Saturday, 1 June 2013

whatever is missing up to Wed May 29 2012 :)

So on the couponing and contest front, it has been very successful.
I am still waiting on a few prizes I have won, that have seem to have been lost from the senders point, but I am sure that will all sort it self out. I love that I have won so much as it is and hey it will get here when it gets here. I suppose if there is an issue with maybe not being able to afford the prize , I totally get that  it happens , but I would rather know that is the case then to be left high and dry and messaging but getting no response.  . Too me they don't have to feel embarrassed , it happens .

 On the Superhero Mom front, wellll not so much. Little man is getting even more teeth and he has been very very upset and cranky to say the least and I guess the Terrible 2's tantrums have started earlt ( by like 11 months lol) We have had to stay in alot, either rain or just unable to muster the strength. Little guy has needed alot of attention, so of course I gave it to him. That is what is most important. Have missed out on a few things, but in the end he is more important and I will always standby that.
We have had sometime out for walks of course and a few shopping trips but nothing to write home about. But summer is just starting and I for one  will take the constant cuddles or now .. there will be days he keeps getting dragged around, much like Victoria Day weekend.. Which maybe this is his payback to me . lol
He is starting to eat other things, I gave him hamburger (which  he loves) and tonight (29Th) He tried some grilled cheese and seemed to very much enjoy it.

I did manage today (29th) to score a really good deal at Shoppers Drugmart. I just love couponing. The best score was toddler cereal bars snacks for 12months+.. Now I usually never by these things but thanks to a downpour outside I went down that isle and found a clear out deal . Now these snacks run 4.99 each hence why I never buy even with a coupon, but today their clear out price was $1.57.. So I assessed that there were 8 boxes and yes I cleared them out. and took every single one . Yes it is def a faux pas, but in this one instance when I weighed the pros and cons esp. for the value of the snacks and the usage I would get out of them, there was no choice but to take them all. There were other things that were only a dollar and I left them as they were not age appropriate so really I could have been that "jerk" that clears out everything just cause there is a sale but I wasn't :).
In the same token today (29th) the amount of freebies, coupons, contests was crazy crazy in a great way. There was so much happening in this whole couponing front it was amazing. I like to think that everything I get couponing helps contribute to the Wanna-Be Superhero Mom in me. My oldest thinks it awesome the freebies I get and I have heard him brag a little , so I will keep racking up everything I can. I do give stuff away so I am def not greedy by any means and I pay it forward alot , so it all balances out in the end. Facebook is such a fantastic doorway to freebies, coupons and the like, if you are not part of it then it is worth checking it out.
I am also finding that I am becoming more comfortable with on-line ordering as well( hmm the no -spend thing, well left that in the dust weeks ago :)  ) I do find the sheer convenience a perfect match for my life style as of late. Let's face it sometimes getting what I need and not having to drag my toddler through a store is a well gained advantage. Not to say that he is really that bad, but let's face it trying to keep him entertained and seated without squirming all over, and trying to use coupons (which I should have all ready and organized before I go out , but don't )  and getting everything I went in for( doesn't happen enough , I always forget something and it's usually the most important thing I went for ) is a challenge to say the least and I am well tired and out of patience by the time I leave the store. Of course the satisfaction of receiving something free or near to free makes it all worth it, I am still beginning to like this whole order over the internet.
I truly love the internet and everything you can find , such an amazing resource .

Hopefully my little guys teething issues don't last long , so upsetting watching them hurt. But I will take the cuddles .....

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