Monday 27 April 2015

Potato Candy

I always was so excited around Christmas time just knowing my Nana would be making her mint melts and delicious Potato Candy. Such a favorite of mine and I am so grateful to share this treat with my toddler.
No need for special ooccasions in my house for treats , and was feeling Nostalgic and remembered one of my favorite treats.

Potato Candy

5 simple ingredients
* about 1 med sized potato ( I improvised and used 2 small ones)
*3 1/2 Cups Icing Sugar
*1 1/2 Cups Shredded Coconut ( its candy I went for sweet stuff)
*1 TSP Vanilla
*1 Cup Chocolate Chips ( melted when time) or can use Baking Squares (2)

Peel potato and boil till soft. Drain and mash . Add the icing sugar (it should be thick so if it isnt add more icing sugar) . Add the coconut and vanilla . Drop by teaspoons onto a cookie sheet (will likely need more than one ). Transfer to freezer to chill right through. After chilled , melt chocolate and cover each candy. May or may not need more chocolate , just depends On how much you want to use . Transfer back to freezer to set . Once set,  transfer to covered container and store in feezer. Can last up to 3 week in freezer, if they make it that long.
Yields about 45 ( more or less depending)

As with everything treat wise in the Wanna-Be Superhero Mom Kitchen these are candy after all and very sweet .

You can always add nuts or other things to the mix . The base is simple and hey there happens to be a vegetable in there so it dosent really count on the candy scale ;).