Friday, 2 August 2013

Canada Day July 1 2013 Parade in Down-town Preston

I always love the Canada Day Parade that is held in Preston Ontario. Living right on the Parade route has a huge advantage as well. Early enough I got my chairs and blankets and reserved seats. Not the only one who saves seats. It gets very very busy and with the amount of kids we have in the family I have to make sure everyone gets a seat to see it. This year little man is big enough to enjoy the Parade. I am so excited to see his reaction at everything. I made my Mom bring more chairs before the roads get closed off , and we needed the spots it was getting busy quick.
Of course we sit right by the rode , you just have to esp with the anticipation that someone is handing something out for free. The little Canada flags are always a for sure freebie so we wait to get one every year. I do remember when I was little just how much candy and things you would score from Parades. Of course back then someone would just be throwing the candy off the floats and kids would scramble to grab what they could right from the middle of the street.  So I guess nowadays all about safety. Although I would have to say I agree on the safety esp with the Shriners in their awesome little cars that come so close, you are not sure if they will hit you or not. But they are def the highlight of the Parade in my opinion.

Some of the cousins hanging out with little man waiting for the Parade to start. Best part is that the weather was cool so it was enjoyable to watch . They were giving out free water , luckily they didn't run out :) .

 And the Mounties start it off.

 This little kid was awesome.

 Shriners lol  
 Lightening McQueen

 Love the character cars..Spidey
 The Steel Drums always an awesome sounding float.

 Yeah got pretty close to the feet this time round .

Always get a kick out of  the white shorts...Preston Scout House Band
 Was a really kewl little band that pretended to be Hit-Men and they acted out scenes with music, really neat . They def gave the crowd a laugh. Besides the Shriners, these guys were the highlight of the Parade.

 And the Mounties return to close out the show and take pictures.
Of course we made our way to Riverside, which as usual we are not sure why we do. Of course satying down there was def. short lived and we decided to call it a day . I didn't bother to take little man back for fireworks we went to sleep early(well tried to) and just relaxed .Big Brother stayed and camped out with the other boys.

Little man def warn out after the Parade, short lived time at the park and food time at Grandmas, before everyone went home early .

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