Monday, 2 February 2015

Clearing the Crafty Corner Clutter

We all have one of those areas, that we just keep piling stuff (aka) junk into. We either didn't have "time" to put away or just "deal with it later" mentality and into the SPOT it goes. Also if you are anything like me , you would have about 10 different projects on the go, or the stuff I have been using has become a jumbled mish mash of everything together .

I decided it was time to tackle this ^mess.

Now I wont say how long I put off tackling it, nor how long it took to actually look through everything.

The after
So for "now" it is organized and at a satisfiable clean state that I can handle and some clutter has been cleared.
Best part of a rearranging clean is the awesome surprise finds of stuff you have. It was a well spent afternoon spread over oh a few weeks.
Of course once I found said awesome things , something new to make and create took my attention away and then a new project got started.

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