Friday 2 January 2015


I believe in Magick ! So I sat down looking in wonder at my toddler dressed up "Christmas" tree, and realized that sharing Magick every day is the most wonderful thing I could do; not only for myself but for my little one and then in turn everyone around me.
Out of this I decided that after taking all the decorations off that each day of the year we will make or get someting Magickal about the day and put it on the tree. The actual spirit of Christmas is just a feeling of Magick and why not do something to create that Magick everyday on your own.
The greenery year round is a blessing and at the end of the year, we will be left with such a Magickal gift of memories.I haven't decided where we go from there at the end of the year, but that isn't for me to decide today or even think on yet.
I do know that something Magickal will come out of this and honestly that is more than enough.
I love the tree, my toddler loves the tree so why not keep it up year round to create something special just for us. How much fun is it going to be to collect something special just for our tree when we are out somewhere or are doing something.
I love the idea of gratitude and already do a list daily, but going to use the gratitude jar concept and add 1 thing from each day that I am grateful for to the tree as well.
Of course with the abundance of Christmas decorations that represent the past, I definitely see some craft potential, maybe a wreath or 2. A few may just have to be passed of to the big brother.
The concept of Magick is there in everyday and what better way then to celebrate it.
You change and your life changes and the smallest thing can excite and rebuild your life. What better way then to focus on the good things in life everyday no matter how big or small. Even if the tree is the focal point, what a great reminder to find the blessings in everyday.

So here it is my blank slate, photos and updates along the way.

So we decorated a 2015 topper, I made a Magick wand for the 1st to remind me of Magick and the 2nd was a boy and a girl doll my little one and I danced and jumped around for about an hour last night, that was the best Magickal thing of the day.  At the end of each month I will post the monthly photo. This so so much fun allready.

January was a Magickal month, I slacked a few days but summarized what I could. I wrote everything down.Such a fun great way to keep your journal. My toddler gets involved and it teaches him to keep Magick alive.

Thought I would add a photo of the progress up to today Aug 6 2015 .
So much Magick can not wait to re-read the year .

Made it to the end of the year . I will say that come end of October I did not have much room left on the tree and so I kept everything for the tree in a folder .

Much easier in the folder . I kept up with the tree right till the last day of the year when I took it all down to start anew for 2016 .

Here is the final tree at the end of the year .

It was very amazing going through the hundreds of things I had designated to the tree. So many things to be grateful for. It helped change a little sadness in my soul for the last year esp the end of the year losing my Nana.I did not realize how sad I was , and going through a year of Magick helped me immensely . I didn't just put the sugar coating on the tree , there were a few days I raged a bit in a writing on the tree , but that is real life right.

I loved taking everything off and putting it in the picture frame as a sort of shadow box. I saved a lot of stuff to glue on the outside to make it 3 D framed . Of course the first thing I got glued on was to be my last as my glue gun , popped and went kaput. So once it is completely finished will share that picture .

 The finished framed product , just not 3D pieces yet .

Blurred on purpose until finished :)
 Here is the box of awesome stuff waiting to be glued on . Once complete I can hang .

So excited to start all over again . I found something I love to do very much and brings me joy for every day . It is a much higher step up then that gratitude jar I have seen floating around the internet

So here it is again my almost empty tree, there is no way I can take my toddler ornaments off yet , saving myself a meltdown .
Can not wait to see what 2016 brings.
Happy New Year.


  1. I love love love this! What a great way to fight depression,remember to be thankful, and be creative!

  2. I love love love this! What a great way to fight depression,remember to be thankful, and be creative!