Wednesday, 18 February 2015

PTPA Review for Nuggles Bamboo Reusable Diaper

Thankfully we have success with weaning so now we can focus on potty training.
I must say that my wish was completely trained at least half a year ago, but with so much upheaval this past year little man was no where near ready.
I am not even seeing subtle signs of him being even remotely ready yet but we are going to make a valiant effort . I know and can deal with accidents, as it is a way of life . That is something I love about cloth diapers as they are resemblance to underwear . I was so delighted to be chosen to be a part of PTPA current campaign of testing a new Bamboo Reusable Diaper. Simplee by Niggles.
The pack comes with 1 diaper shell, 1 regular insert, and 1 newborn insert/booster.
I had my doubts about it being bamboo as I was given one of those expensive bamboo baby blankets when my little guy was and infant and it was literally garbage . After 1 wash it was bally, scratchy, became extremely rough and shrunk as well. I followed the directions of care to a T. However during the first hand wash of the diaper I noticed no difference . That was great and I was pleasantly surprised . Its very soft and so are the inserts so will feel wonderful against little ones skin.
The only downfall to the diaper is that full absorbition isnt acheived until after 8 washes. The inserts tells you to wash and dry 5-6 times first and then by 8th wash the maximum absorption is acheived. I realy dont find that part appealling at all to be quite honest.For myself I don't own a washer or dryer and I handwash and hang everything. With that logic I wouldnt be able to test the diaper properly for 16 days. Wash then drying time which is about 24 hours in the winter months because everything being hung inside so not happening . I dont find that truly logical for anyone else to do personally either even with a washer and dryer . Of course this may be the new normal for these kinds of diapers , but everything I had used prior I havent seen that .
 Love the craftsmanship, the snaps are great, and I love that it is one size 8-40 lbs. Soft to the touch and therefore soft on my toddler.
It was designed by a Canadian Mom and says responsibly Made in China. Sometimes , actually most times the thought of China made makes me cringe , but you can bet I throughly inspected the shell, snaps and inserts with great care. I was very pleasantly surprised at the craftsmanship. The extra pad inserts are great. Very absorbant. I was testing to see how they felt while I was washing and wringing them out. They actually absorbed quite a bit of water and they were easy to wring out without much excess water being left behind.


So here is where it becomes interesting. The test , well we couldnt test out the diaper .The packaging said up to 40 lbs but I couldnt even get it on my 31 lb toddler. It didnt fit at all, there was no give, no even a little to get it snapped . My toddler is not large at all and he has a tiny frame . What a disappointment to not even get to try and test it .  No sorry here with the honesty  as I value true , real and honest reviews .
Best left for infants.  I am so glad I did not hand wash and dry the 6 times as recommended for maximum absorbency.
I will resay that from my hand washing expereience they hold alot of "water".

Looks like we will be sticking with some Underroos for training.

You can find all their products here

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