Thursday, 1 January 2015

The Best kind of Gift

Being just the WannaBe SuperHero Mom and my little Minion side kick on the home front as my oldest has branched out on his own from us; I decided to start to make his Memory Book. I knew this day would come where he wouldn't be living with me anymore but it doesn't make it anymore easier.
I have saved everything from when he was younger with every intention of making this gift when the dreaded day came. I know I raised him as perfectly as I could, and he is an awesome hard working young man at 19 years old.
This is such an amazing gift and I am so glad to be able to give him such a gift.
So this is the beginning stages

 I have tackled some before now and those pages sit atop of the bag full of memories.

working at separating everything

Wow look at all this stuff!!

So fun to remember everything that we had done together, what amazing adventures we had and can't wait to do so much with my youngest.
I remember every moment I wonder though will he?.
It is in the works and even though I wanted this Christmas Delivery, it is special enough to take my time and make it the most amazing gift he has ever been given, just as having him as my son has been the most amazing gift of my life.

Updates as we go along on the progress.!
He knows it is coming lol !!

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