Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Apart from his Angry Birds obsession at the moment, my little guy has become crazed with Surprise Eggs .This isn't just the obsession of the day , he is absolutely crazed with Surprise eggs.
It is beyond fun watching the joy and excitement he displays when opening an egg with whatever treasure it holds.
I know for everyone myself included a surprise is always so much fun, but this kid is at level 1000 on the excitement, love it , got to have it scale.
Since he discovered YouTube he found the Surprise Egg videos and that is what truly started this craze. He had Kinder Surprise before and was excited but once he started watching the videos it just exploded to full grown craze. He becomes so focused on whatever video he watches. There are so many videos of unboxing, opening the playdoh covered eggs, to so many other variations. He loves to recreate the videos using the ample surprise eggs we have scattered around the house . I knew what was up when I heard from my toddler Hello YouTube when he was playing with his eggs and toys.( Oh Boy)
I love how he even has excitement with the different toys we put in each egg. So glad to have some extra plastic eggs from Easters of past.
This year Easter is going to be so much more fun and I can hardly wait myself to see his reaction to the eggs scattered all over thanks to the Easter Bunny.
I can imagine we ourselves will likely jump on the YouTube Surprise Egg Video craze. Why not, really looks like fun to me .
I tried finding kinder and Surprise eggs on line but WOW have you seen those prices. A little, bit way to far fetched , $80.00 for 24 kinder eggs .I am pretty sure they are just 20 bucks ish at Costco or something like that. It also turns out Canadian Kinder Eggs are contraband in the US. Weird but since I never actually read into it or why I just shook my head and carried on.
Just love the Magick even silly little things can bring
 The sight every morning after he realizes mommy cleaned up after he went to bed. The toys get dumped.


 Display for his apparent YouTube video recreation.
 So my toddler has some OCD esp lining up his stuff.

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