Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Impromptu Baby Gourmet Review

I won a pretty awesome prize pack from City Parent a few weeks back from their sponsor Baby Gourmet. I was no stranger to Baby Gourmet products before this as I had bought these products for my little one before . I received a box each of Banana - Raisin  Oatmeal Cereal,  Banana Berry Greek Yogurt Mushies and Peach Pumpkin Spiced Amaranth Puree.

The Mushies on their own are such a great snack . Perfectly bite size and dissolve so easily . Perfect treat for the self feeder. They are great tasting with a tangy treat taste that my toddler loves. I had planned on sharing some of these with some other toddlers we know but my guy was so addicted he would eat entire bags at a time and ask for me for more. Of course the bags weren't that big and contained about 2 toddler sized servings. Since they were nutritious and one way to get him to have some sort of fruit in his life I didn't mind at all. When my little guy was first exploring foods for fun these were always on hand . Well worth keeping in your emergency on the go car kit .
My toddler wont eat the puree from the pouch. I so wish he would as these are great on the go snacks , as well and even a tide me over while  I make his snacks . He will however play with them and make "snacks" of his own .

I did find a great way to get him to enjoy the pouches though. I made popscicles. I had plastic cups and plastic spoons , and it took 2 pouches to make 3 popscicles.

Obviosly he was to old for having the cereal as an actual meal since we are well past that stage , but here is the thing : He is a regular toddler his span of what he will actually eat is slim at best. He has an aversion to alot of things so my wheels were spinning on just what could I do to get him some nutrional benefits. The answer was simple make a cookie, kids love cookies.  I knew to make the recipe in a small enough batch to last only 24 hours as the cereal is perishable and wanted to make sure the cookies were nutrional , tasty and healthy, not something that could make him sick.
The Recipe
1 C flour
3/4 C of Baby Gourmet Cereal
2 tbsp Brown Sugar
1/2 c of butter ( or marg cannot be substituted for crisco or oil as it wont bake the same I tried)
1/2 tsp of baking powder

Cream the butter add the sugar , mix the flour, cereal, and baking powder together then mix into the butter , sugar mixture. Its so easy just knead into a dough.  Drop by tsp full onto greased cookie sheet . I used my hand and squished them down , they do spread a little bit.
Cook in 350 oven for about 8-10 min just long enough to get a nice golden brown bottom and edging .
Let cool completey. Store in a covered container in the fridge no longer than 24 hours .

I wasnt asked to review nor am I receiving any compensation for doing so. I just feel it was worth a note as to how we utilize and use in my house with a very picky eater. This will hopefully help someone else with a picky toddler as well and make the times fun, instead of stressful.
If you are looking for wholesome, delicious , and nutrious yummies for your little ones I strongly suggest you try Baby Gourmet products.

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