Thursday, 25 June 2015

#VidalSassoon The LONDON LUXE Collection ( BZZAgent)

The best part about BZZAgent is the chance to get picked to try a new product. I was ecstatic to receive my first BZZAgent  invite to try out the new #VidalSassoon The LONDON LUXE Collection hair dye. The product came free for my participation. #GotItFree
Now I am not one to dye my hair very often at all. I have dyed my hair a handful of times over my life time yes , but not in over the last 4 almost 5 years.
I have always wanted Blue hair , and with the crazy vibrant colours collection I was so excited to see Midnight Blue as one of the colours .
So here we are , my lucky box of colour , Midnight Blue showed up today. That's it , its perfect its time to take a plunge. After all it is only hair .

 I really wish I had a better camera to do the colour  justice but here we are .
 The always fun contents. The only part I was a little worried about was the amount of contents. Once I added A to B , there wasn't a full bottle of dye , and I was worried that my longer locks wouldn't all get coloured .
But of course whether it was enough or not , I was plowing forward anyway.  My toddler is asleep and mommy was having me time.
I am of course curious as to how my little guy will react to the change, but its done now.

 There is no turning back now...
I started .
Thankfully there was enough to cover my whole head of hair. Though mine is long and not very full of volume, so if you have a beautiful thick head of hair, I would suggest you use 2 boxes. 
I never bothered with the allergy test ,just putting that out there . If you have sensitivities I strongly suggest you do the allergy test though.
I waited the full 30 minutes with the dye on my head and I did the whole 2 minutes with the conditioner . Love the conditioner. 
The best part about the dye is that there was no foul smell at all, like no stink scent of normal dyes , nothing.

So this is me before I went to a darker colour.
I must say I love the transformation and it is always good to make a drastic change once in your life time. (or more)
And this is me now with my new do.

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