Tuesday, 11 June 2013

June 3 -5

Def unable to get at daily posting. Little man has been in the Thrones of horrible teething troubles and it has been a little stressful around here to say the least. From having to try and cool his on fire body the first few nights, to now trying to fix his  prickly heat rash . My little guy always sweats and I mean always but he has for some reason stopped this week and his body has produced a heat rash to off set the attack from teething.  He has been extremely cranky and irritable to say the least but thankfully the symptoms seem to be subsiding as I write. The rash seems to be lessening and he for now is sound asleep. Exactly how long he will stay that way remains to be seen , but at least for now he is down for the count. So yet again it has been
The only saving grace we seem to get is the mail, we have had yet another week of awesome , freebies , coupons, and samples. Alot of my wins from things are turning up , so it has been nice to cut the stress and tension with some happiness.
Incl my win from Tic Tac before they started the shaking game where you can win 2 prizes anyway . I got a sample pack of the 3 new flavours and a vintage Tic Tac T. I also got so many coupons and samples from things. I won 12 FPCs for Almond Fresh for winning a contest, and a pack of gum from a flash giveaway.
I got my Woolzies to review and will hopefully be able to do a giveaway out of it. Love that , and def want to build myself to where I get the freebies to review and am given a second set for a giveaway. :)

Had to pick up the Bestie today the 5th and get her to see the eye doctor so she can get eye glasses to see. We were def early like always so we took a little walk around Zehrs. Immediately of course I find one of the clearance racks . Of course I have coupons with me regardless and always glad I have them . Turns out that Smuckers double Fudge Ice cream mix was on Clearout for 2.24 and I had 2 $1.00 off coupons for any type so snatched them up quickly. The shelf life BBD wasn`t until 2014 0r 15 so def a good stock up buy. Had wished I had more coupons for it but 2 is enough for my little SuperHero 3 person family :).  Also on the clearance shelf was Awake chocolate bars with caffeine for .44 cents each so grabbed 4 for my oldest to try. I always manage to end up in the cereal aisle and am I glad I did today. I had a Krave coupon about to expire for $1.50 off 2 boxes, well not only were they on sale for $2.99 each , but they also were the boxes labelled with the free breakfast item.. Yes of course I snatched my 2 boxes . I use the pins for the All- bran cereal so basically I jut got 3 boxes of cereal absolutely FREE.. And free in my world is one more SuperHero Power-Up coin . I had gotten my FPC  for the Febreeze car smelly thingy so I grabbed that to.
So cool shop break down :
4 Awake chocolate bars (.44 cents each)         $1.76   clearance
Hawaiian Breeze  Car Scents  (4.19)                FREE    (FPC)
2 Ice Cream topping ($2.24 each)                   $2.48    (2.00 off in coupons)
2 Krave cereals ($2.99 each)                          $4.48     (1.50 off coupon)
                                                                      $ 8.72
                                               TAXES               .77
OOP                                                            $ 9.49

Not to bad a haul for under 10 bucks, another great coupon shop.

So of course it is time to head to Bestie`s appointment (in same place) but of  course my little guy reached his limit and it was out to the van we went to wait. He seemed much happier anyway able to move around , and he loves playing with  steering wheel and making the wipers turn on. I did of course at one point just have him down to his diaper as the prickly heat decided to rear it`s ugly head yet again with a vengence. People def give you dirty looks, but at the same point he needed to cool down and fast and that was all I could do . Thankfully I am still his portable meals on wheels and that helps to with needing to get him to drink and calm down . I did of course manage to get myself to the back of the van under cover of the tinted windows. Although in reality it`s natural to me so my comfort level in just BF anywhere may be too much for others, so I do employ a bit of discreetness when I can . But forget covering up , he hates it, it`s not comfortable for me either and I wanted to cool him down , not keep him heated up , so too bad judgemental people ( and alot more women than men) .                    

Bestie managed to come out soon enough and by that time little guy was in a bit of a better mood so I figured we might get a bit more time in the store to make sure she got some cool glasses.  He did manage pretty good, but lets face it , he was at his limit about 30 min earlier and just wanted to be home . Can`t blame him to much, it has been a whirlwind rough couple of weeks.

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