Thursday, 1 January 2015

Why this Superhero Mom lets her toddler have Electronic Time

Whether you agree or not with your child time on your electronics device  is definitely a personal choice.  I am one of those moms that do allow some YouTube time.  I allow 2 hours a day, and see nothing wrong with it in the grand scheme of things .
I definitely will give YouTube it's kudos esp for the toddler clips that I have found.
My toddler is a very very spirited little guy and he doesn't sit still , and it was impossible to get him to ever sit with me to read a book or learn any of the basics, animal names, colors, shapes, numbers and letters etc.
I searched toddler things and found so many really cute videos that seemed to grabbed my little guys attention . Not only would he sit still but an amazing thing happened. Out of the blue he started pointing at  different shapes, colors , letters and numbers that were incorporated in his toys and he was right on everything he named. I was so blown away by how amazingly he absorbed everything.
He now sings the ABC song with me and is constantly naming everything.
A pretty cool craft came out of the fun and I loaded my fridge with some handmade magnets that he could play with educationally and continue to retain the information.

Some lined paper, a black marker, some pencil crayons and some self stick magnets make a great educational toy.
I love that every time he gets something correct we scream and yell all excited , keeping learning fun and positive.
I have no rights to this Youtube Video nor do I have any affiliation but i am sharing the link as this was one of the favorites

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