Sunday, 22 March 2015

John Frieda Canada :Surprise Product Test

If you are not part of the online world of John Frieda Canada; then apart hould be.

 Not only do you get personalized results on what will work best for your hair type and colour, you also receive bonuses and perks all year long.
 You get multiple samples a year and sometimes you are lucky enough to get a surprise that comes to your door. Now we are talking full sized new products specific to your hair profile for you to test and try. ( They ask you to review their products after you try them, they provide the link to share your experience. Please value the gift you were given and fill out the survey or review. It is the least you can do for being given the chance to try the new product)
I just happened to be so lucky last week when such products made their way to me .
 I received their Beach Blonde line.( I was ecstatic to tell you honestly)

 Cool Dip Purifying Shampoo
- cleanses thirsty heat damaged hair , infused with energizing mint
The scent of the mint when you work the shampoo lather through your crown immediately awakens your senses .
I used about a dime sized amount and it lathered amazing . My hair is just past shoulder length, so depends on your hair on how much or less you would need from there.
The mint was was such an intoxicating scent.
My hair felt so clean and slightly energized .

Smooth Seas Detangling Conditioner
- unties knots and snags , infused with energizing mint
Was excited for the detangle aspect , seriously some days I don't know how the rats nest tangle made its way into my hair .
Again as I only condition my tips of hair I used the same dime size amount. It was actually more than enough so I dropped the amount slightly the next use . Already made the point about the mint scent, so amazing. Definitely made my tips feel softer.

Sea Waves Salt Spray
-textures for carefree toussled styles , wind swept waves or piecey perfection
( The bottle does not tell you that it smells like Coconuts , but wow, it does and you feel like you are on a Beach somewhere.)
I was most excited try this Salt Spray. I have poker straight hair and can't ever get any kind of sexy, or wind swept, and or whimsy look. Seriously the old school aerosol spray that held those hardcore 80's styles, even let me down. So I went in with caution and just enough excitment to try it but not so much that i would be let down if; like everything before didn't work.
So I towel dried my hair gave the bottle a shake and sprayed the Salt Spray in my hair( in my imagination I visited Bora Bora, seriously from the mint to then the coconut, the scent stimulation was amazing).
As suggested I toussled, crunched , scrunched, twisted ,anything to see the results.
I wash at night so of course the overnight test .Unbelievably my hair had some shape in the morning. It held the twists Ihad put in and there was actual volume to my hair. Now it lasted about 7 hours during the day in the length of my hair and lasted the entire day until washed again in my bangs . That is enough for me . So I have to suggest if you need some sort of any kind of volume and style for your poker straight, hair you have to get your hands on this Sea Salt Spray at the very least .

Thank you John Frieda for the amazing product line you allowed me to be a part of testing. These are great prooducts, well worth it and a summer must have.

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