Saturday, 14 February 2015

It's Laundry Day

I love doing my laundry and you will call me crazy when you read on how it is exactly that I wash my clothes.
Maybe I fell out of the 1800's  , as my method dates back to then , or just a maybe guess as to around the date . So clearly I hand wash everything , in the kitchen sink  and hang to dry on a make shift indoor clothing line. Partly out of necessity because I don't own a washer dryer, and it isn't feesible to drive for about 30 mins to find a laundrymat , but I also love and enjoy doing it. I find that we take to many things for granted and if I can instill values of being grateful for everything you have , no matter what it is to my toddler ,then  I have done well by him. I believe this helps and shows him you make the best of everything , and I actually involve him in the process. Well okay so he hangs off the pole and plays hanging monkeys with the clothes hangers until I need them , but he gets joy out of the whole situation and so do I so that is all that truly matters .
I do as much or as little as needed and I have it down to a perfect science . I use no where near close to the water used from a washer and everything comes out just as clean or maybe more so. I say that as I take extra time on each article of clothing and give personal attention if anything has concentrated dirt spots or the like.  I use elbow grease that's it , no wash board , no nothing else except for my arms and hands . I have the strength and energy so why not .
My nemisis is definitely sweaters, and towels. The elbow grease that it takes to wring those babies is hard work. Jeans are pretty tough to . I would go as far as finding a wringer thing to help with the wringing but it would have to be something I got for free of course :) .
You have to understand it is just myself and my toddler so seriously we do not drum up that much laundry , and this is definitely not for everyone.
This is sometimes the only way people haveto do laundry even in this day and age, I just happen to be one of those people who actually enjoy it .
I have realized that I have to get at it first thing in the morning when I am fresh with energy ,bc if I await till later on after I have been drained by my spirited toddler , there isn't much strength left to wring everything out. I do all the easy stuff and I leave the hard things till I absolutely have to do them .
Its also a free work out so there is that to .
If I had to own one or the other it would be the washer , I see no need for a dryer personally.
That's just me and all my quirky craziness but I find joy in the whole process and that is all that counts.
Of course there are times that call for the laundrymat and I do of course take the "help".
I also only use my homemade soap or stuff I have gotten for free.
There is no shame in something you find joy in. I know some people who actually feel a little useless in a sense for having to hand wash bc of life circumstance, but that isn't even the case at all.

I have an extender pole that doubles as my broom so I take the broom part off and extend the bar between 2 of my kitchen chairs .

Its a darks day lol.

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