Monday 2 February 2015

The Magick of Cardboard boxes

There was always something amazing with cardboard boxes and what you could make out of them with just a little imagination. Being fun sized vertically challenged as I am it was always great fun to fit myself inside the big ones and tumble down the stairs in a box. Loving horror films like I did it was even fun to hide in them and scare anyone I could. For me the best part was making a playhouse , your own life sized Barbie house.

When we ended up with lots of cardboard from a very special delivery, I knew right away my little guy needed a cardboard playhouse.

Strong willed toddler means the house is as glamorous as it could be and as put together as he would let me before he had to have it., and that was that.  There was also a lack of supplies but that didn't stop us. Electrical tape works wonders.

You will find no Pinterest  worthy pictures in our house , we go with the flow and let it be exactly the way it is , with imperfections and all.

Awesome yellow electrical tape holding it together.

Some nice magazine strips made the roof "shingles", however
I wasn't allowed to do the whole roof , Little man said no, just
I had to use some yarn to make the top sides stand up and
attach the roof.

He had tons of fun , applying whatever stickers we could find, we started to draw
but that was a no to, just stickers.

So it may get destroyed little by little everyday but the time we spent making it and the time he spent getting it his "perfect" took two days is all that matters. They always remember these kinds of moments the best kind.