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I was so excited to be able to try out this new product.I know a few Bloggers have been given the chance to review these awesome Dryer balls, but lets face it something new comes from each one as we are all individuals, plus a fresh eye never hurts.
I received a box of 6 XL Woolzies Dryer balls to test out. In essence if you are wondering just what a Woolzies dryer ball is, well plain and simply it is a  natural fabric softener. (in the shape of a tennis ball essentially, and also helps reduce drying time by 25% but we will get to that in a bit) .
I completely looked over all 6 balls , and even though each one is Hand-Crafted , they pretty much were all equal in dimension and circular shape. I love checking things out down to even the little things, it also shows my appreciation for the product up for review. Of course my oldest son thought they made great Juggling Balls, and he tried his skill at Juggling.. Good thing the Woolzies are soft for when they hit. ( and BTW no Juggling skills)

I faced a few scepticisms myself when first reading about the product before it arrived, so I was up for the challenge and could not wait to see if they did what they said they would do .

Made with 100% Pure New Zealand Wool
Hypo-allergenic - now I can attest to this as I have an allergy to wool , and I have had no problems. It has made no impact on me what so ever.I knew I would need to wear my clothes a bit to make sure and seriously no adverse reaction. I can also hold the Woolzies in my hand with no instant hive break out.

Here`s the thing, I have never used (bought) fabric softener (samples are used but don't count they are samples), (waste of money) or dryer sheets( never mind the cost but they can cause a film to build up in your dryer) , or would never put tennis balls in the dryer( can you imagine the toxins from all 3 venues) so I was glad at the All- Natural aspect form Woolzies. You can well imagine that not using anything in the dryer also left me with constant SCS (Static-Cling Syndrome), but have gotten used to it over the years. Well only on occasion until the one crazy static spark you are not expecting bringing the clothes out of the dryer. So Woolzies claim on reducing static was intriguing.
I have never really taken the time to worry so much about the softness of my clothes as, give me a line dried crunchy towel over a soft one any day (probably bc of the fresh outdoors smell) , until I had my Toddler. So of course I want his clothes to be soft, and Woolzies soften naturally.  (For the record I wash everything together, I do not separately wash nor have I ever even when he was an infant have I washed clothes separate.)
One of the biggest claims to the product is reducing drying time by 25%. Now to someone like me , who 1 loves to save on energy and 2 lets face it any  less time waiting for the clothes to dry esp. when you have a toddler around and your time is precious anyway is a God-sent. You better believe I put that to the test .

One little claim for me ,( bc well look I never iron anything , if it's wrinkly when I put it on it stays that way) is  the claim that it helps eliminate wrinkles.  So in all hey if that works then jut an added bonus for me.
So here are a few extra quips about the product I think are note worthy I would like to share before we get into my experience with the Woolzies.
- Woolzies last for up to 1000 loads( Okay so WOW  for their monetary worth)
- If you take out 2 Woolzies and put essential oil in them and then toss them back in the dryer for 10 min you have an even less expensive way to add fragrance to your clothes.
-Noise Free ( who wants to hear the clunk , clunk, clunk as they spin around the dryer.. NOT me )
-6XL balls work best for up to large loads (they suggest 8 for XL loads)

On to my test ...
Okay so I think allright Woolzies lets see what you got. So I throw the 6 balls in the dryer and toss the laundry right on top. I then  of course  am looking at the timer and pondering just what time do I set the timer for. So normally takes about 60 min. drying time , they say 25% time saving .. yeah lets see what happens after 35 min, no lets go 40 min ( I think the load might be more than a large load have to be fair of course esp. on their 8 Woolzie recommendation for loads larger than a large load). Well start button pressed and we wait. The oh so familiar buzzer sounds exactly 40 min later and I am smiling at this point thinking I wonder just exactly how did they work out. I open the dryer door and to my surprise firstly , the load was dry , completely dry and I had just gained 20 min (Now this is important esp when I am having to do laundry AFTER 7 pm and dread having to stretch the ordeal out any longer than I have to, esp if it is a night that my little guy is not cooperating , so those 20 min are HUGE deal)  So right off the bat , score big time for Woolzies, reduces drying time ..... YES it does.  So of course I start unloading the washer , ever so carefully looking for my Woolzies I had another load to go, and the softness of the clothes was unmistakable. I actual put the clothing to my face and could not believe how soft the fabrics were. I knew without a doubt that my toddlers clothes would feel soft against his skin. Now not one to take the soft towel over a crinkly lined dried one as previously mentioned, I have to say that hugged myself in one of the towels I was pulling out. It was so soft and warm and smelled so fresh ( and I use no scents at all). By the way I noticed the reduction in static cling to , it was def reduced to almost nil. I had towels in the load and static cling is expected . Going to have to say that I never looked at the wrinkle aspect as I have said before , not a big seller for me but just a bonus. I will conclude on the wrinkles with an assumption that they were less wrinkly with the Woolzies then without.  I was so pleasantly shocked at the product . I love using my Woolzies and a load of laundry has not been without them since I was given them to review. The saving alone on the energy and the fact there are no harsh chemicals were the big sellers for me . Plain and simple I love them and recommend them as a great addition to ones laundry regime. I will try the essential oil trick , but I really don't add scents to clothing so you would have to test this one out for yourself .
In case I missed any important information you can find out everything else you need to know (or even purchase some for yourself ) at their website


The best part about me trying their product is that they have offered my readers a chance to win a box for themselves.     CAN. ONLY

So here are the RULES and it is very simple , 3 little steps to enter
1) You must like Woolzies Facebook page

2) while there you must Thank them for sponsoring the Giveaway
(Carey Hurst - Tales of a Wanna-Be SuperHero Mom)

3) Leave a Blog post comment letting me know what your favourite or least favourite part of the laundry process is.. (personally putting the clothes away is my least favourite part )

(please message me your email addy to  carebearhurst@gmail.com so I can get a hold of the winner, you may also leave it in the comments if you are okay with doing so)
This contest runs from today June 25 2013- July 25 2013 at 11:59 pm. I will be using Random.org to generate a number and the corresponding readers comment will be the winner. Please follow all 3 rules. All will be checked and if a rule was not followed I will have to chose another #. 

I want to say Thank you to Woolzies for allowing me the opportunity to test their products. I have written this review on my own personal experience and was not nor will I be monetarily compensated for this review. The prize for the contest is sponsored from Woolzies and will be shipped to winner by sponsor.

CONGRATS TO :::::::       DONNA LEE  (Random .org chose your comment number. :) ) Thank you to all participants and Thank you , to WOOLZIES for sponsoring the Giveaway ..


  1. I like hanging clothes on the line to dry - I am not so fond of finding a place for them once folded!
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  2. I did steps 1 and 2 above.
    The part of the laundry I hate the most is sorting it before washing, and I also hate taking it out of the dryer if there is static. I don't like getting shocks.

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