Saturday, 1 June 2013

Victoria Day Monday May 20

After an adventurous day yesterday it only made perfect sense to go about on an adventure again for today.
The town of New Dundee has a whole town garage sale and a bunch of things going on. So of course it would only be natural for a couponer such as my self to load up the mom van with whoever is going on the Adventure and  make the half hour trek to the town . I ended up with both my son, my bestie, my younger brothers and 1 of my nephews..
Once entering the town the magnitude of the crowd hits . Too a few min to find a great parking spot , but we managed. For myself it was a great reminder of when my Grandparents took us when we were young. Interestingly enough, it hasn't changed much over the years. One big change is now they only allow you to park down one side of the side street, where the car show and flea market is. Now this smart for sure and they even had a section roped off for pedestrians to safely walk down , but do you think ppl actually used the pedestrian walk??? I found it quite humorous the lack of common sense and just plain courtesy that ppl  display.
Nevertheless we got all unloaded and managed to take a fair hike around the town . There was not very much that caught my eye and all in all I spent 50 cents on a toy for my little guy. I did pay 2 bucks for a glitter tattoo for my littlest little man to support Charity.. ( now it was supposed to last 7 days but was half gone before we got home  , so I scrubbed the remainder off in the OMG I was so dirty bath.

The sun was sweltering to say the least., and the water we did have was being taken down way to fast . We did of course need to keep  lathering  on the sunscreen ( okay I didn't I love the sun and need colour) . In our town travel we managed to come across the Firehall and of course without any hesitation at all we made our way there to grab some fries and pop. This of course brought us past some Mennonites on the way there selling pure maple syrup , and those maple filled mini-cones , and well yes that was an immediate purchase.
In pure coincidence while we were basking in some shade , having our fries , the fire alarm rings and away they had to go to whatever emergency was taking place. Very impressed at how quickly they left even with the scores of ppl in their way . We decided we had , had enough with the town sale and opted to hit the beach .
Of course we didnt  have everything we needed and had to get beach ready , but was soo well worth it . The heat alone was enough, such a difference from yesterday.

We made it Christie lake for all of about 5 min. Realized still no boats to rent and as we thought there was a great concession to buy food we were thoroughly disappointed, so a trip to Subway and then to Valens was our best bet.
Valens was no where near as busy as we thought. Again my little guy raced for the water. and walked up and down for quite a few min. There was al least semi sand and it didnt hurt your feet so that was a bonus. The big guys went in search of the boat rental. Of course they were renting canoes so we decided to make our way over to that area.. I had the extra cash they were needing to rent . I did stop in the little concession store which is 100 times better than Valens and grabbed my little guy a bag of beach toys and an oversized Pixie stix.
Renrting the canoes was the bet thing ever. I cant believe the laughs we got watching them canoe around but also TIP OVER . My oldest son and my brother Adam had never canoed and within less than 5 mins in they go.. Great laugh by everyone on the shore line. Of course I taped it and did not do a very good job as I was laughing to hard. A few ppl had taken photos as well, who were close to the boat section. They did however find their groove. I def think their Egos were bruised  and they needed to prove they could do it. Liam and Bailey ( my brother and Nephew) allready knew how to canoe and took off like shots but then out of the blue about an hour into it , down they went.. theirs was worse as the canoe sank and they had to dredge in. I just found it so funny .
Unfortunately they are just videos , no still pics which I will add once uploaded.
Day turned out wonderfully. I know my little guy had def had enough though over the past 2 day of go go go and out late. I only had to feed him once today , while the boys were out canoeing, and I am pretty sure that I was filmed and had pictures taken of me breast feeding, but it is what it is and of course have no choice.
True to form as a lasts years tradition , we hit up Timmies on the way home for their $1.00 drinks. Gotta love that brain freeze causing Frozen Raspberry Lemonade.

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