product. I just went to customer service , told them I have a reservation and paid right there at customer service. That convenience alone was awesome. Best part is I just plugged it in when I got home. Of course I took the laptop with me just to make sure it was the ride cord . :)

 Was going to hit the beach with my sister and niece but def. to cold for that today, well at first so we changed course and hit the Park instead. Friday is looking hot so a much better beach day .
Little man is now completely mobile .
I always have pics, but this time I took videos.. With little guy completely mobile we had some cute captures. He actually stole my Gatorade and ran away
Had to pick up a parcel today (not a win I placed an order with OMG and I am glad I had to decided to pick up all the FPC I could use there, bc that meant I took my coupons in the store with me. OMG am I glad that I did .
Now awhile back in May (at the end of the month) I got that great clearout deal on Gerber baby bars(bought all 8) with the .50 cent off on the Gerber Baby Veggie Fruit melts coupon on the box!! Welll WHAT they had the Veggie/Fruit melts on CLEAROUT , 8 bags in total which is exactly the amount of coupons I had (yes I cleared again). 3 bags were on clearout for .77 cents and 5 bags were on clearout for 1.08... AWESOME savings esp with the .50 cent off coupon onto of the clearout price. Break down as follows for the whole SDM shop

2 Healthy Choice Microwave Steamer dinners            $2.99 (on sale and had a BOGO coupon)
SDM brand Mayo                                                     $1.99 (sale price)
2% Bag of Milk                                                         $3.97(reg price)
8 Gerber Veggie melts                                               $3.71  (wohooo on clearout and 4.00 off in coupons)
Total                                                                         $12.66
tax                                                                            $ 0.61
OOP                                                                        $13.27

SAVED  37.21 over all on the total
I was sooo excited for this deal. There was also an insane deal on formula which I left as my son is strictly breast -fed. $3.08 for 12 ready to go .....on clearout fro 40.00 bucks. Had the expiry not been as close as it was I would have made the purchase for the food bank.

Just for info sake, those Veggie/Fruit melts are delish and taste like Astronaut Ice Cream LOL

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