Wednesday, 3 July 2013

June 22 SuperHero Mom Status went through the roof !!!!

This is the coolest day ever..

Walmart trip for the Passport Photos, and of course I didn't even think about the day of the week it is.But walked right in and no one was there. Thank goodness Little man s big brother was able to get him to semi get the ic done with little trouble. When I was holding him three was no cooperation but of course that always happens . So of course here I am thinking that it was still 9 bucks to get the photo`s done, ummm nope 2 boys Passport pics cost just a little over 40 bucks.. Crazy inflation I would say. I did however need to pick up a few things while I was here in Walmart. Always have to check the sales and discount shelves to see what kind of goodies I can come home with .
Now I normally steer clear of the toy section as Little man is thankfully not at that stage yet, but I had a spend 10 bucks get 5 off for Fischer price, Mattel toysthat was close to exiring so I figured why not. I thought I would find something cheap and give it now or put it away for Christmas or Birthday.. Well OMG walked into the toy section smack into a display of Depicable Me Minion toys..
OMG found a Minion

There was no doubt to the fact that we were bringing the toy home. Little man had saw them and his eyes light up and he got soo excited. He loves the movie and now with a toy that I have been trying to find for months, the purchase was taking place. Of course the 5 dollar cheap toy shop went out the window and I ended up spending 45 ( taxes incl) for a toy. But not just any toy, Stuart the Minion from Despicable Me .(and with Despicable Me 2 out in theatres soon you can bet this little guy will be in tow with Little Man)
This boosts SuperHero Mom Status big time. I am soo happy to have found a minion , a toy my Little man LOVES.
The Shop would have been a lot less at Walmart but.... I don't count the toy purchase, that was a no brainer anyway. :)

Whole Chicken  (7.88 on reduced price)                       $5.88 (2.00 off coupon on pack)
cat treats           (1.56 on sale)                                       $0.56(1.00 off coupon)
Iams Cat food   (9.98 on RollBack)                               $ 7.98 (2.00 off coupon)
4X Crest Toothpaste(6.68 on sale)                                $2.68(4.00 off in coupons)
Dempsters New Veggie Bread(2.27)                             $FREE (FPC)
Artic Veggies (3.87)                                                      $FREE (FPC)
Spectro Gel Cleanser(6.93)                                           $FREE (FPC)
                                                                                      $17.10  (awesome for stuff I got)
Minion                                                                           $39.94(dosen't count lol)
Tax                                                                                $8.46
OOP                                                                             $65.50 ( but not really Toy dosen't count )

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