Friday, 14 June 2013

June 6

Sample and freebies in the mail again today. Loving it :)
Of course my oldest wanted some guitar strings so we headed out to pick them up. I am def. glad he is getting back into it. I like that the money we have spent is actually put to use. Big priced items are why we save so much couponing anyway , so to see them being put to use, makes it that much better.
 I do of course allows find myself hitting up a store to coupon shop if I am out and about anyway. I was however torn between either Zehrs and Walmart, although I turned into the Zehrs plaza , I actually jut went to Walmart instead. I love my coupon savings and I certainly love their policy at Walmart, but I begun to dislike the selection of food there. If I can`t see or find the product I have coupons for , well shopping there jut isn`t going to be worth my time to go there. I will certainly have to find a new awesome place to go.
I do go in with a plan but once I couldn`t find alot of products which I new they carried before but were not there long, we didn`t stay to long. I did of course manage to come out with a pretty good haul for under 20.00. My oldest pushed little man in his stroller so it was a much easier shop for me. Thankfully little man was in great spirits for 90 % of the time. Once the restlessness settled in I just gave him a Bear Paw(well generic kind ) and he settled right down .

My Haul
Multi-Grain Cheerios                            $2.97
Generic Bear Paws                               $2.00
No-name KD   x2                                $1.00
Cinnamon Cereal                                 $3.47
GV Fries                                             $1.98
Almond Beverage (X2 $3.57each)       FREE  2X FPC
Canned Tomatoes (X2 1.00 each)       $1.00  (1.00 off coupon)
Ground Turkey  (5.77)                       $3.77  (2.00 off coupon)
Total OOP                                         $16.19 (no taxes)

So excited for this shop under $20.00 bucks. I just love couponing.
Just loving the free Almond Fresh Beverage. Although I know the nut issue with the little guy( which I am just holding off till at least 3 before I give him any sort of nut. worked with my oldest so I go with what I know)  , I just wash everything separate.
I wouldn't call our journeys great outings for others, but seriously I love it, and self happiness is what counts right.

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