Tuesday, 25 June 2013

June 8-14

June 8
Not sure what kind of animal is in the wall eating away at the drywall, but whatever it is , it woke us up a little before 4 AM. Of course I was allready up off and on since a little after 2 AM (completley unsure why), but it def made for a long day today.
We munged out most of the day not really into doing much. My oldest wanted to go to his cousins house so , we did take him over that way .We came back and just enjoyed( well as much as we could) the evening. Little man loves the bath and helped to get him laughing a little.

Quiet Sunday for the most part, both little man and myself a little tired today. Didn't do much and it actually would have been a great beach day, but the teething terrors have def worn both of us out. Got his older brother later on in the day and I took little man for Mommy and me time to Chuck E Cheese. Waiting for Bestie to give her a ride home so we waited the time out there. I just love Chuck E Cheese I really do .
A saving grace surprise today was that there was a free 15 dollar credit in my Telus account so this month was free texting. (skipping ahead of course the 2 phones I have are now in the garbage (toddler joys) but I didn't put out any money nor did I really lose any essentially as the credit was free so ... score :) )

What an amazing day for a surprise in the mail, not one but 2 stuffed envelopes full of coupons, and of course my FPC coupons from Save.ca. That surprise from a friend was unbelievable and I in turn gifted to others as well.

Today is one of those days as a mom that you don't speak of. Mom's we  pretend we are okay and stong and have everything together 100 % of the time but in reality that's a lie. Yes the dreaded Mommy break down days that are few and between struck today .. Enough said as all Mommy's knowthose days.

Today is the day for the Tassimo Event at Timmies. I of course decided to spend the 45 and get the 50 packs of coffee and the Tassimo brewer for free. Do I need the new machine , NO , but the coffee that I am getting for less than a buck each is perfect for my oldest . (Plus when he saw the box and amount of coffees for him (I don't drink coffee at all) he was happy , so point for this Wanna-Be SuperHero mom).I also gifted the coffee machine to my brothers and that takes care of their birthday present this year. :)
Standing in line and waiting was a little daunting and by the time my number was called ( I was 33 out of 42) , little man was not having it at all. He decided enough was enough. I thought he would enjoy time at the park after the ordeal ( although I must say he was very well behaved just until the end) but oh no.... he just wanted to go home and sleep his troubles away.  My oldest was excited to get it the 50 coffees that is( he hadn't had any T-Discs for awhile. )
Didn't wait and took the maker and a few discs to my brothers , Grandma was happy to have little man around anyway. Love the deals I manage to score :). Esp when even if something little can make others happy .
I know my oldest was watching all those podcasts or reviews about the new Playstation coming out in the fall , and on a whim, a complete and total whim I decided that we would go put money down and reserve him one of these new machines.( I could feel his excitement even if he wasn't showing it)
So I just scored the Super Hero Mom title, for putting  down  the 50 bucks and pre-ordering the PS4 . And in thinking ahead, since the PS3 will go to Zach, that will be a Christmas present and I will only have to trade the games in for little kid games for little man Score Christmas is allready done :)

 Oldest back to my Moms to hang with my brothers for a bit. Little man getting a little tired and not feeling very happy, so just dropped him off and we went back home. I did manage to do a load of laundry with the Woolzies in the dryer of course. I had made little man walk alot on his own today and chase me around the living room. Not sure he knew what to do with my excitement that's for sure.

 Of course oldest lets me know a game he had pre-ordered for his PS3 was in right at rush hour, on  Friday afternoon no less . But had to get out, munged out alot the last few days, well couple weeks actually. Will be so glad when little man s  mouth is full of the teeth that are causing the grief, probably just in time for Terrible 2's :)

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