Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips Review

I truly do not  know where to start on this blog post. I found Beanfields at a local store here in Drumbo , Ontario and I thought I would snag a bag to try. Okay a few because I don't share my chips and my toddler loves chips just as equally as I do. Plus I was not hiding to enjoy them so I bought us each a bag.
I opted for the Nacho Cheese Flavor cause honestly I can pack back the Doritos . When I noticed a healthier version to my obsession I of course had to have them. A seriously healthy version that is Vegan, Corn Free, Gluten Free,  All Natural, Certified NON-GMO, No Sugar Added, No Peanuts or Seeds , 4 G of Fiber , and 4 G of Protein . So in essence these snacks don't count  to the amount you can eat , wink emoticon.  Of course my mind was racing with the possibility that if they tasted amazing enough and comparable to my Doritos , well I could ditch the Doritos . It would not only be a wiser food choice , but much better on the pocket book  also. A beneficial healthier lifestyle and change and a wiser snacking choice for my toddler as well.
(SPOILER ALERT : They are without a doubt comparable to Doritos Nacho Chips.)

I had to try the rest of the flavors.I was so blown away at how not only amazingly yummy they were ; but how healthy of a snack they were also.
Beanfields was amazing and sent us out a case with every flavor to try.

As you can see my toddler dug right in right away.

The Chips themselves and my flavour analysis , random order of course .

SEA SALT : perfect salt ratio on the chip , tastes great and has a clean taste

PICO DE GALLO: these are truly amazing, they taste exactly like a Taco Bell Bean and Cheese Burrito, just the perfect amount of mild heat to them

UNSALTED:  not a favorite  for myself , I do not have a taste for plain palatte , however they make great Nachos , loaded with cheese, sour cream , and salsa and toasted in the oven

RANCH : they taste just like sour cream to me , so good, with a tangy kick to them

NACHO: these are perfect, taste just like Nacho Doritos

BBQ :  perfectly sweet with a hint of smokey chipotle

SALT &PEPPER :  massive pepper taste , if you like hot ( I love it) , very hot not for little ones , but a delish hot firey snack

The Chips and Ingredients:

I highly recommend these chips. Not only for the many healthy snack benefits to them , but purely for amazing taste alone .
I did yes receive all flavors to taste and try but every opinion is all my own and honest. I write honestly as you are well aware from all previous posts.

Beanfields 101 and Highlights:
- US made
- from the very start they have contributed free chips to local non profits and community groups all over the United States and Canada too.

Head on over to their Website for everything you need to know or want to know

- NON GMO Project Verified
-Certified Gluten Free
-B Corporation
-Autism Approved
-Gold Green America

Some important info

Go hang out with Beanfields on Facebook
They have many chances to win a case of their chips :)

Beanfields is on Twitter to :

I highly recommend that if you find these in your local shop that you snag a bag or a few bags. The are full of healthy goodness, but they taste amazing to. An easy way to introduce some healthy snacks into daily life and honestly they are chips your kids will love them .
Each taste is a perfect combination of flavors.

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