Sunday, 20 October 2013

WOW Butter Mini-Review and Giveaway :) :)

I decided to seek out Wow-Butter as well myself and they are amazingly offering up a CASE of 6 to a lucky reader/follower :) of mine as well. I was given 2 free jars to try , and to use while making this review.With my conclusions, findings, opinions and thoughts 100% all my own .
Ingredients :Select Non-GMO Toasted Soy, Soy Oil, Granulated Cane Sugar, Monoglyceride (from vegetable oil), Sea Salt 
The jars are cute .
Little man is about to get his first taste. He can have a Wow-Butter and jelly sandwich, his first one . I added sour cherry jelly to go with it . The combination of the two flavours for myself were delicious. Little man ate his up as well. Of course there needs be not taste comparison for him as he hasn't been introduced to Peanuts yet, as I am waiting till he is 3.  For me and the family history of the severe , Epi-pen kind of allergies in my family, I am pretty much fearful to give peanut butter. I would assume he is just fine but just will wait it out like I did with his older brother. (As well as driving to a medical clinic's parking lot , giving him peanuts and waiting there for an hour just to be sure....yes I did that with my oldest) So knowing I can still have the same peanut buttery goodness and it not being actual peanuts I was elated , esp since something else Little Man who is a picky eater will actually have something else to add to his list of foods he will eat. My oldest gave it a try and right off the bat didn't like it. He thinks so far off the real peanut butter taste, but I myself disagree. The taste is 95% match, the Wow-Butter has a slightly less sweeter taste then Store bought peanut butter(but then that is loaded with icing sugar). Wow-Butter is about 98% match to real handmade peanut butter , which to me is better for you in my opinion anyway.

But let's face it , the only important thing here is how will the Wow-butter mock Peanut butter cookies turn out , that is the only question :)
(Holy crap their website has actual recipes of a huge selection of different things to make , yum )
Well the first attempt at Wow-butter cookies was an epic fail.Burnt  yuckiness. What a disappointment .  The timing and temp were off for the consistency so that is the difference I have found between peanut butter and the wow-butter.
 So they looked really pretty before they went in...
 Yup... epic fail, left in way to long , and too high. Normally I have the oven temp 350 for 7 min for most of my cookies , but way to long for the WoW-Butter..Now to me awesome bc that means cookies cook faster in order to eat em :).
Oh well trying again :)
So we dropped the temp and I am watching them like a hawk this second time so they don't burn . Still works with just 3 ingredients .  Wohoo they turned out perfect this time :)

Picture perfect , and I wish you could smell how yummy they look :). Smell is just like regular Peanut butter cookies too.

The backs are completely perfect ..
So here it is , dropped the temp to 325 and put them in for 4.5 min , yes that is it :)  Perfect .
(Recipe is so easy too, 1 cup Wow-Butter, 1 cup sugar and 1 egg )
Yummmmmie ....There is a slight different taste then a Peanut butter cookie , but to my Little -,Man who never had Peanut butter before , he was ALL SMILES and that is all that matters.
I love that this company has come up with such an awesome product. I empathise with people who have a nut allergy , esp deadly Peanut butter and commend a product coming on the market to allow others a chance to experience , that which is Peanut butter.

100%PEANUT AND NUT FREE AND SCHOOL SAFE  ( they have awesome stickers under the label to send to school on the snacks :) )

Check out everything you could possibly need to know on their Website and FB page

I opted to try a mini review for myself to see how I liked it . :)

Legal Stuff:
Although I was given 2 jars of Wow-Butter to try , there has been no monetary exchange and all thoughts, opinions, and the like are 100% my own . The company will ship the winner their prize once the Giveaway is complete and the winner has sent me their particulars so I can then send them to the Sponsor. The prize is a case of 6 .
Also no social media outlet of any kind has any affiliation to me or the sponsors. Facebook, Twitter and any other social media outlets this may be shared on and the like ,etc are in no way affiliated with this Giveaway, me or the sponsors, they are simply sharing outlets to get this Giveaway out there . There is no responsibility on any part to any social media as well. I am not responsible for delivery of your prize .
Open to my Canadian readers , void where prohibited .

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  1. I would love to try to make peanut butter cookies...
    Lori R Jackson is my rafflecopter name

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    JaimeeM slip_of_the_knot666 at hotmail. com

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