Wednesday 3 July 2013

June 23 American Civil War re-enactment at Westfield Heritage Village

I have to start off by saying that for myself I absolutely LOVE walking through this Village. Nestled on Kirkwall Road, as part of the Hamilton Conservation Authority, this amazing back in time Village boasts cabins,homes,relics artefacts, and  period dressed volunteers of yester year. Just unbelievable to be able to walk around and immerse yourself back to a time as early as the 1800's. Here is a link to their web-site .
( I would strongly suggest looking at purchasing a Nature's Rewards yearly Conservation not only allows you to visit and re-visit Westfield but you get entrance to the many Conservation areas under the Hamilton Conservation Authority incl. Valens Beach, Christie Lake etc.

Family outing today to Westfield as they are Re-enacting the American Civil War. As always packed a lunch to enjoy while we are there waiting for the Battle that begins later in the afternoon.
We got to walk around a bit before the battle and the town was buzzing with Period dressed volunteers.

 Just love the dresses.

 Army camp.

The "fighting " volunteers, getting into character and providing a drill show.
Just absolutely love walking around. Of course we needed to hit up the store and purchase some of their made on site maple syrup(which is amazingly fabulous, not to mention you can go to the Village early March and watch them taping the Maples and boiling the sap down into  the delicious maple Syrup. Oh and of course there is a pancake breakfast as well with the fresh , sweet, delicious syrup in tow)

Off to the Meadow for the Re-enactment.
It was great fun watching the "show" . All volunteers who were playing the parts did a fabulous job, and were really right into their character. I must say that it was a crazy hot day as well and some of those costumes must have made them uncomfortable but it never showed.

Shooting off the cannon.

It was such a beautiful outing and I just love Westfield Village. Such a wonderful place to take your family and have a picnic, sample delicious treats from either store, or from the Cafe (home-made delicious goodies, sweets, treats, foodies), walk around and enjoy true Canadian Culture at it's finest. You would be surprised at the tidbits of history you can come away with , just by talking to the volunteers. Each house , each relic has such an amazing story to tell, you won't be disappointed.

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