Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Cotton Spa Cleanser Set( Kimberly Poole Desgins) AND GIVEAWAY

 Love these Spa Facial Cloths I have to review , and that had to be said first before anything else.

There is a surge in environmental hacks for everyday products. Not only are they easy on the pocket book; but are perfect in helping on the environmental impact of our disposable , throw away society.

One thing I hadn't yet seen was reusable cloths for your daily facial routine. All that has changed thanks to the Reusable Spa Cleanser Set from Kimberly Poole Designs.
https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/kimberlypooledesigns?page=1 The Spa Set will be available for purchase come Friday April 18 2015 . Make sure to check out her awesome shop to grab these and any of the other amazing things she has in her shop. All hand crafted I might add in a Smoke Free home .

The Spa Set includes:
* Nubby Face Scrubber
*Flat Disc Cleanser
I received a complete Spa Set in exchange or an open , honest review.

I washed all 3 prior to first use and hung to dry.

Nubby Face Scrubber : great for gentle exfoliation and for helping clean off tougher makeup

I absolutely love , love this scrubber. While I was trying this for the first time, I was seriously in heaven with this little scrubber. There is of course the wonderful cleaning and exfoliating benefits . But what I didnt expect was a mini facial massage , and that in itself was the best part about this scrubber. The scrubber gave me a complete clean and you could see the dirt and grim leave your face from the day. The scrubber wasn't harsh on my skin at all. I am still blown away though that it gives your face a mini massage while you are using it. What an amazing way to end the day.

Flat Disc Cleanser: amazing replacement for your cotton pads, perfect size for your toner routine and small quick cleaning

For myself I am actually not a toner in my routine type of gal. But this awesome replace your cotton pads Flat Disc Cleaner wasnt going to go to waste. You see I love nail polish and if I could replace the cotton pads in my nail routine , score big time.  The best thing I can say is this litle disc WORKS. I used this to take my nail polish off . So pleased with the outcome . The outside of the disc helped with any stubborn polish around the cuticles. So the fact is there that this is even multipurpose as well. I have no doubt that if it worked well with my nail polish that it will work well with facial toner.

Face Cloth: environmentally friendly, helps to exfoliate while you clean, gentle and gets softer with every wash .

I knew I was going to love the Face Cloth before I even used it. I had always loved the wash cloths for dishes and never once thought about that concept in a Face Cloth. What a perfect way to end my massge from the Scrubber, with  the overall clean from this wonderful Face Cloth.  I loved how it worked perfectly in helping me to get rid of my mascara clumps .
Make sure you wash out your cloths throughly after each use , even if just with water to rinse out most of the make up, toner, or nail polish remover.

So wohoo for everyone who would love to try these out. I have a giveaway for 1 Nubby Face Scrubber , and 1Flat Disc Cleanser .

Legalish stuff:
No social medium platform, nor anyone at all except myself and Kimberly Poole Designs has anything to do with this review and giveaway.
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