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There is a new liquid laundry detergent in town PUREX PLUS OXI and it is about to take laundry rooms by storm.  

 SOOO very excited to have received my first perk as a Henkel Insider. Purex Plus Oxi  liquid laundry detergent. I had since became an all Natural laundry detergent user(for about 6 months now), and quite frankly I make my own when the need arises, but was very pleased to be able to try and review Purex Plus Oxi.. Before I made the switch, Purex was my go to choice for liquid laundry detergent so I was pleased to try the product. As a former avid user of Purex, I was again pleased with the stain removal of the liquid laundry detergent as well as the overall clean power.
 So lets get some info out of the way first before we dive right into my reveiw.
Comes in 2 scents Fresh Morning Burst and Free and Clear . For purposes of this review I was given the Fresh Morning Burst Scent (So I am not one for scents in the laundry and chemicals etc, but I have to say that the load really smelled nice, as I brought it out of the dryer.)
Purex Plus Oxi is safe for all machines , and can be used with all washable laundry.
Purex Plus Oxi has the added bonus of Oxi as well as Zout stain remover.
As one who has sensitive skin , I appreciate the fact that it has been tested and found to be hypo-allergenic and safe for sensitive skin.( So I know as well as anyone that nothing is ever truly completely hypo-allergenic for all individuals but for my self and my family , those claims are true.)

For all the extra info you need , please visit their web-site directly

In my honest opinion I am not a very big fan of the pre-treat.. Not something I incorporate into my washing routine . I did however try Purex Plus Oxi, with zout stain remover on 2 of my Toddlers outfits and I was 75/25 on the results. (in favour of Purex plus Oxi) My little man LOVES spaghetti sauce and today just so happened to be pizza day. What a perfect time to try out the pre-treating .(yes there were some past satins in both these outfits which is why they were my perfect choice :) ) It was very simple to use as a pre-treat er as well.
2 Simple Steps
1) pour a little Purex Plus Oxi directly onto stain , then rub the stained fabric together using your fingers.
2) Wait 5 min , add the clothing and liquid laundry detergent to washer as normal.
Simple :)
Where the pre-treat was on the grey shirt is easy to see in the above photo, but for my Little Man's Lightening McQueen outfit it is not to so easy to see where I used the Purex Plus Oxi pre-treat.  But the whole front pocket with the checkers is where the Zout Stain Remover was needed. Of course being the only white spots on the outfit , that was of course the main area that the spaghetti sauce and everything else seemed to cling to for stain purposes.

It is so hard to tell in this pic but the white squares are back to looking white again and not the stained red orange colour they were before pre-treat.

Can't believe 95 % of the stains came out of this shirt. It was pretty much ready for the rag bucket but I managed to get some extra life out of it thanks to the stain remover action of Purex Plus Oxi. 
The entire load came out clean, and smelling great. I don't separate my wash loads bc I feel if you are really going to get a feel for the product you have to put it to the test. So regardless of  testing out the stain remover qualities, my entire load of darks, colours , and yes whites came out clean and smelling great to.(scent was at a perfect level and NOT an over powering per-fumy smell) . No run off of colours and the clothes were clean. (incl that one whit pair of socks that seems to be the only pair ever worn by the pre-laundry look of them )

I have included a pic as the water mixed with the detergent just to show A) that it works well in cold water wash( only temp I use) as well as B) LESS IS MORE. I didn't even use the suggested amount as shown on the cap I USED LESS and the amount of suds that filled my drum is so worth giving a nod to . Just goes to show that you can stretch your laundry dollar even further .
Thanks Purex Plus Oxi :)


Thanks to Purex  Plus Oxi, 4 of my lucky readers will be given a FPC (Free Product Coupon) to try this detergent out for their very own . Purex Plus Oxi surprised me with 4 FPC's to give away and that is just what I am going to do .

Everyone loves FREE  :)

Contest open to Canadian Residents only , void where proihibited.
DISCLAIMER :  Purex provided me with a sample of PUREX PLUS OXI detergent in exchange for a product review.HOWEVER all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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  1. I would have to say my husband beats my boys for being the messiest :(

  2. I have 5 sons and a my husband actually but my 3, 4 and 6 year olds are not what i would consider neat either LOL

    1. Thanks for entering Good Luck :) I give you credit for 5 kids , my mom had 6 of us, def know what a handful that we were.

  3. definitely my children lol well and the dog at times lol but my eldest works hard and has to wear a white shirt as part of his uniform they/ve given him 2 shorts but only after 6 months of working there so I as well work and its sometimes hard ofr him to get the stains out himself pretreating his shirts at times is the only way !!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks for entering Good Luck :)
      I always wonder why places use white as part of uniforms.... stains gravitate to white lol

  4. I would have to say my hubby is, his work clothes could definitely use some pre-treating!

  5. Since I am the only one that lives in the house, I am going to have to blame that on myself :)

  6. My husband is definately the messiest. He works in construction and is always expecting me to work some kind of miracle on his stained clothing.

  7. I actually found your giveaway on the Purex canada page.
    My 2 boys are the messiest with my husband coming in second. My boys always love to play outside all the time in the water,mud,grass,you name it! They are incredibly messy yet have so much fun!! I say that my husband is second,only because he is a mechanic and gets very greasy,oily from his work. Thank you for the giveaway! I love Purex!
    Lynn M.

    1. I am glad you saw the giveaway via Purex :) , Good Luck, Thanks for entering ..

  8. We're all a little messy in our own different ways, but I'll nominate the 2yr old for the insane how'd you manage that messes :) (Sabrina Tong)

    1. I feel the same when it comes to my 16 month old, you could give them water and they would be dirty in sec. Good Luck and Thanks for entering .

  9. Hmmm... that's a tough one... My 3 yr old probably gets more spills, dirt, finger paints on his clothes... My 14 yr old gets grass and blood stains on all of his clothes from playing sports... But I'd have to say my husbands work clothes are the hardest stains (grease, oil.. paint markers etc)..

    On a side note, my 16 yr old daughter and I keep our clothes stain free... must be a boy thing ;)

    1. Must be a boy thing :) Good Luck and Thanks for entering ..

  10. My husband likes mustard or hot sauce on just about everything, and when he spills either of them on his clothes, he is the one who most needs pre-treating for his laundry.