Wednesday, 18 February 2015

PTPA Review for Nuggles Bamboo Reusable Diaper

Thankfully we have success with weaning so now we can focus on potty training.
I must say that my wish was completely trained at least half a year ago, but with so much upheaval this past year little man was no where near ready.
I am not even seeing subtle signs of him being even remotely ready yet but we are going to make a valiant effort . I know and can deal with accidents, as it is a way of life . That is something I love about cloth diapers as they are resemblance to underwear . I was so delighted to be chosen to be a part of PTPA current campaign of testing a new Bamboo Reusable Diaper. Simplee by Niggles.
The pack comes with 1 diaper shell, 1 regular insert, and 1 newborn insert/booster.
I had my doubts about it being bamboo as I was given one of those expensive bamboo baby blankets when my little guy was and infant and it was literally garbage . After 1 wash it was bally, scratchy, became extremely rough and shrunk as well. I followed the directions of care to a T. However during the first hand wash of the diaper I noticed no difference . That was great and I was pleasantly surprised . Its very soft and so are the inserts so will feel wonderful against little ones skin.
The only downfall to the diaper is that full absorbition isnt acheived until after 8 washes. The inserts tells you to wash and dry 5-6 times first and then by 8th wash the maximum absorption is acheived. I realy dont find that part appealling at all to be quite honest.For myself I don't own a washer or dryer and I handwash and hang everything. With that logic I wouldnt be able to test the diaper properly for 16 days. Wash then drying time which is about 24 hours in the winter months because everything being hung inside so not happening . I dont find that truly logical for anyone else to do personally either even with a washer and dryer . Of course this may be the new normal for these kinds of diapers , but everything I had used prior I havent seen that .
 Love the craftsmanship, the snaps are great, and I love that it is one size 8-40 lbs. Soft to the touch and therefore soft on my toddler.
It was designed by a Canadian Mom and says responsibly Made in China. Sometimes , actually most times the thought of China made makes me cringe , but you can bet I throughly inspected the shell, snaps and inserts with great care. I was very pleasantly surprised at the craftsmanship. The extra pad inserts are great. Very absorbant. I was testing to see how they felt while I was washing and wringing them out. They actually absorbed quite a bit of water and they were easy to wring out without much excess water being left behind.


So here is where it becomes interesting. The test , well we couldnt test out the diaper .The packaging said up to 40 lbs but I couldnt even get it on my 31 lb toddler. It didnt fit at all, there was no give, no even a little to get it snapped . My toddler is not large at all and he has a tiny frame . What a disappointment to not even get to try and test it .  No sorry here with the honesty  as I value true , real and honest reviews .
Best left for infants.  I am so glad I did not hand wash and dry the 6 times as recommended for maximum absorbency.
I will resay that from my hand washing expereience they hold alot of "water".

Looks like we will be sticking with some Underroos for training.

You can find all their products here

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Impromptu Baby Gourmet Review

I won a pretty awesome prize pack from City Parent a few weeks back from their sponsor Baby Gourmet. I was no stranger to Baby Gourmet products before this as I had bought these products for my little one before . I received a box each of Banana - Raisin  Oatmeal Cereal,  Banana Berry Greek Yogurt Mushies and Peach Pumpkin Spiced Amaranth Puree.

The Mushies on their own are such a great snack . Perfectly bite size and dissolve so easily . Perfect treat for the self feeder. They are great tasting with a tangy treat taste that my toddler loves. I had planned on sharing some of these with some other toddlers we know but my guy was so addicted he would eat entire bags at a time and ask for me for more. Of course the bags weren't that big and contained about 2 toddler sized servings. Since they were nutritious and one way to get him to have some sort of fruit in his life I didn't mind at all. When my little guy was first exploring foods for fun these were always on hand . Well worth keeping in your emergency on the go car kit .
My toddler wont eat the puree from the pouch. I so wish he would as these are great on the go snacks , as well and even a tide me over while  I make his snacks . He will however play with them and make "snacks" of his own .

I did find a great way to get him to enjoy the pouches though. I made popscicles. I had plastic cups and plastic spoons , and it took 2 pouches to make 3 popscicles.

Obviosly he was to old for having the cereal as an actual meal since we are well past that stage , but here is the thing : He is a regular toddler his span of what he will actually eat is slim at best. He has an aversion to alot of things so my wheels were spinning on just what could I do to get him some nutrional benefits. The answer was simple make a cookie, kids love cookies.  I knew to make the recipe in a small enough batch to last only 24 hours as the cereal is perishable and wanted to make sure the cookies were nutrional , tasty and healthy, not something that could make him sick.
The Recipe
1 C flour
3/4 C of Baby Gourmet Cereal
2 tbsp Brown Sugar
1/2 c of butter ( or marg cannot be substituted for crisco or oil as it wont bake the same I tried)
1/2 tsp of baking powder

Cream the butter add the sugar , mix the flour, cereal, and baking powder together then mix into the butter , sugar mixture. Its so easy just knead into a dough.  Drop by tsp full onto greased cookie sheet . I used my hand and squished them down , they do spread a little bit.
Cook in 350 oven for about 8-10 min just long enough to get a nice golden brown bottom and edging .
Let cool completey. Store in a covered container in the fridge no longer than 24 hours .

I wasnt asked to review nor am I receiving any compensation for doing so. I just feel it was worth a note as to how we utilize and use in my house with a very picky eater. This will hopefully help someone else with a picky toddler as well and make the times fun, instead of stressful.
If you are looking for wholesome, delicious , and nutrious yummies for your little ones I strongly suggest you try Baby Gourmet products.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

It's Laundry Day

I love doing my laundry and you will call me crazy when you read on how it is exactly that I wash my clothes.
Maybe I fell out of the 1800's  , as my method dates back to then , or just a maybe guess as to around the date . So clearly I hand wash everything , in the kitchen sink  and hang to dry on a make shift indoor clothing line. Partly out of necessity because I don't own a washer dryer, and it isn't feesible to drive for about 30 mins to find a laundrymat , but I also love and enjoy doing it. I find that we take to many things for granted and if I can instill values of being grateful for everything you have , no matter what it is to my toddler ,then  I have done well by him. I believe this helps and shows him you make the best of everything , and I actually involve him in the process. Well okay so he hangs off the pole and plays hanging monkeys with the clothes hangers until I need them , but he gets joy out of the whole situation and so do I so that is all that truly matters .
I do as much or as little as needed and I have it down to a perfect science . I use no where near close to the water used from a washer and everything comes out just as clean or maybe more so. I say that as I take extra time on each article of clothing and give personal attention if anything has concentrated dirt spots or the like.  I use elbow grease that's it , no wash board , no nothing else except for my arms and hands . I have the strength and energy so why not .
My nemisis is definitely sweaters, and towels. The elbow grease that it takes to wring those babies is hard work. Jeans are pretty tough to . I would go as far as finding a wringer thing to help with the wringing but it would have to be something I got for free of course :) .
You have to understand it is just myself and my toddler so seriously we do not drum up that much laundry , and this is definitely not for everyone.
This is sometimes the only way people haveto do laundry even in this day and age, I just happen to be one of those people who actually enjoy it .
I have realized that I have to get at it first thing in the morning when I am fresh with energy ,bc if I await till later on after I have been drained by my spirited toddler , there isn't much strength left to wring everything out. I do all the easy stuff and I leave the hard things till I absolutely have to do them .
Its also a free work out so there is that to .
If I had to own one or the other it would be the washer , I see no need for a dryer personally.
That's just me and all my quirky craziness but I find joy in the whole process and that is all that counts.
Of course there are times that call for the laundrymat and I do of course take the "help".
I also only use my homemade soap or stuff I have gotten for free.
There is no shame in something you find joy in. I know some people who actually feel a little useless in a sense for having to hand wash bc of life circumstance, but that isn't even the case at all.

I have an extender pole that doubles as my broom so I take the broom part off and extend the bar between 2 of my kitchen chairs .

Its a darks day lol.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Crock Pot Pulled Chicken

Quick and easy recipe

3 Frozen Skinless Boneless Chicken Breast ( all I had was frozen )
3 tsp salt
2 tsp garlic salt
3 minced cloves of garlic
1 can of spaghetti sauce
1/2 c water
1 tsp pepper
1/2 an onion thin sliced, minced ( however you like them )

Cheese is for topper after cooked if you want some . We eat cheese with or on all most everything in this house so thats why it is pictured . I made a sort of Chicken Parm pulled Sandwhich on a bun.

Mix everything together in the crock pot , then add the chicken ( no need to separate if frozen together). Crank your Crock pot on to high , close the lid and wait for 3 and 1/2 hours.

At the 3 and 1/2 hour mark pull apart your chicken . Time to also taste for seasoning and add more to taste if needed . Turn down to low and let sit about 1and 1/2 more .

Serve on a freshly baked homemade bun , and or use as spaghetti sauce. We did both :)

Just a quick easy meal esp. when it just goes in the crockpot and you can almost forget about it , well for 3 and 1/2 hours anyway.

The Magick of Cardboard boxes

There was always something amazing with cardboard boxes and what you could make out of them with just a little imagination. Being fun sized vertically challenged as I am it was always great fun to fit myself inside the big ones and tumble down the stairs in a box. Loving horror films like I did it was even fun to hide in them and scare anyone I could. For me the best part was making a playhouse , your own life sized Barbie house.

When we ended up with lots of cardboard from a very special delivery, I knew right away my little guy needed a cardboard playhouse.

Strong willed toddler means the house is as glamorous as it could be and as put together as he would let me before he had to have it., and that was that.  There was also a lack of supplies but that didn't stop us. Electrical tape works wonders.

You will find no Pinterest  worthy pictures in our house , we go with the flow and let it be exactly the way it is , with imperfections and all.

Awesome yellow electrical tape holding it together.

Some nice magazine strips made the roof "shingles", however
I wasn't allowed to do the whole roof , Little man said no, just
I had to use some yarn to make the top sides stand up and
attach the roof.

He had tons of fun , applying whatever stickers we could find, we started to draw
but that was a no to, just stickers.

So it may get destroyed little by little everyday but the time we spent making it and the time he spent getting it his "perfect" took two days is all that matters. They always remember these kinds of moments the best kind.

Clearing the Crafty Corner Clutter

We all have one of those areas, that we just keep piling stuff (aka) junk into. We either didn't have "time" to put away or just "deal with it later" mentality and into the SPOT it goes. Also if you are anything like me , you would have about 10 different projects on the go, or the stuff I have been using has become a jumbled mish mash of everything together .

I decided it was time to tackle this ^mess.

Now I wont say how long I put off tackling it, nor how long it took to actually look through everything.

The after
So for "now" it is organized and at a satisfiable clean state that I can handle and some clutter has been cleared.
Best part of a rearranging clean is the awesome surprise finds of stuff you have. It was a well spent afternoon spread over oh a few weeks.
Of course once I found said awesome things , something new to make and create took my attention away and then a new project got started.