Wednesday, 3 July 2013

June 24-June 28

Wow got everything sorted out for Passports. Had to fill some out on the computer then some I wrote. Thankfully have someone to sign for the boys to get theirs. I was def thinking when I decided to spend the money and get them. . With the price jumping alot as of July 1, it was def. a good idea to get them now.  Little man was not having while we were in there though. So apart from my Mom brain which I had to apologize for, I also had to apologize for the cranky baby. And wow Mom brain and stress was wicked today esp. trying to get everything together for the Passport adventure.You always feel like some sort of convict when you walk into those Government offices. The cold stares from the attendants behind the glass, but their job and I would assume not an easy one either. Of course parking in Kitchener no less is a pain and you have to pay... unfortunately the lady parked beside me took her sweet time in getting into her car that it put me 2 min over my 30 min and had to pay 4 bucks instead of 2 to get out . ( not a biggy really , but 2 min lol)

Another day at the beach, my brother came with me again. He seems to be the only one out of the boys that like to come with me and Little man. I love it we can chit-chat and he helps with Little man to. We stopped at Rockton Berry Farm a little Village shop along the way on Hwy 8 and got ourselves a home-made huge cinnamon bun .. WOW what an amazing treat. looks like we have a new stop for our to the beach trips. Was so moist and delicious, and fresh. Nothing tastes better than home-made. It was a shame that they are not a running Berry farm any more. I remembered as a very young child out in their large fields picking berries with my Nana.
Didn't stay long as the Thunder clouds came rolling in. No lightening which was a good thing. Luckily we knew enough from the look of the sky to start heading to the van and we made it just in time.
I was craving fresh strawberries and picked up Bestie and ran to a farm outside of town , which I thought was going to be open but was closed. We hit up Zehrs instead and got a few goodies while there. I really always seem to find the goods.Couponing, scooping sales and buying clearouts are the only way to stretch your dollars.
4x Nielson Juice 4L (.99 each on sale)  (3.96)                              $ 1.98 (on 50% off clearout)
NN whipped topping                                                                   $ 2.79
PC Ketchup                                                                                $ 1.99 (sale)
Sponge cake                                                                               $0.99 (sale)
Strawberries                                                                                $2.50 (sale)
Baby cereal                                                                                 $ 2.99 (sale)
Total                                                                                           $ 13.22
Tax                                                                                             $ 0,25
OOP                                                                                           $ 13.47 (13.45 no pennies :) )

My oldest had a job interview with Tim Hortons today. I was excited for him, I know he is wanting the job. I know I would love for him to have a job, will help ease a little off my pocket book. :)
I had a pick up a really cool gift from a friend for Little man today , a beautiful crotched owl toy. He loved it.He also was given 3 new DVDs to watch.
Got Bestie as well and we hit up the Farmers market here in Preston. I got alot of fresh veggies, and we stumbled by a lady with home-made baked goods. Oh man the treats were reasonably priced and OMG delicious. Going to go back next week and grab some more goodies. She has sugar cookies perfect for Little Man and he loved them . Just hope she has more this week coming.
Wow so one of my boys got their passport today, unbelievable really we were just there Monday. But I love that yes, yet again we have to go down to SDM to pick it up. You had better bet that I was excited to see what was on sale or clearout again this time and yet again I was not disappointed.
2X Pull-ups (6.00 each on Clearout)                                      $12.00
4X  Pediatric Supplement Drink (2.08 each clearout)              $8.32
Radiant Overnights (4.99 sale)                                                $2.99 (2.00 off coupon)
Total                                                                                      $23.31
Tax                                                                                        $0.85
OOP                                                                                     $24.16
Saved as per Clearout, Sales, and Coupons                           $53.12 (WOOT WOOT)
I also received a survey on this receipt . Woooo always fill those out esp when the prize is for $1000.00 in SDM gift cards. You never know, and you will never win unless you enter.

Insane start to the morning,I actually had a Mail man walk over a bunch of stuff for me. There was a surprise sample pack of Kuerig cups ( my sister has one so I will gift them along ), I got 2 of the 3 things I ordered from Pampers Gifts to Grow, and I got the Brand Sampler Pack from the Target Promotion.IT was fun to open and just put away in my packed bag. Once I move I can`t wait to go through all my samples and freebies there are so many .
On the very RAINY drive to meet the Realtor to view the Mobile Home , I made a detour to Sobeys to pick up some FREE BBQ sauce. I had 4 Sweet Baby Rays 2.00 off coupons so of course I got 4 ( as they were on sale for 1.99) and came out without spending a dime :). The fact that it was a freebie is awesome. I walked to the Van , so glad that my oldest had no objections watching little man while I ran in (still teeming rain) and he shook he head at me , but in a good way . Free is free :).
4x Sweet baby Rays BBQ Sauce  (1.99 each sale)             $0.00 (4x2.00 coupoons :) )
TOTAL OOP                                                                    $0.00 FREE

Both arrived at met up early and we headed to view the property. I can`t begin to describe the beauty of this home . I just steeped inside and it felt like my home. The place is beautiful. Not caring about the rain or anything everything seemed to blend out of existence. Had to leave oldest and little man waiting in the van while I had a look around , I sent my oldest in to have a look after I was done. Little man was so well behaved it was great . Oldest loved the place to. So beautiful , 2 beautiful rooms, an amazing Sun Room to die for , the bathroom was huge with washer and dryer in it and still crazy room , the kitchen and living room are gorgeous. It would be an understatement to say that I want the place. I just feel in love with the home and the outside as soon as I saw the pictures and OMG stepping foot inside solidified it even more. The extra perks are all appliances stay incl a Gazebo and patio set. Just love that place, I want that place. It is about 30 min out of town, we passed amazing scenery and I just want so badly to live out there . I just want to get away to this absolutely beautiful little community, to the most beautiful little house. And wow owned by a couple in their 80`s. They took such amazing care of the home as well. So clean,so beautiful, it has my heart.  Have not really been able to concentrate bc of the impact this place has had on me.. I want to will it into being :) I will take the day dreaming bc some times you just never know ;)

Can`t believe that the other passport came in as well. Just so happy and quick, 4 days to get them , WTG Passport Canada. Of course that meant yet again that I would have to make another trip to Shoppers Drug Mart. :) Of course I picked up the last 2 boxes of the SDM Brand of Pediasure (K so OMG tastes like a milkshake) Zach actually drinks it and I am glad a little more nutrition is perfect. I got 1 more pack of toilet paper to add to my stash :) Royale on sale again and I still have coupons, and of course I got 1 more pack of the Pull Ups on Clearout .

Royale Bathroom Tissue    (4.99 sale price)                           $3.99 (1.00 off coupon)
2 x pediatric supplement drink (2.08each Clearout)                $4.16
1 pack Pull-Ups                                                                    $6.00 (Clearout)
Total                                                                                     $14.15
Tax                                                                                       $00.95
OOP                                                                                     $15.10

Saved as per Clearout , Sales, and coupons                           $31.31

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