Friday, 14 June 2013

June 7

Yet another coupon shop later on in the afternoon today, over 40 dollars worth of food for only 27, so I am def on a roll and there is certainly importance to this couponing jazz. You really feel like a Superhero cashing out just knowing what you are providing for your family in the long run. I am surprised at the amount of ppl who don't use coupons and kind of have a faux-pas on the whole thing... but no way  worth every single moment I spend and I am still not half as into it as alot of ppl .I am trying to become a guru and  have that crazy stockpile, I am getting there, slowly but surely I will get there. I am going to get by on a minimal amount , and simplicity .
Here is the Zehrs shop
Iogo Yougurt tubes (X4) 2.49 each on sale             $6.96    (3.00 off in coupons)
okay so 9 more Awake Chocolate bars (.44 each)  $3.96
Unbelievable price for brick cheese    1 bar             $3.99
Healthy Harvest Pasta  (1.66)                                 FREE  (FPC)
No Name Tortilla Chips (1)                                    $2.49
No Name Cream Cheese (2.99 each X2)               $5.98
No Name Parchment margarine (1)                        $1.29
All Naturals Sliced Pepperoni (5.99)                      FREE (FPC)
Bacon Portions (1)  (3.99 sale)                              $1.99 (2.00 off coupon)
SUB-TOTAL                                                       $26.66
TAX                                                                    $0.84
TOTAL OOP                                                      $ 27.50
All in all a good deal for under 30 bucks, and if you lump everything together over the last few days , I have done pretty well to say the least . I def want to build up a stock pile , I have a mini one now ,but want a large one. I want to get to a point where I have to buy nothing that isn't food for a whole year. I am learning and will get there . I figure the amount of extras I can throw at my boys bc of that will def solidify my Wanna-Be Super Hero Mom status.
Although Suer Hero Mom goes out the window when little man is having a tough time of things. 100% teeth, and all the non- glorious attributes that follow.

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