Saturday, 1 June 2013

May 19 2013

Loving the beautiful Sunday of the Long Weekend . I was very pleasantly surprised at how nice of a day it was, slightly cold for my taste ( although I am one that can wear a hoodie and be bundled up in the middle of summer when it is at it's hottest. Very glad to not have had any of the fore casted rain .
We decided to get ready and hit the beach (after a few hours of wondering where to go). The older boys want to rent a boat and hit the lake so hopefully they have the boats available. I decided to pick up another of my nephews and bring him out with us for the day. It was nice to give his mom some time by herself.

We ended up at Christie Lake Conservation area , and while there got our yearly passes. Going to be able to go all over again this summer which is so much fun. The Hamilton Conservation pass is def the way to go esp since not only do you have access to the parks you also get into Westfield Heritage Village. My mom bought all of the passes , which was a great gift. Now as a family collectively we can take over which ever beach we decide to visit. And I mean take over. We are def a family that stands out, has a great time and really don`t care about any opinions of others. We are very vocal and loud , but we def just enjoy ourselves.

By the time we get anywhere though it is later afternoon so there you go.
Now it was warm but not overly warm by any means.( and really not many ppl at this beach) My youngest nephew Zander bared the cold and he actually swam..

And the fact that he stayed in as long as he did was impressive.
I decided to let me little guy enjoy his first Beach experience. Now he did swim last year in pools but this was his first time hitting the beach . He just absolutely LOVED it he.. He kept walking towards it and yelled at the waves when they hit him. The only negative I would give is that Christie lake has no kind of a beach what so ever. There was no sand and it was course and hard to walk to the water, hopefully bc it wasn`t  really Beach season yet that once it is they will have added sand or softened the other stuff.

Of course while Zander swam the bigger boys were upset as no boats were out for rental, maybe next time.
Zachary my little guy played a bit..

Packing up and we decided to get more use out our passes we just bought and decided to hit Websters Falls .
Of course Zander was frozen at this point and well thankfully I keep one of those emergency blankets in the mom van and we wrapped him up like a baked potatoe .

We had a great walk to what we thought was Webster├Ęs falls, although we took off on a trail (soooo not stroller friendly) and had we just looked around first we would have realized we parked in the right spot and just had to go up a small hill and we were at Websters, but we ended up going to  Trews and everyone but myself and Zach continued on.
We had a picnic supper and left around 8 pm..

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