Sunday 4 January 2015

I do Believe in Fairies, I Do , I Do, Lets build a Fairy House

It is so much fun channeling your inner child especially if you have an Elf like mischievous toddler to bring it out in you everyday.
Today well Jan 3rd was build a child like Fae house.

We had no paint so we used pencil crayons as paint and colored our Popsicle sticks and began construction.

The entire process took a long time esp with little hands wanting to play instead of build .
I tried with craft glue first , but that didnt get us anywhere, so I took advantage of nap time to pull out the hot glue gun to put the house together. Of course once he woke up and saw the half built house, he "needed" it to play with with his animals and figurines first.

I had a Fairy kit from from Liz Gardner Walsh and I utilized some of what came in her Fairy house kit, ( moss, glass pieces, sea shells , the FAE dust ,feathers) , okay so I used what I could get away from my little one before he decided the contents of the box were to cool not to play with . You really must take a look at her website and facebook page. I have no compensation nor any affiliation with her in those regards for plugging her stuff, but what she has is so amazing and imagination provoking it deserves a look. If you have a little one interested in all things Fae or if you yourself are interested, she has everything you need to get started.
Liz Gardner Walsh on Facebook.

I love this Fae Dust from her kit.

It was so much fun making the house and looking through my craft corner to find things to adorn it with. The moss got a little messy , toddler help thatching the roof. It was such a fun and magickal project that I made a mini one to add to my Magick tree as the days MagIck.

 Some dried flowers, buttons, girlie stickers one of my handmade mini gem and life trees were added .

 So I am loving the blue floor, same decorated box it was the top so we used that to make the floor. Of course it so blue and sparkly we had to.

We made some cut out windows from some really cute paper we ripped off a decorated box.
Put it up late last night and this is the best shot I could get of it hanging in our front window.
I braided some yarn together and added purple ribbon as the ties to hold it up .

Here is the mini one  I made for our Magick tree

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